Aquagoat Review: Legit Cryptocurrency Or MLM Scam?

aquagoat review

This post is a review of AquaGoat which is a newly launched cryptocurrency. The company AquaGoat Finance claims, it is a sustainable community-driven project to protect oceans.

According to Alexa rank of AquaGoat.Finance, we can estimate this cryptocurrency got popularized in a very short span of time and most participants are from India, USA and Vietnam.

What is AquaGoat Finance?

AquaGoat Finance was launched on April 7, 2021, by an Australian developer.

As the official website states, the members of AquaGoat Finance tend to earn interest from their networks along with benefitting the planet.

A part of every transaction on AquaGoat is sent to the “Ocean Blue Fund” which is used to clean oceans and conserve marine.

AquaGoat have shared the details of its team members from different countries.

  • Patrick – Project Manager (CA)
  • Stephan – Project Manager (US)
  • Cody – Risk & Compliance (US)
  • Mariel – Marketing (CA)
  • Jhunehl – Charity and Outreach (US)
  • Eddie – Marketing (BG)
  • Shahar – Outreach (US)
  • Chris – Community Manager (CA)
  • John – Social Media (NW)
  • Shawn – Social Media (UK)

The AquaGoat Finance works with three major beneficiaries: The Ocean Cleanup, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Blue Marine Foundation. It also focuses on expanding to more beneficiaries in near future. shows the cryptocurrency prices and charts listed by market capitalization and it shows AquaGoat.Finance at rank 3009 in June 2021.

Company Profile

Company NameAquagoat
When StartedApril 7, 2021
Head OfficeCanada
ProductsCrypto Investment Scheme

AquaGoat BSC

BSC – Binance Smart Chain is a contract-enabled blockchain to provide a permissionless platform for decentralized application (dApps).

AquaGoat is a decentralized utility eco-token of ecosystem. The members can deal in the networks and earn interests while the project itself saves nature through automated charities.

The AquaGoat coins can be used for the following purposes:

  • Network donation pooling and staking
  • Integration with e-commerce for material purchases
  • NFT marketplace transactions
  • APO-yield farming and staking
  • Crypto-Asset exchange

AquaGoat Tokenomics

AquaGoat was launched with a total supply of 100 Quadrillion on genesis with 40% of the supply sent to burn wallet as a deflationary force.

There are 3 simple functions of AquaGoat in every trade: Reflection, Liquidity Pool Acquisition and Burn.

Every transaction with AquaGoat incurs a 4% fee, where 50% of it is locked in liquidity, 30% is distributed to holders and 20% is burned.

The 4% fee can be split as:

  • 1.2% i.e 30% is distributed to AquaGoat holders
  • 2% i.e. 50% is redistributed and paired in Liquidity Pool where
    • 1% sold by contract into BNB
    • 1% left in AquaGoat to pair with BNB.
  • 0.8% i.e. 20% is sent to “dead burn wallet.”

Trading of AquaGoat

There are 8 simple steps to be followed to start dealing with AquaGoat.

  1. Download TrustWallet App from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Set up your wallet and purchase Smart Chain BNB by selecting the Buy option.
  3. The next type trust://browser_enable in the mobile browser to enable the TrustWallet dApp. (It is automatic for android devices)
  4. Move to PancakeSwap or SnowgeCoin in the dApp browser, ensure to click on Connect on the top right corner.
  5. Select the To field and search for the AquaGoat in the list.
  6. You need to add slippage to 6% or more. It is advised to set the slippage higher as if it is too low, your gas will be spent with no transaction going through.
  7. Press Max or input the BNB/ crypto you wish to spend to swap with AquaGoat. Lastly, select Swap.
  8. Now you are ready to buy your dip.

Is Aqua Goat safe to invest in?

Overall Aqua Goat seems a safe cryptocurrency. Relatively very new to the market but after a month of launch, a spike in price can be seen.


Obviously, it will remain volatile like other crypto, but it is not a scam that will collapse suddenly.

Their claims for the oceans’ protection appear genuine, and organizations with AquaGoat collaborated are actually working on the same aim.

Moreover, future prediction is not that easy and the decision of investment should be personal.

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