Nxtwave CCBP 4.0 Real or Fake? Honest Review

This article is a neutral evaluation of a career development program called CCBP 4.0. In recent years, CCBP 4.0 has become widely recognized but has also raised various questions and concerns.

NxtWave CCBP is a company that claims to provide career development and training programs for individuals looking to advance their careers in the field of business process management.

In response to a request from one of our readers, we will be providing a thorough examination of this platform.

This review will cover information about the company, the courses they offer, and the placement opportunities. Finally, we will offer a conclusion based on our findings.

What is CCBP 4.0?

CCBP 4.0 stand for Continuous Career Building Programs 4.0 is a course offered by NxtWave. They claim to specialize students in 4.0 skills, which likely refers to skills related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as digital technology and automation.


According to the information, the course provides students with basic knowledge of coding, which will help them in acquiring 4.0 skills.

According to similar web data, the domain ccbp.in receives around 2.5 million monthly traffic, from which the major traffic comes from India (99%).

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CCBP 4.0 Courses

The CCBP 4.0 course is divided into two parts:

1. CCBP 4.0 Academy

In this course, students receive a specialization in 4.0 skills along with their graduation. The duration of this course is four years, in which the students are required to give 4 to 5 hours per week.

ccbp 4.0 course

After completing this course, NxtWave also provides job placement support with a minimum salary of 12 lakh per annum up to 24 lacks per annum.

The Smart Program includes specialization in Full Stack Development and students start working on real-time projects from the first year itself, which helps them to secure an internship. By the time the course is completed, the students have a good job offer in hand.

2. Intensive 2.0

The Intensive 2.0 is a 6-month program for students who have completed their undergraduate studies. NxtWave provides job placement support with an average salary of 12-24 lakh per year.

The Full Stack Development Program is a 2-year course where students receive a specialization in Full Stack Development and work on real-time projects from the first year. Students receive a certificate after completing the course.

A certificate shared by the user

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CCBP 4.0 Syllabus & Fee Structure

The curriculum of the program includes the below-given components of the course, along with the estimated time taken to complete the component.

ComponentDuration (Weeks)
Learn to Code30
Master Full Stack Development40-50
Build Your Developer Profile like a Pro40-50
Specialize in a 4.0 Technology40
Develop Industry Grade 4.0 Projects20

It is also not clear what the curriculum of the course covers and what type of training is provided to students. The qualifications or experience of their trainers or instructors are not provided, but they claim that the trainers are from IIT, Standford University, Google, etc.

ccpb 4.0 course overview

The price of the CCBP 4.0 courses varies, but it is estimated to be around 30,000-90,000 Indian Rupees.

According to the company, their program is 4-6 months in duration and they claim to have partnerships with over 1200 companies. They also offer a scholarship of 16000 rupees for students enrolling in the program.

ccbp 4.0 partners

The company claims that 100% of its students will be placed upon completion of the course. However, it is not known if this claim is true as there is no data or evidence to support it.

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CCBP 4.0 Review

The above information provides a comprehensive overview of CCBP 4.0 and its offerings, making it appear like a valuable career development opportunity.

However, there are few red flags and concerns associated with this program that must be taken into consideration before making a final decision.

Lack of Transparency

NxtWave CCBP’s website mentions that they have partnerships with over 200 companies, but it is not clear if these companies are official partners or if the students are just placed in these companies through off-campus drives.

It is also not clear what the curriculum of the course covers and what type of training is provided to students. Additionally, the company does not provide any information on the qualifications or experience of its trainers or instructors.

False Claims

According to a user review only 10-15% of candidates in his batch secured job placements, with disappointing salary packages ranging from 3-3.5 LPA. Despite this, NxtWave continues to push its students to write positive reviews on Quora and participate in video testimonials, which they then post on YouTube in an effort to attract more unsuspecting students.


Also, they sponsor YouTubers to make positive review videos.

It makes it difficult to trust the claims of the company as they have claimed that they’re providing 100% assurance of placements with a salary of more than 12 lakhs. However, many more users reported the same, some of them didn’t get any job, while others got a very less salary.

Expensive Course

Another CCBP 4.0 student writes, The 30,000 rupee fee they charge at the start of the course is not justifiable when compared to the quality of education offered, which could easily be surpassed by a 500 Rupee Udemy course.


The major highlight is, after such high fees most students are unplaced.

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CCBP 4.0 Real or Fake?

It is clear that NxtWave prioritizes profit over their students’ career advancement and well-being, as they also take 12% of the students’ monthly salaries once they secure a job.

I would not recommend this course to anyone, as the high fee, lack of job placement support, and exploitation of students for profit make this an unfavorable option for anyone looking to advance their career.

They have manipulated various platforms with sponsored reviews and many users shared deceptive information. So consider all these points and then take a wise decision, as the candidate connects much hope to such platforms.

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5 thoughts on “Nxtwave CCBP 4.0 Real or Fake? Honest Review”

  1. I had a great experience with Nxtwave. The CCBP is the right platform that laid foundation towards my IT journey.

  2. Akash Nithish

    Terms for Post paid – Pay on Acceptance Fee:
    Pay on acceptance fee should be paid within 2 months from the date of receiving the offer letter.
    The candidates joining through the postpaid model shall sign the Income Sharing Agreement and only then, the candidate will be eligible to Terms of Placement Support.
    Pay on Acceptance Fee:
    12% of annual CTC on getting a job offer with CTC greater than or equal to 4.5 LPA.
    6% of annual CTC on getting a job offer with CTC greater than or equal to 3 LPA & less than 4.5 LPA.

    Therefore, in accordance with their terms and conditions, candidates will only pay the remaining 12% once from their CTC as opposed on a monthly basis. You do not have to pay the additional 6% of your CTC if you are placed with a CTC of less than 3 LPA.

  3. This is undoubtedly a genuine platform where we can enhance our skills beyond what our colleges offer. Its continued survival in today’s competitive landscape speaks to its authenticity. When it comes to jobs, placements, and CTCs, I believe it’s largely dependent on one’s capabilities rather than solely on NxtWave. I personally know a few friends who secured packages exceeding 6 LPA and are now thriving in their jobs. Unlike our colleges, which demand hefty fees but fail to provide good opportunities to settle, NxtWave offers ample scope for growth. Let’s focus on upskilling rather than dwelling on irrelevant matters and compromising our learning journey.

  4. I had an incredible experience attending a MERN stack at NxtWave. The curriculum was well-structured and covered everything from front-end development to back-end technologies, including Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, always ready to clarify doubts and provide guidance.

    What I loved most about NxtWave was the hands-on approach. We had numerous practical projects that allowed us to apply the concepts we learned and build real-world applications. Working on these projects helped boost my confidence and enhance my problem-solving skills.

    Please note that individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to research before saying CCBPians will only be getting less than 4.5ctc or something, I myself got a package which is above 6 ctc. Reading multiple reviews and talking to alumni can provide you with a broader perspective.

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