BJK University Review: Legit or Amazon FBA Scam?

bjk university review

In this post, we will discuss BJK University Company Profile, About Bashar Katou followed by an answer to the question Should I Join BJK University?

BJK University
FounderBashar Katou
When StartedJanuary, 2019
Opportunity TypeAmazon FBA Course
ProductsCourse and Tutorials
Joining Cost$3800

What is BJK University?

BJK University was founded by Bashar Katou in 2019. It is a platform that teaches people how to become an Amazon FBA.

It is a 6 week-long course including every minute step from beginning to end to becoming Amazon FBA.

Before moving further let us first understand what Amazon FBA is and who Bashar Ketou is.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. As per this program, Amazon allows normal business people to sell their products on Amazon.

The Amazon fulfillment centers accept products from businesses and they further pack and deliver products when ordered.

The return, refund and after-sales services are further managed by Amazon.

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Who is Bashar Ketou?

Bashar is the founder of BJK University and claims to make 7 figure earnings through his Amazon FBA account.

bjk university founder

In 2015, he lost his restaurant business. He started learning from YouTube videos and invested money in Amazon FBA but ended up losing the same.

Once again he started investing as an Amazon FBA and lastly succeeded.

Bashar claims to share his secrets and tactics with others to make them successful too. However, lets us know further whether these claims are real or not.

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Joining BJK University

According to the official site, it costs $3800 to join the Amazon FBA course. However, the entire process of launching and selling the product costs around $10k.

After paying $3800, you get access to the course elements and have to attend weekly orientation calls.

To set up further you need to go through some additional costs such as:

  • Tools to perform product research, list, monitor and analyze – $29/month
  • Products – $1000+
  • UPC codes or barcodes – $5 to $10
  • Brand Logo – Free up to $100
  • Product Photos  – Free up to $100
  • Amazon FBA Fees – 25% of total sales
  • Product Samples – $100+
  • Amazon FBA Inspection Service – $150 to $300

Each of these is necessary and it is suggested to not skip any step.

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Is BJK University Scam?

No, BJK University does not seem to be a scam. It provides the required content to learn and start Amazon FBA.

However, there are a few points that need to be understood precisely to make the right decision.

An Expensive Course

BJK University courses start from $3800 which is extremely overpriced. At present time, one can learn the required skills from the internet for free, especially things like Digital Marketing, Drop shipping. One just needs the will to work hard and turn desire into action.

Even though the joining fee is $3800, the initial expense to become an Amazon FBA costs up to $10k.

There are more affordable courses available in marketing. Moreover, some best content creators, YouTubers and bloggers teach the same skills at no extra.

Hence there is no doubt to quote BJK University as an overpriced and expensive course.

Extraordinary Claims

See, Amazon FBA is not the only skill to become rich from the internet. There are several methods to become a millionaire or earn a decent living from internet business.

One just needs to dive into the market, explore things, make plans and then execute. Internet businesses are also like a traditional businesses, it is an open opportunity for everyone but not all can grab it. The point is, one needs to make their own way as competition has drastically increased over years.

When it comes to Bashar Ketou, is not a well-known personality, but he made some bold claims and gain the tag of Amazon FBA Guru.

On his social media accounts as well as on the official site he claims to earn 7 figure amount by being Amazon FBA.

He pleads to change the lives of millions of people, but we are not aware of the legitimacy of all these statements. But what is the guarantee that his course will make you successful?

As we said before, Bashar Ketou has introduced many to Amazon FBA but your success lies in your fortune and hard work.

Instead of believing some extraordinary claims, focus on learning the right skills.

Should I Join BJK University?

Personally, we don’t suggest joining BJK University. Considering expensive price and availability of affordable resources are 2 prime reasons behind our no.

We don’t believe in what worked for others will also work for you. The Internet world changes rapidly, one who understands the industry, has skills, and the right execution ensures success and not thousands-dollar programs.

Don’t get lured and invest your hard earn money on trusting a few internet testimonials. Similar to Amazon FBA, there are several other opportunities available that can be game-changing for you. Hence, take your time, understand the industry and there is no absolute need to purchase expensive courses.

Hope this post will help you to make a wise decision.

Thank You.

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