ASEA MLM Review: Legit or Another MLM Scam?

ASEA Global Review

Welcome to, this time we are here with another review on a direct selling company named ASEA Global.

ASEA term derived from the word sea. The prefix “A” is the Latin word that means “from”. In essence, the word means “from the sea”.

Let’s see in detail about ASEA Global. What products do they sell? What does their compensation plan look like? And at last our personal review on it.

With all possible haste, let’s jump into it.

ASEA Global
FounderVerdis Norton and Tyler Norton
When Started2007
Head Office Verdis Norton and Tyler Norton
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth, Skincare and Wellness Supplements
Joining Cost$40

What is ASEA?

ASEA Global MLM company was founded in 2007 by Verdis Norton and Tyler Norton.


Chuck Funke is the CEO of ASEA Global headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2020, the annual sales of ASEA Global were supposed to be $178 million.

Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to is from Hungary (53.48%), the US (16.84%), and Australia (6.59%).

In 2014, ASEA was sanctioned and fined 150,000 Euro by the Italian authority for unfair business practices.

ASEA Global focuses on cellular health and claims to installed 211 clean water wells which provide clean water to 25,000+ people now.

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Joining ASEA

One can join ASEA Global as a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer or Associate.

Retail Customer

One can purchase ASEA products as a customer at regular retail prices.

Preferred Customer

Preferred Customers need to enable product autoship on their profile and can receive products at a wholesale price.


The sign-up fee to become an ASEA Associate is $40 (including the starter kit). The starter kit contains the following:

  • Personal website
  • Personalized online virtual office
  • Access to ASEA SmartWallet account

One needs to purchase a minimum of 100 PV enrolment kits from these to be an active associate and eligible for commissions.

  • Entrepreneur Packs: $1040-$1350
  • Business Packs: $520-$720
  • Personal Product Packs: $190-$245

Associates get commissions by selling products to customers. They can also recruit new associates in their downline.

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ASEA Global Products

ASEA tends to market products like health supplements, skincare, and wellness products.

The company claims that its ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement has active redox signalling molecules which improve the immune system, hormone modulation, inflammatory response, digestive function, and cardiovascular system.

ASEA also claims that in just 28 days its RENU28 gel will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 


ASEA VIA is a wellness product that supports and provides immune, mental, and digestive health throughout the body.

On, ASEA has very few reviews and they denote it has average products.

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ASEA Associate Ranks

There are different ranks given for ASEA Associate based on their performances.

  • PV (Personal Volume): There are certain points on every product of ASEA, which are generated through the associate’s purchase and retail orders.
  • GV (Group Volume): GV is the sum of PV of all associates in downline.
  • PGV (Personal Group Volume): PGV is the sum of PV from personally recruited associates.

The below chart consists of the requirements to qualify for every rank.


For Instance, someone with weekly 2,000 GV in the lesser leg, monthly personal 200 PV and two Director 300 ranked associates in 2 legs will be titled as Bronze Executive Rank.

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ASEA Global Compensation Plan

There are the following 8 incomes in the ASEA compensation plan.

  1. Retail Sales
  2. Preferred Customer Bonus
  3. Fast Start Bonus
  4. Director Bonus
  5. Team Commission
  6. Executive Momentum Bonus
  7. Check Match
  8. Diamond Pool

1. Retail Sales

Retails Sales bonus is paid weekly. The difference between the ASEA wholesale price and the retail customer price is retail sales profit. This commission is lower on selling products to preferred customers compared to general customers.

2. Preferred Customer Bonus

When associates enrol a new preferred customer then they receive a $25 bonus for every 50 CV generated.

CV (Commissionable Volume) is another unit decided by ASEA generated with purchases to calculate different incomes.

3. Fast Start Bonus

Associates receive a $4 bonus on every 6 CV of product purchases in the new Associate’s Enrollment Order.

Fast Start Bonus is for Enroller as well as next present Director 300 and Director 700 ranked associates in the upline.

If the enroller himself is on Director 300 or Director 700 rank, then he will receive Fast Start Bonus from two places.

The below table shows the required CV that needs to accumulate for the Fast Start Bonus.

CVEnroller Director 300Director 700

For Instance, if the Associate accumulates 30 CVs by enrolling a new Associate’s then the Associate receives a $20 Fast Start Bonus, first Director 300 and Director 700 ranked upline associate will get $10 and $5 respectively.

