ClickLancers Review: Legit or Another Scam?

clicklancers review

ClickLancers is a microtask platform that claims to pay users for watching ads and completing small tasks. The platform also provides advertisers with an opportunity to promote their websites and videos.

The website states that users can earn up to $120 daily, which is an attractive proposition for those looking to make some extra income. However, there are some concerns about the legitimacy of the website.

In this post, we will discuss ClickLancers and will find out whether ClickLancers is Scam or Real.

What is ClickLancers?

ClickLancers claims to be a “traffic acquisition platform” that promises high returns on investments for completing simple tasks such as watching ads, videos, and rating apps.


ClickLancers is incorporated under the UK government as Click4Ads Media Solutions LTD on March, 20 2023. The domain is registered on December 31, 2022.

According to a similar web, the domain has around 300k Traffic with a proportion of traffic are Indonesia (18%), Russia (15%), and Ukraine (5%).

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How it Works?

The investment plans offered by ClickLancers include a daily return of 4%-6% for 360 days, with a minimum deposit of $39 and a maximum deposit of $1800.

The website also offers an affiliate program that pays out 5%-3%-2%. The maximum daily earning potential for users is $120, with a minimum deposit of $40 and no maximum deposit limit. The affiliate program offers a commission rate of 10%.

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ClickLancers Compensation Plan

ClickLancers Offers MLM commission on the recruitment of affiliate investors. The commission is as shown below.

LevelAmountDaily ReturnAnnual ROIMLM Commission
1$39up to $1.60$5765%
2$95up to $4$14405%
3$220up to $8.80$31685%
4$450up to $18$64805%
5$600up to $24$86405%
6$850up to $35.20$12,6725%
7$1200up to $46.40$16,7045%
8$1800up to $74.40$26,7485%

Referral Commission and Matching Bonus

Clicklancers has a Matching Bonus, Which is capped per recruited affiliate, based on how much an affiliate themselves has invested. The referral commission and matching bonus are as per in the table below.

Level of recruitmentReferral CommissionMatching Bonus
Level 15%10%
Level 23%3%
Level 32%2%

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ClickLancers Review

Although Clicklancers has a mixed opinion and it is giving timely withdrawals to the users. But still, there are a lot of red flags to know about ClickLancers before joining it.

1. Operators are Hiding

One of the major red flags with ClickLancers is that the identity of the owner is hidden, which raises concerns about the platform’s transparency.

James WARD is only a name associated with the company but its actual existence is questionable.

Another issue is that ClickLancers has no retailable products or services, and affiliates are only able to market the platform’s affiliate membership itself.

2. Pointless Tasks

ClickLancers’ compensation plan involves investing between $39 and $1800 annually, with promised returns of up to $74.40 per day.

The tasks affiliates are asked to perform are seemingly pointless, raising doubts about the legitimacy of the revenue generated from third-party payments.

3. Anonymous Transactions

While the platform does offer a free membership option, this has limited earnings potential.

ClickLancers’ payment methods support anonymous transactions, which may increase the risk of fraud. Additionally, the Tranco rank of the platform is rather low, which suggests a low level of traffic to the site.

4. High-Risk Model

It’s important to note that the PTC (paid-to-click) jobs offered on the site may be high-risk, as is the case with most PTC sites.

clicklancers review

This type of work can be tedious, and time-consuming, and may not always result in a significant payout.

5. MLM Aspect

Another significant red flag is the MLM aspect of ClickLancers. The company pays out commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates, down to three levels of recruitment, incentivizing participants to bring in new investors rather than focus on the actual tasks at hand.

This is a typical characteristic of pyramid schemes and MLMs that prioritize recruitment over actual product or service sales.

6. Lack of Transparency

Furthermore, the age of the site is relatively young, and while there are some reviews available, it’s difficult to gauge the overall trustworthiness of the platform.

Overall, there are concerns about the legitimacy of ClickLancers and its compensation plan. As with any investment opportunity, it is important to do your due diligence and thoroughly research the platform before investing any money.

It is also worth considering alternative platforms that have a more transparent ownership structure and a proven track record of success.

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  1. The website is down; they have disappeared with people’s money.

    I would consider this as a scam.

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