Is Avadhut Sathe Trading Course Legit? Honest Review

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Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy (ASTA) has been gaining a lot of attention and reviews online, both positive and negative. ASTA has become a popular destination for those looking to learn the art of trading in the stock market.

In this post, we will review Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy (ASTA) and find out whether it is real or fake.

What is Avadhut Sathe?

Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy (ASTA) is a trading education and training company located in Mumbai. The academy domain has over 150k monthly traffic, as per similar web data.

Avadhut Sathe Academy was started in February 2008 by ‘Avadhut Sathe‘. It is located in Mulund Dd Road, Mumbai, and has its centers in more than 8 cities in India.


The academy offers various courses and modules covering different aspects of trading, such as candlestick patterns, chart analysis, money management, and risk management.

The academy claims to use a combination of theoretical and practical approaches, enabling students to apply the concepts learned in real-life trading scenarios.

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Avadhut Sathe Review

Avadhut Sathe has received both positive and negative reviews from customers.

Some customers have found the training provided to be very beneficial, with good results, while others have raised concerns about the cost and value of the courses. Let’s do an unbiased review with complete details of all the aspects of ASTA.

1. High Fees

However, some negative reviews on Quora claim that ASTA charges exorbitant fees (starting from 76k+ ) for basic trading knowledge that is readily available on free resources like YouTube.

Some students have also reported feeling trapped and pressured to enroll in higher-priced courses after completing their initial course.

2. User Review

A user on Quora claims that he has completed all four modules of the full geo course (SMM, PAPA, FOME, GUE), but he thinks that the course doesn’t worth it.

Unfortunately, Avadhut Sathe is running a trap – once you have completed his geo course, they will emotionally and mentally pressure you to sign up for additional courses like Geo Plus (costing 2.5 Lac), mentorship (7-8 Lac), Geo Panoramic, and now Aarambh.

Every month, they launch new courses and talk about their long-term goal of starting their own university, which is all bogus. Avadhut Sathe is more of a trainer than a trader and is earning significant amounts of money through training alone.

3. Paid Seminars

The academy claims that they have over 1,80,000 participants from 545+ cities and 21+ countries. The Academy conduct paid Seminars (Eye Opener ) through India, which costs around Rs590. It can be a good thing for the user to understand better about the courses.

Avadhut Sath Trading Academy Review

Many users claim that the seminar provides only fake motivation and shallow content. There is no enlightening material presented and the sole purpose of these seminars is to entice attendees into purchasing their course.

4. Spam Reviews

Almost of the reviews on this Quora question were posted specifically on a very close date of January 11th or 12th. It’s peculiar that the majority of positive reviews were all posted on the same day.

Additionally, every individual who responded to these questions on the specified date (11/12 January) has solely utilized Quora to answer this one question, and they have no other activity on Quora.

This is a major red flag about the academy that they’re spamming Quora and other social media platforms for positive reviews.

5. Blatant Advertising

Avadhut Sathe gained immense popularity through promotion on YouTube and other social media platforms.

In a video, he claimed a 12 years kid made 1.8 Lakh in 2 days after joining his courses. Now these advertising labeled marketing gimmicks by netizens, but we can’t expect similar returns on every investment.

It is crucial to understand fundamentals before any kind of investment, else blind greed has caused loss to most.

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Is Avadhut Sathe Real or Fake?

Despite these concerns, many students have provided glowing testimonials on the academy’s website and YouTube channel, claiming that the courses have helped them become more profitable traders and have provided them with a good foundation in trading knowledge.

The positive reviews seem to be mostly on the academy’s website and YouTube channel, while negative reviews appear on third-party websites.

However, the cost of the courses is a significant concern, and the academy’s marketing strategies have raised questions about the validity of the positive reviews. It is recommended that students take a closer look on the above points and then decide whether to join the academy or not.

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2 thoughts on “Is Avadhut Sathe Trading Course Legit? Honest Review”

  1. Yogesh Chaudhari


    I am a ASTA student since past 4 years and currently I am a successful trader. Before ASTA, I had done 3-4 cheap courses of ranging 5000-6000 INR with a duration one-2 months. Those were just trash bin courses and you have to depend on their messages on telegram channels for your entries and exits. Let me tell you blue chip stocks don’t get in cheap price. ASTA course is like a super cheap stock which make you an independent trader. The gurukul system of ASTA is an ultimate which provide you 10-15 years post course support system. Do you know any organisation which supports you after finishing their course? Why would someone support you even after finishing their course? Because Avadhut Sathe has a noble mission and we all are in that mission. It is obvious to have doubt about 75k fees, and it is worth it. Because a beginner in trade market will definitely lose lakhs of hard earned money with out any knowledge or YouTube unorganised free video knowledge. Coming to screen shots you posted here, these are from naive people with no trading experience who look only money. You posted a single cropped comment, you should have posted whole comment list. You would have got at least 80% great real comments. And regarding kids in market, ASTA don’t train kids without their parents permission. And a kid in video is Ashmit who is now successful trader and I was a evidence of that program.

    So I would recommend invest on you by taking such life changing courses. To test whether want to take this course, try an eye opener and then take decision.

  2. Asta is a real trading institute. They will teach very nicely and honestly. Fees are not high when compared to other trading institute. Especially trainers are very helpful. They teach very nicely. No other trading institute will teach waves in trading except asta.

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