Carnelian 12 Review: Legit or Another Scam?

carnelian 12 review

A new company named Carnelian 12 has entered the market with its bold claims of giving a 12% daily return on investments.

In this post, we will review Carnelian 12 and suggest whether you should invest in this company or not.

When Started2022
Head OfficeHong Kong
Opportunity TypeMLM
Joining Cost$12

What is Carnelian 12?

Carnelian 12 is an MLM-based crypto investment platform where you can earn a fixed percent of ROI on your investments.

Carnelian 12

The founder and CEO of Carnelian 12 is unknown. However, its tech team is led by Andreas Garcia & Co. The headquarters of this company is located in Hong Kong.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website is 800k+ with top countries reaching the USA (33%), South Africa (14%), and Spain (8%). And, its domain was registered on October 2022, as per WHOIS.

This company also owns and has a telegram channel with over 11k subscribers.

It also offers an affiliate program to earn extra incentives with daily bonuses. The minimum joining cost to join this company is $12.

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Carnelian 12 Review

We researched deep into its bold claims and affiliate program and discovered several red flags and precautionary signs that you should be aware of before investing.

1. Founders are Hiding

The anonymity of this company’s operators and founders is another cause for concern. It becomes so important for users to know where and for whom they are investing.

Andreas Garcia

Andreas Garcia is the only individual mentioned on the page, and there is no other information about him. It is clear that this business is deceiving its customers considering the owners’ secrecy.

2. No Physical Location

They have just mentioned the country of operation on their website, there is no specific address or information about the company’s headquarters. On their website, the address listed for the registration ordinance appears to be inaccurate.

No physical address

When we went to the address on Google, it only displayed some random office rental spaces and no information about this organization. It increases users’ apprehension about the company’s physical presence.

3. No Social Media Presence

Carnelian 12 is now only accessible on Telegram; no other professional social media platform is available for support. Normally, all legitimate businesses actively promote themselves on social media, but this is not the case in this instance.

No social media

The fact that telegram is simple to use and keeps your authentication private when interacting with people is the primary reason, they are using it to trick people into falling into their trap.

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4. Money Circulation Fraud

The 5-2-1% structure of this company’s affiliate program demonstrates that you will receive a 5% commission on direct referrals, a 2% commission on the second-level downline, and a 1% commission on the third-level of downline.


This reveals unequivocally that the company’s primary business plan is centered entirely on the MLM sector, and that it is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that is attempting to dupe individuals with promises of 12% daily profits.

These types of schemes require investors to recruit new affiliates to increase their earnings, and all incoming funds are used and circulated by the business’s operators while providing nothing to its customers.

5. False Claims

Carnelian claims guaranteed returns of 12% on cryptocurrency investments, but this is simply misleading given that the cryptocurrency market is decentralized and the prices depend on numerous unknowable factors.

Because cryptocurrency prices are so highly volatile and change frequently, it is impossible to forecast an exact ROI on any investment. These claims are therefore made to merely bluff people.

Should I invest in Carnelian 12?

No, instead of joining these kinds of Ponzi scams, you should invest your hard-earned money into some reliable investment plans.

Carnelian 12 can collapse anytime and most investors will lose their money. So better to avoid such scams and be alert to such quick-rich schemes.

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7 thoughts on “Carnelian 12 Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. RUN FAST!!!! DO NOT INVEST IN THIS PLATFORM! IT IS 100% A SCAM. They take your money and don’t return it! It’s based in China, the most crooked place on the planet!!!! I lost all of my initial investment! NO RETURN!!!


  2. Tania Combrink

    Today on 27 June 2023, C12 posts that they have paid my withdawals out. Yet every withdrawal shows up NOWHERE in my wallets, and blockchain says ¨sorry, the transaction could not be found¨ . I have been checking it every day since they say the withdrawal is completed, and same happened to my whole team. Every single one.

  3. Hello , i tested this week this platform, i found on internet, i put a smal amount of bitxoins just to see what happens , and when make a draw it appears no the site “paid” but i dont recieve nothing yet 😂😂 off course its a big and a good scam. I dont lost much. Keep away 😉😉

  4. Good thing I only invested $23 tried to withdraw $5 says transaction completed but nothing in my wallet 😭 now the whole site is down for so called maintenance 4 days now…. looking like a scam to me.

  5. Yes definitely Scam.
    What is there affiliation with Sochain API
    What are all the videos promiting on youtube.
    What is this C12 script to withdraw funds on youtube…. How are some obtaining this script.
    Telegram shows C12 updating there platform, website not available almost a week.

  6. Priscilla Loctar

    I invested with C12 got something at first with- drawal and later they just stopped the withdrawals without warning. Then they claimed to honor withdrawals that were in the system but nothing came to my wallet and nothing in my downlines wallets. BIG SCAM. Also Trust 10. Don’t trust them. They put large sums on your account and states you have to pay an amount to withdraw. SCAM BIG TIME. Don’t Fall for it.

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