B-Love Network Real or Fake? Honest Review


In this article, we are going to talk about B-Love Network, which was started in January 2023 and has already acquired more than 40 lahks members. 

While distributing its cryptocurrency token BLV for free, B-Love Network also offers you the chance to make money in various ways. This article will tell us whether B-Love Network is real or fake? and if BLV is a genuine cryptocurrency or not.

What is B-Love Network?

B-Love Network is a cryptocurrency-based online money-making app that enables users to earn additional income while sitting home.

B-Love Network Logo

After joining B-Love Network, you can make money by referring others on B-Love Network and by mining its cryptocurrency tokens for free. All of the available ways to make money in B-Love Network are described below in the next section.

The name of their cryptocurrency token is BLV Token, and although it hasn’t been released on the market yet, people are still receiving it for free.

B-Love Network is launched by Innovation Factory, whose founder is a Pakistani named Omar Khan, and has headquarters in Dubai. The majority of B-Love Network users are from India, but they are not aware that a Pakistani created this application.


On January 16, 2023, this app was launched on the Google Play Store. This 15 MB application has already been downloaded by more than 10 lakh users on the play store.

B-Love Network is one of five apps published on the Play Store by Blockhub Ltd.


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B-Love network Joining Process

Joining is quite simple; all you need to do is download their app from the Google Play Store and register there.


You have to download the B-Love Network App from Google Play Store. The Sign-Up form, whose image is presented below, will be visible to you as soon as you open the App.


You have to fill out the registration form with your name, address, phone number, and other required details in order to register. A referral code is required to fill out the form.

By using DHCELCH1AB as your referral code, you can complete the registration process.

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B-Love Network Income Plan

Joining B-Love Network will enable you to earn money in the following two ways:

1. By Mining and Staking

The first way of earning from it is by mining BLV tokens in the app. You will see a mining icon somewhere inside their app, and you can get 1 to 2 BLV coins every day from it.

Staking is a process in which you can get some profit by staking your crypto token for a few days like a Fixed Deposit. After 100 BLV tokens are completed, you can get 0.8 percent tokens daily by staking the token in the App. For example, if you stake 100 tokens, you get 0.8 BLV tokens daily as the profit of staking.

2. Referral Income

You have to refer people to the B-Love Network in order to receive the money from this Income plan.


You will receive the money after you join someone using your referral link, and register using your referral code. This income is offered up to 15 levels of downline, and this plan also offers some fixed BLV tokens at each level.

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B-Love Network Real or Fake?

As far as we know, B-Love Network is a genuine application that pays commission using its token.

However, at the moment 1 BLV token value is just $0.02 (1.6 Indian Rupees).

The value of the BLV token after launch is impossible to predict. There does not appear to be a chance for its demand in the future because this company is now giving away a lot of BLV tokens in this manner.

In the past, there have been far too many apps and tokens of this type that give away tokens in order to grow the number of holders. But only successful projects worked among them, and the majority of them never experienced a hike in prices.

Those who have currently collected BLV tokens are willing to sell this token. When this token will be released in such a scenario, its price may be less than $0.02.

So, don’t spend too much time on the B-Love Network. As there are currently just BLV tokens accessible, which cannot be exchanged for actual money. I

ts starting price will be significantly less than $0.02 since real investors won’t invest their money in it until the company build noteworthy projects.

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Who is the founder of B-Love Network?

The founder of B-Love Network is Omer Khan, who is a Pakistani and runs an IT firm called Innovation Factory.

How much does it cost to join B-Love Network?

Joining B-Love Network is free, including downloading its app to collect BLV tokens.

What are the requirements to join B-Love Network? 

To join B-Love Network you have to register with your phone number and email ID.

Is B-Love Network Company Fraud?

No, B-Love Network is not a fraud because it does not ask for investment from you. But don’t waste too much time on this, because sometimes there is no earning, only BLV tokens can be deposited.

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