Agrichainx Review: Crypto MLM Scam looting African?

agrichainx review

According to, Agrichainx is a decentralized platform based on blockchain, IoT and Big Data that help to connect the farmers with traders, tools, resources and finance.

The company claims to provide an ecosystem that helps to manage the supply chain, trade, value chain, international collaboration, food security, logistics, contracts, finances and payments.

In this post, we will discuss what Agrichainx is with its joining process, products and Agrichainx compensation plan followed by our honest review.

Lastly, we will answer the question should I invest in Agrichainx?

What is Agrichainx?

Agrichainx claims to be Africa’s first global Blockchain. Otoaye Godfrey is the co-founder and CEO of Agrichainx.

agrichainx Otoaye Godfrey

However, we didn’t find any address of this company on the official site.

Agrichainx is currently active in the countries such as Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa and Nigeria.

According to Alexa stats, more than 80% of people visiting the Agrichainx website are from Nigeria only.

The company offers a decentralized wallet or account known as Agricnode that locks the spent amount of users for a specified time period as stated in the package.

As stated on the official site, the farmers can earn AGN i.e. Agricoin token from the Agrichainx ecosystem transactions. The same AGN can be used to generate their own nodes to earn passive incomes.

For every node, the farmers can earn a minimum ROI of $5 daily.

Company Profile

Company NameAgrichainx
FounderCaile Ditterich
When Started
Head Office
ProductsBlockchain, IoT & Big Data

Joining Agrichainx

One has to follow a few easy steps to join Agrichainx.

  • Register on the website by providing all the necessary details.
  • Select any one package and make the payment
  • Once you get validate and enter network, your earnings start.

The minimum deposit to earn a node and start earning is $4 where you earn $5 per day.

Agrichainx Products

There are no retail products of Agrichainx. Instead, the products section on the official site includes a few of the offerings of the company.

  • Agrictrade: The Company explains it as an online marketplace that connect farmers and buyers with the active features of price tracking, commodity tracking, agricfood, and E-mart.
  • Agricfinance: It is explained by Agrichainx as a finance scheme that provide financial support to the farmers including insurance and pensions.
  • Agricdata: As per company people, agricdata is a digital platform that stores all the required data of farmers and their work that can be later used for smart contracts.
  • Agrichain: On the site, it is defined as a supply chain that can track and monitor the crops.
  • Agricontract: The company claim to convert the farming contracts to smart farming contracts using tools and technologies under Agricontract.
  • Agricstorage: This product is explained as a smart offering for business and personal storage, cold storage, and security.
  • Agrichub: It is defined by Agrichainx as a central unit focusing on the interests of farmers and retailers.
  • Smartfarming: This element is described as a modern tool to monitor crops with sensors and other equipment.
  • Logistic: The Company also claims to partner with well-known logistics companies.
  • Agricoin: As Agrichainx states, Agricoin (AGN) is a token or currency of ecosystem that is used to carry out transactions in the platform.

Agrichainx Compensation Plan

There are mainly 8 different packages from Bronze to Whale in the compensation plan.

agrichainx compensation plan

For any of the selected package, the money is locked for 11 months from the first day of purchase of the package.

If someone subscribes bronze package, Agrichainx gives 5 AGN coins and promises a daily $5 return.

PackagePriceNode OfferedAGN offeredDaily ReturnMonthly Passive Income
Super Bronze$401050$50$1800

Once your money is unlocked, you can use or withdraw 75% amount and the rest 25% amount needs to be used in the purchase of agriculture products from companies accepting AGN.

Agrichainx Review

Agrichainx is promising extraordinary returns by locking money for 11 months. But the question arises, is Agrichainx a legit opportunity?

We have covered a few facts bringing the existence of Agrichainx into question.

Blurred Profile

First of all the Agrichainx is hiding its locality as the corporate address is not provided on the website.

Operators of Agrichainx don’t have a strong profile. Their website is filled with bluff content and most hyperlinks are empty.

Even privacy policy pages give a 404 error i.e. page not found error.

Agrichainx claims to provide services such as Agrictrade, Agrifinance, Agricdata, etc which don’t have actual existence and are created only for the showcase.

Existence of AGN

Agrichainx accepts all the transactions only through the AGN.

Currently, the AGN coin doesn’t hold much value in the market. AGN is not listed on popular crypto exchanges and data aggregators like

Agrichainx is trying to pump the value of AGN by locking their investor’s money for 11 months. Now AGN is growing but when people will start redeeming the price of AGN will fall for sure.

AGN is not accepted in most places, hence it becomes difficult to sell or exchange. Only Indoex is a platform where AGN can be exchanged, but this platform does not seem reliable.

Overall, holding AGN can be a huge mistake.

Unbelievable Returns

Agrichainx claims to provide more than 100% returns on the package investment that seems to be unnatural.

This company locks the money of package purchasers for 11 months but doesn’t provide any data regarding where do they invest it and provide returns to the people.

More than 100% guaranteed returns from day one is impossible in the real world. Agrichainx is rotating investors’ money and doing a Ponzi scheme scam.

Should I invest in Agrichainx?

Agrichaix is targeting African nations and claiming to revolutionize the agriculture sector by offering an illegal Ponzi scheme.

If you are thinking to invest in Agrichainx for 100% daily returns, then you are doing a huge mistake. They will lock your money for 11 months and give you a shitcoin which is not worthy at all.

A high possibility is, Agrichainx scam will shut down within the next 11 months. Therefore your daily reward will remain just numbers in the dashboard of Agricnode.

Please keep yourself away from Agrichainx and more schemes like this. They will reward a few, but most people will get scammed.

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