Antares Trade Honest Review: Legit Opportunity or Scam?

antares trade review

Hello all, we are here with one more unbiased review on Antares Trade, a cryptocurrency-based MLM and investment scheme which promises 2% daily ROI.

It promotes investment and MLM companies, digital products and startups using the referral model system. Antares also imparts business education and brings financial freedom.

The company tends to connect sellers with consumers and make profits by meeting demand with supply.

Antares Dollar (AND) is the token in which Antares mainly deals and allows its investors to deal.

As per the collected data, the domain was registered on 10 December 2018 and as per Alexa statistics, its major traffic is from Angola, Egypt and Madagascar.

What is Antares Trade?

Alex Richter is the founder and owner of the website and it was started on March 2, 2020.

The company has its Coin Capitalization App which helps to find prices of cryptocurrencies, their capitalization and trading volume. At the time of writing this post, this app has 10 thousand plus install.

It also provides the Antares wallet to manage the crypto assets.

Antares claims to work with two major principles: Develop a progressive community and Develop a model to scale and promote.

antares principles

The affiliates joining Antares Trade are known as IBPA (Independent Business Partner of Antares).

As per the website, Antares partners with multiple companies which deal in stock trading, cryptocurrency promotion, and information products trading.

The IBPA can invest in one or more such partnerships and the company tends to send the funds directly to the partners.

Here the investor earn profits, partner companies get funds to scale the business and Antares earn the middle commission.

Company Profile

Company NameAntares Trade
FounderAlex Richter
When StartedMarch 2, 2020
Head OfficeChembur, Mumbai
ProductsCrypto Investment Scheme

Joining Antares

The Antares affiliate membership can be achieved by initially investing $100 to $1,00,000 in AND tokens.

Investment Required Token Received
$100100 AND
$250250 AND
$500500 AND
$10001000 AND
$25002500 AND
$50005000 AND
$10,00010,000 AND
$20,00020,000 AND
$35,00035,000 AND
$50,00050,000 AND
$75,00075,000 AND
$1,00,0001,00,000 AND

Antares Investment Affiliate Programs

There are total of 15 affiliate programs offered by Antares.

  • Binary Profit Team
  • Synergy Profit Team
  • Token Profit Team
  • Line Profit Team
  • Robot Profit Team
  • Step Profit Team
  • Options Profit Team
  • Union Profit Team
  • Forex Bot Profit Team
  • Coin Profit Team
  • Matrix Profit Team
  • Product Profit Team
  • Smart Profit Team
  • Antare Cashback
  • Antares P2P Platform

Antares Compensation Plan

The IBPA invest in Antares Dollar tokens with a guarantee of a daily return of up to 2% capped at 200%.

The AND is traded at $1 USD.

Referral Commissions

The referral commissions are calculated on the basis of Unilevel Compensation Structure down to three levels.

Investment Referral Commission
$1003% on level 1 recruitment
$2503.5% on level 1 recruitment
$5004% on level 1 recruitment
$10004.5% on level 1 recruitment and 0.5% on level 2.
$25005% on level 1 recruitment and 1% on level 2.
$50005.5% on level 1 recruitment and 1.5% on level 2.
$10,0006% on level 1 recruitment, 1.5% on level 2 and 1% on level 3.
$20,0006.5% on level 1 recruitment, 2% on level 2 and 1% on level 3.
$35,0007% on level 1 recruitment, 2.5% on level 2 and 1.5% on level 3.
$50,0007.5% on level 1 recruitment, 3% on level 2 and 2% on level 3.
$75,0008% on level 1 recruitment, 3.5% on level 2 and 2.5% on level 3.
$1,00,0008.5% on level 1 recruitment, 4% on level 2 and 3% on level 3.

Residual Commission

Antares Trade pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure. There is no limit to the depth of this structure.

Residual Commission is calculated as the percentage of investment on the weaker binary leg.

Investment Residual Commission
$1005% residual commission
$2505.5% residual commission
$5006% residual commission
$10006.5% residual commission
$25007% residual commission
$50007.5% residual commission
$10,0008% residual commission
$20,0008.5% residual commission
$35,0009% residual commission
$50,00010% residual commission
$75,00011% residual commission
$1,00,00012% residual commission

Apart from the commissions, one more bonus is received by the affiliates.

ROI Bonus

After the completion of 200 days, the affiliates receive an ROI bonus based on the investment made.

  • $100 investment brings 0.02% bonus
  • $250 investment brings 0.04% bonus
  • $500 investment brings 0.06% bonus
  • $1000 investment brings 0.08% bonus
  • $2500 investment brings 0.1% bonus
  • $5000 investment brings 0.12% bonus
  • $10,000 investment brings 0.14% bonus
  • $20,000 investment brings 0.16% bonus
  • $35,000 investment brings 0.18% bonus
  • $50,000 investment brings 0.2% bonus
  • $75,000 investment brings 0.22% bonus
  • $1,00,000 invesmtnet brings 0.25% bonus

Should I Invest in Antares Trade?

At a first sight, Antares seems a lovely investment opportunity and its marketing presentation can lure anyone to be part of it.

But before that, some insights are really important to consider.

Weak Company Profile

Alex Richter is the founder of Antares Trade who locate himself in Hong Kong and Antares Trade’s corporate address locate them to a hotel in Hong Kong.

Moreover, the official site states they don’t have any other branch anywhere while team offices are in different countries, which are kept secret by them.

Other than Alex Richter’s active presence on LinkedIn, he is not seen on any other social media platform.

While some scripted interviews translated into various languages are published on Antares YouTube channel.

No Authorization

Antares is providing investment services to its investor globally that requires authorization from regulators which can’t be seen with Antares Trade.

If Antares is Hong Kong based, then they need to register under SFC (Securities and Fraud Commission).

Antares promises to invest member’s money in Startups, Forex and so called partner companies. Investors must understand that these public investment companies need to regulate strictly to safeguard investors’ money.

This type of entity needs to provide complete specifications to regulators which Antares is not doing.

On 6 July 2021, some Russian news sites reported, Antares Trade is listed in the Pyramid scheme by the Central Bank of Russia, and activities are banned.

Shit Tokens

All three tokens of Antares AND, dANT and BOCO are not listed on the most popular crypto tracker site These crypto tokens don’t have any actual worth outside Antares and free marketers can’t see any future in them.

The Crypto token creation process is easy, so don’t create hype for a company that has crypto tokens for just showcase and planning a blunder.

Ponzi Scheme Plan

2% ROI and recruitment bonus is the prime reason behind the hype of Antares Trade.

But in reality, all these investment packages and compensation plans are gimmicks.

Let’s forget the fact that, they are not authorized to operate public investments and consider that they are actually investing and generating decent commission from different channels.

But, is it possible to maintain a 2% ROI daily for thousands of people investing in it?

2% daily return on the complete amount is not a joke. After excluding a bigger part of the amount used to maintain MLM compensation model.

If they are brilliant in maintaining a constant return, then why Antares need to risk people’s money?

If they are damn sure about returns, then why are they sharing profit with others?

Just reinvest your own money and enjoy the legacy.

Using an MLM compensation plan with no retailable product is a huge red flag.

On every invested amount, a large part is kept aside to circulate money in the network. People who recruit more, get higher commissions. But without worthy products MLM plan are scams, then whatever company say the investors have to conclude.

Ironically they made a blog post claiming why Antares is not a Ponzi Scheme. In that post, they gave the definition of the Ponzi scheme but no logical point to justify the post title.

We hope, this post helped you to understand more about Antares.Trade. It can collapse on the day when you invest your hard-earned money in it. Keep yourself away from these schemes and investigate before investing.

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