Billions Trade Club Review: Legit or Another Scam?

billions club trade review

A company called Billions Trade Club recently became extremely popular with its claims to be an elite private club for crypto arbitration, leadership, and lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review of this company and advise you on whether or not you should invest in it.

Billions Club Trade
FounderDaniel Ortiz, Jorge Rodriguez, Ivan Velez, Shakib Hamden
When StartedMid 2022
Head OfficeSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Opportunity TypeInvestment Scheme
ProductsEducation Platform
Joining Cost$500

What is Billions Trade Club?

Billions Trade Club is based on the education niche. It offers training in several Fintech and cryptocurrency-related topics and rewards its members to promote them.

billions club trade review

Billions Trade Club operates through Quantum Leap Company LLC, a shell company purportedly incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Its Facebook page is managed from Mexico.

According to Similarweb stats, its website has total visits of 110k+, with the top countries being Mexico (61%), Columbia (12%), the United States (10%), and Brazil (10%). Furthermore, according to WHOIS, its domain was registered in November 2021.

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Billions Trade Club Products

They don’t sell any physical products, they only claim to give exclusive training on crypto arbitration and lifestyle to their members.

BTC Learning Platform

The name of their training platform is “B: learning” where you can learn about these topics:-

  • Decentralized finance
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto trading
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Personal growth
  • Languages

Billions Trade Club Joining Process

To join the Billions Trading Club, you must contact an existing member who has already joined. He will then guide you through the procedure and add you to his downline.

BTC membership

You can join either of the two tiers of the Billions Trade Club by paying the described amount:-

  • BTC 500 – 500 USDT
  • BTC 100 – 1000 USDT

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Billions Trade Club Compensation Plan

For their BTC 1000 members, Billion Trade Club has introduced Profit Plants. The three profit plans are listed here along with their average monthly profit:-

BTC Profit Plans
  • PP start – up to 6%
  • PP advance – up to 7%
  • PP pro – up to 9%

There are other ways to make money with Billion Trade Club too. The first is earning bonuses by advertising BTC membership and recruiting downline members. The second is by promoting their profit plans.

The two ways to earn a bonus from acquiring BTC members are:-

  1. Power Start Bonus: Get 40% of the membership fees paid by your direct members, plus additional commissions when they upgrade or renew their subscriptions.
  • Commission for BTC 1000 – 400 USD
  • Commission for BTC 500 – 200 USD
  1. Derivate Bonus: Receive 20% for memberships From each derivative member on your team. 

Your derivatives are generated from your second-level downline without a depth limit.

  • Commission for BTC 1000 – 200 USD 
  • Commission for BTC 500 – 100 USD 

The two ways from earning bonuses by promoting its profit plans are:

  1. Funding Bonus: Receive a commission for the profit plans that are acquired in the first 4 levels of your team. The commission ranges from – 2% to 4%
  1. Rank Bonus: This is the primary bonus of the company. You will receive a fixed monthly bonus for all profit plans Acquired in the first 7 levels of your team. 
Rank Bonuses table

For generating Rank bonuses you must have a BTC 100 membership and 4 active direct members. After meeting all these requirements you will be rated as a “Rookie” in the organization. 

Rank Monthly bonusPersonal Initial CapTeam Capital
Dreamers 500 100050000
Builder 15001000150000
Advisor 50001000500000
Investor 1500050001500000
Founder 40000100005000000
Continental flounder 1000005000013000000
Global founder 2000005000030000000

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Billion Trade Club Review

After thoroughly investigating the Billion Trade Club, we discovered a number of investment-related red flags. Here are some warning signs and reasons why you shouldn’t invest in it.

1. Suspicious Founders 

Top executives shown on their website are there only to mislead users. On its website, Billions Trade Club does not list any real ownership or executive information.

BTC top executives

Also, they are not operating from St. Vincent, which is thought to be a scam-friendly location that brings strong suspicion to users.

2. Bogus Compensation Plan

Although they claim that their compensation plan uses blockchain technology and crypto arbitration to reward all of their members with a significant amount, their program is just a fancy Ponzi scheme.

Since in most cases, the top-level members of the company are the only ones who benefit from these types of compensation plans, we may conclude that they are nothing more than a scam.

3. Previous Scam Records

Jorge Rodriguez, one of the individuals that appeared on their website as a top executive, reportedly served as the commercial director of Smart Business Group a few months back. It was a Mexican American Ponzi scheme.

Jorge Rodriguez

 If his prior organization has a history of engaging in scams, we can thus draw the firm conclusion that Billion Trade Club is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that tries to lure people in through its lavish marketing.

4. Money Circulation Scam 

In these types of Ponzi schemes, money circulation happens at a huge level inside the company. These schemes employ the funds from new investors to pay old investors large commissions, which draws in more investors.


Thus refrain from investing in these kinds of fraudulent schemes and save and invest your hard-earned money in proper and legit investment schemes.

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Should I Join Billions Club Trade?

Joining fraud schemes like Billions Club Trade is like axing your own feet. They obviously paying high returns on investment for now, but it is their part of the tactics.

They want to reach the maximum number of people hence providing heavy referral commissions as well as raising huge investments from the public without any authority.

False claims, luxury lifestyle, and extraordinary returns are some weapons used by them to lure people, but at certain points, they disable withdrawal and most people will lose their money.

So be careful about it and don’t get fooled by cheap motivation. It’s a rob peter to pay paul scheme.

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