Atomy Review: Legit or Pyramid Scheme Scam?

atomy usa review

Quick Facts

  • Atomy is a product-based MLM company, which requires individuals to retail its products and recruit people to earn commissions.
  • Atomy products seem to be of premium quality and affordable for the average American.
  • Success in MLM requires extraordinary skills and 3 to 4 years of struggle to achieve a good position and regular income.

With the tagline “Miraculous change within 4 weeks”, the company claims to provide 100% natural and chemical-free products.

This Multi-Level Marketing Company allows users to select the products of their choice in individual as well as in sets of 1, 2, 3 or 4.

In this post we will share an overview of Atomy USA followed by the Atomy products, joining details as well as Atomy Compensation Plan. Ultimately, we will also share the answer to a major question Should I Join Atomy?

FounderHan Gil Park
When StartedJune 1, 2009
Head OfficeChungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Home Care & Supplements

What is Atomy?

Atomy was founded by Han-Gil Park in South Korea on 1 June 2009.

Atomy Han-Gil Park

The headquarters of Atomy is located in Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea states that Atomy’s 2020 annual revenue was 1.73 billion USD and global members reached 15 million.

Basically, Atomy was a skincare product MLM company. Gradually the company started dealing in-home care products, cosmetics, health care products, as well as personal care products.

Also, one more complement product HemoHIM is added under the Atomy products list which stands for:

  • Hemo: Hemoglobin
  • H: Hematopoiesis
  • I: Immune
  • M: Modulation

It has become the company’s flagship product.

As per Alexa stats, ranks around 14,000 with the major visitors from Colombia (17.5%), Malaysia (16.9%) and Taiwan (16.9%).

As per the current information, Atomy is active in Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe.

In this post, we are considering the Atomy USA compensation plan and product pricing.

PV stands for Personal Volume of specified Atomy member. The Personal Volume is the total PV of purchase of products made by the member.

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Joining Atomy

It is easy to join Atomy as it is free of cost. However, one needs to purchase products of at least 10,000 PV to qualify for the commissions.

Every Atomy product has an associated PV that is used to calculate the commission of Atomy members depending on their total purchase.

Atomy Products

Atomy includes around 426 products in the shopping mall. As per Atomy, the company products are mainly divided into 6 categories as follows:

Atomy products
  • HemoHIM: It is the flagship product of the company that focuses on maintaining the haemoglobin and health of a person.
  • Health care: This section of products includes products of vitamins, probiotics, eye care and kits.
  • Beauty: This category of products is further divided into two parts, skincare and sun care.
  • Personal care: Personal care products are further divided into oral care, hand and body and hand care.
  • Living: Living products are further divided into detergent and kitchen.
  • Food: This category includes products related to coffee, food and tea.

One of the major drawbacks of the Atomy site and shopping mall is; that there is no information about product pricing and its PV, the same is only available to the users after successfully logging in to the site.

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Atomy Affiliate Ranks

There are mainly 5 affiliate ranks given to the Atomy members.

Sales Representative10,000 to 299,999 PV
Agent300,000 personal PV or Sales Representative with 600,000 PV in any of the downline legs in the previous month.
Special Agent7,00,000 PV or Agent with 1.4 million PV in any of the downline legs in the previous month.
Dealer1,50,000 PV or Special Agent with at least 3 million PV in any of the downline legs in the previous month.
Exclusive Distributor2,40,000 PV or Dealer with at least 4.8 million PV in any of the downline legs in the previous month.

Atomy USA Compensation Plan

There are mainly 3 types of income in the Atomy Compensation Plan: General Commission, Masters’ Bonus and Mastership Promotion & Incentives.

1. General Commission

As per the company, 44% of the entire sales PV will be given to the members every week.

The individual Atomy members are required to have at least 10,000 personal PVs to get qualified to receive downline PVs and hence general commission.

Based on some scores achieve, this commission is allocated.

2. Masters’ Bonus

Atomy distributes 20% of the entire sales among the mastership members as PV in percentage. Further, this PV is converted to payables through predefined methods.

However, the calculation methods are not disclosed by the company.

MastershipPV Distributed
Sales Master10%
Diamond Master5%
Sharon-Rose Master2%
Star Master1.2%
Royal Master1%
Crown Master0.5%
Imperial Master0.3%

3. Mastership Promotion and Incentives

There are mainly 6 types of promotion and incentives paid to the Atomy Members as per their mastership ranks.

  • Sales Master: 1 HemoHIM set, 1 Atomy Fame set, and 1 Atomy Evening care set.
  • Diamond Master: $1000 cash, 1 HemoHIM set with 1 Atomy Fame set, and 1 Atomy Evening care set.
  • Sharon Rose Master: $2000 cash and 2 travel tickets.
  • Star Master: $10,000 cash and 4 travel tickets
  • Royal Master: $ 50,000 cash, $2000 for monthly sponsorship activities, car rental fee, and 4 travel tickets.
  • Crown Master: $300,000 cash, $5000 for monthly sponsorship activities, a luxury car and 4 travel tickets.
  • Imperial Master: $1 million cash, $10,000 for monthly sponsorship activities, luxury car, office with personal assistant, a driver and 4 travel tickets.

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Should I Join Atomy USA?

It was all about the business model of Atomy. Now the prime question is, Should I Join Atomy?

Atomy is a product-based MLM company and not a fraudulent pyramid scheme. Individuals have to do retailing of its products and recruit people to earn commission from downline’s product purchases.

As most people fail in MLM, you need to learn extraordinary MLM skills to succeed.

The decision of joining Atomy as a direct seller should be based on personal circumstances. A person must understand the meaning of network marketing and not take it as a quick-rich scheme. It requires 3 to 4 years of struggle to achieve a good position and regular income from MLM companies like Atomy.

Moreover, products of Atomy seem premium in quality. Atomy products are more affordable for the average American compared to people from developing countries like India.

Considering profile, plan and products as crucial factors, one must take the right decision and not in the influence of others.

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