Amare Global Review: Mental-Health MLM Scam?

Amare Global Review

“The Mental Wellness Company” is the tagline of Amare Global which is a supplement-based direct-selling company.

Amare Global started in 2018 and within a few years, it has several wellness partners and customers around various American countries.

This post is an unbiased Amare Global review, which will share insight about its products and MLM compensation plan. So let’s begin with the basics.

Amare Global
FounderHiep Tran
When Started2018
Head OfficeIrvine, California, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsWellness Products
Joining Cost$69.95

What is Amare Global?

Amare Global is a platform for mental wellness based in Irvine, California, United States.

Amare Global was established in 2018, for a community of people seeking a difference in their way of life. Amare Global claims to promote natural mental wellness and lifestyle products.


Hiep Tran, who is also the CEO of the business, started it when he was just 23 years old.

Amare Global is a direct-selling company that provides a wide range of lifestyle and wellness-related products, including everything for kids and teens as well as for sexual well-being. People who join Amare as distributors are termed Wellness Partners.

Amare Builder, Amare Global Events, and AmareLife are the three most downloaded apps from the company. Moreover, Similar Web reports that their website receives 160k visits monthly.

According to their website, Amare contends that they only do business with manufacturers and suppliers who strictly adhere to the GMPs set up by the FDA.

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Amare Global Products

The company sells a wide range of Products and supplements through its website and Wellness Partners. The available products include:

  • Sexual Wellness Products: Amare ignite and Amare happy hormone pack.
  • Personal Care Products: DermaBiotics regenerating serum and collagen boosting spray.
  • Mental Wellness Products: Amare FundaMentals Pack and Amare Happy Mind Pack.
  • Confidence and Weight Products: Amare Fit Pack, Transformation Pack, and GBX Protein.
  • Gut Health Products: GBX foods System Pack, GBX Protein, and other.
  • Essential Nutrients: GBX Speed Fiber, vitaGBX, and Probiotics.
  • Kids and Teens Products: Kids Mood+, kids VitaGBX and more.

In September 2023, Amare Global acquired Kayni, another supplement company.

Now “Kayni” is a separate product range from Amare Global and claimed to be all-natural.


There is a 12-month window from the date of purchase granted to all customers. Beyond this window, returns won’t be eligible for a refund.

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Joining Amare Global

The annual membership price to become a Wellness Partner with Amare Global is $ 69.95. Sales of Amare Products generate commissions for Wellness Partners.

If you were introduced to Amare by someone, they can walk you through the enrollment process. If you discovered Amare on your own, you can sign up to be an Amare Wellness Partner on their website,

Signup Packs

Other than membership costs, Brand Partners have to purchase a signup pack starting from $264.95.

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Amare Global Compensation Plan

There are different ways to earn commissions in Amare Global as a Wellness Partner. The earning highly depends on personal sales and purchases made by downline Wellness Partners.

Wellness Partner Ranks

All Wellness Partners are delegated with a rank based on personal and downline performance.

RankPVOVRequired Legs
1 Heart100300
2 Heart100750
3 Heart1001500
Bronze10030003 1 Heart 
Silver10050003 2 Heart
Gold100100003 3 Heart
Platinum100150003 Bronze
Leader100250004 Bronze
Senior Leader100500004 Silver
Executive Leader100750005 Silver
Servant Leader1001250006 Silver
4 Heart Servant Leader1002500006 Gold
5 Heart Servant Leader1004000006 Platinum
  • Personal Volume (PV): Personal Volume is points awarded to WPs based on products they sold on their own.
  • Organizational Volume (OV): The Personal Volume of the whole downline network is called Organizational Volume.
  • Legs: To achieve some ranks, a certain number of legs are required with particular ranked Wellness Partners.

Retail Commission

Retail commission in Amare is a combination of 2 bonuses, Personal Customer Volume Bonus and Heart Start Bonus. Heart Start Bonus is valid on purchases made within 60 days of joining.

Retail Commission ranges between 5% to 35% based on total purchase volume.

Downline Commission

With growing downline networks possibility of earning following incomes increase.

  • Me And Three Bonus
  • Unilevel Bonus
  • Revenue Bonus Pools
  • Go Forward Infinity Bonus

You can find the below screenshot, showing Unilevel Bonus from different downline levels on each rank.


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Amare Global Review

This was all about Wellness Partner membership, products and compensation plan. Amare Global is relatively a new company compared to its MLM competitors like LiveGood, BeachBody, Xifra Lifestyle and others.

There are so many MLM companies selling out wellness and supplement products as it offers higher margins to distributors. Amare Global primarily focused on mental health and have the tagline “The Mental Wellness Company” but it’s taken the wrong direction.

Distributor To Doctor

Often MLM distributors promote nutritional products to cure serious health issues and the same concern is with Amare Global as well.

Other than mental health, Amare has a wide product range for sexual health, gut health, and kids’ supplement as well.

Now many distributors promote these products with extraordinary claims which can put someone’s life at risk. Hence it is vital to avoid such promoters and always concern specialists to treat serious health complications.

Is Amare FDA Approved?

No, Amare is not FDA-approved. But they claim their manufacturers and suppliers follow FDA-mandated GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).


Amare claims they maintain product quantity. Still one should not believe in all products and health claims made by companies or promoters.

Amare Global is dealing in wellness supplements, hence takes decisions as per individual requirements and doesn’t follow the masses.

Expensive Products

Like most other MLM companies, Amare Global products are also overpriced and expensive for customers.


Amare GBX Burn cost $83.95 for 60 capsules which is a claimed Natural Thermogenic Bat Burner.

Personally, I don’t believe in fat-burner kind products. I personally emphasize on science-based calorie deficit concept for weight loss. So these expensive products seem useless whereas natural weight loss is possible without relying on such processed supplements.

Is Amare Global Scam?

Amare Global is legally operating in the USA and other American countries. It is not a scam and is a legal products-based MLM company.

Unlike Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi Scam, Amare Global provides commissions to distributors based on personal and downline product sales. But its compensation plan is pay-to-play. Wellness Partners are required to buy membership as well as joining packs.

It increases stockpiling for distributors. As products are expensive in a competitive space it’s hard for distributors to promote these products to end customers.

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Should I Join Amare Global?

This decision should be based on your own choice and not on someone’s influence.

Being an Amare Wellness Partner, you will need to make marketing, presentation, and convincing skills to promote products and achieve sales.


Recruitment of active Wellness Partners is key to earning higher commissions in Amare Global. Also, a huge customer base is also required to earn a decent commission from it.

As per Amare Global Income Disclosure Statement, only 1% of active Wellness Partners are making $1000 or higher commission whereas 97% are not making even $300 monthly commission.

MLM has an extremely low success rate and expensive products create more challenges for distributors.

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