4. Director Bonus

Associates receive a one-time $50 bonus when they achieve Director rank in 14 days from the date of enrolment.

For Director rank one needs to maintain 100 PV of personal purchase and new associate with 100 or more PV on both their right and left leg.

5. Team Commission

When downline generate sales, they generate Group Volume (GV) for upline. Associates receive 10% commission on the lesser leg as Team Commission.

For Team Commission there must be a minimum of 300 GV on each leg.

For Instance, if an Associate has 500 GV in one leg and 700 GV in another then $50 will be Team Commission as ASEA is counting 10% of the lesser leg.

The remaining GV of the greater leg will be rollover into the next commission period.

Maximum weekly reward from Team Commissions for every rank are as follow:

RankMax Commission
Director 300$500
Director 700$750
Double Diamond$8,000
Triple Diamond$10,000

6. Executive Momentum Bonus

ASEA Global shares 3% of total global CV to Executive rank associates (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

Shares are allocated based on PGV3 (3 Generation Downline) performances and then this bonus is equally distributed as per shares. Shares from PGV3 vary as per the rank associates have.


Associates can increase their share by participating in the EMP Fast Track.

7. Check Match

Check Match is given to Bronze Executive & higher-ranked associates and they must have at least 200 PV monthly to earn Check Match income. One can earn a maximum of $2,500 from this income.

Check Match is calculated by dividing the GV of the largest leg by the total PGV.

Check Match is given on up to 7 levels deep downline. It varies as per the associate’s rank.

  • Bronze: 1 generation
  • Silver: 2 generations
  • Gold: 3 generations
  • Platinum: 4 generations
  • Diamond: 5 generations
  • Double Diamond: 6 generations
  • Triple Diamond: 7 generations

Generations are calculated vertically based on the presence of Bronze Executive or higher ranked associates in a leg.

8. Diamond Pool

ASEA Global shares 2% of its total volume with diamond and higher-ranked associates.

Diamond Pool bonus is based on associates rank and PGV depth. The below table shows the requirement and levels.

RankMinimum legsPersonally Sponsored PGV levels
Double Diamond3PGV7
Triple Diamond4PGV8
Ambassador Diamond5PGV9
Ambassador Double Diamond6PGV10
Ambassador Triple Diamond 7PGV11
Presidential Diamond8PGV12
Presidential Double Diamond9PGV13
Presidential Tripple Diamond10PGV14

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To Be Concluded

ASEA Global’s compensation plan is complicated to understand and especially pool income can’t be determined, as they depend on the company’s total turnover.

While some people are stuck on a serious question, is ASEA Global a Scam?

Is ASEA Global a Scam?

The straight answer is no. ASEA Global is not a scam. It is a product-based direct selling company, different from MLM scams.

Associates get commissions based on product sales made personally and by downline. It is not a money circulation scheme like Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Despite don’t believe in all the claims made by ASEA or its representative. For promotion, representatives may use deceptive tactics, hence please make your own research and check real facts, before moving to any conclusion.

Overpriced Products

Products are the backbone of every business, but like most MLM companies ASEA products are also overpriced. ASEA claims to work on health science and use scientific terms for marketing purposes but for consumers actual results with no extreme side effects are important.

As a result, it becomes difficult to sell such products and you need extraordinary MLM skills to succeed.

ASEA products are FDA-registered as dietary supplements, therefore one can’t use ASEA products to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and the same is mentioned on ASEA’s official website.

Italy Lawsuit

Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) fined ASEA Global 150,000 Euros in March 2014. With ASEA Italy, Vemma Italy and Organo Gold Europe were charged with unfair business practices such as serious health claims for product promotion.

Should I Join ASEA?

This decision is up to you. Take a wise decision along with keeping in mind that most people fail in MLM.

If you have excellent marketing skills and have an interest to build a large associate network, then ASEA is an opportunity for you.

But you should make your own research first and see whether products are effective or not. Moreover compare pricing with the similar products present in the retail market, as price differences highly affect sales.

MLM has a bad reputation so you need to put extra effort into promotion and convince people.

ASEA Global Income Disclosure is not conclusive, as they show income of only active associates and not all.

It takes 2 to 3 years to earn a regular decent income from MLM companies like ASEA Global and have less than a 1% success rate.

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