Cloudfi Review: Legit or Another Scam?

cloudfi review

A new crypto investing platform named Cloudfi has entered the market with claims of having a great team of crypto experts to help and promote cryptocurrency to newcomers.

In this post, we will review CloudFi in-depth and suggest whether you should invest in it or not.

When Started2023
Head OfficeHong Kong
Opportunity TypeCrypto Investing
Joining Cost$200

What is Cloudfi?

Cloudfi is a crypto investing platform and claims to have a bunch of crypto experts who provide sustainable a low risks income streams with a unique and proven system. They raise money from investors and with a team of cryptocurrency experts they make money off of that.

Cloudfi Logo

The headquarters of CloudFi is located at Queen’s Road central road, Hong Kong. There is no information available regarding its founders.

According to similarweb, the total visits on its domain is 14k+ with the top countries reaching Slovakia (61%) and Italy (25%). According to WHOIS, its domain was registered on January 2023.

The minimum joining amount on this platform is $200. On this platform, you can only invest in Bitcoin; you can’t buy any other cryptocurrency.

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Cloudfi Joining Process

The process is quite easy; all you need to do is fill out your e-mail address in the sign-up form on their website.

Cloudfi sign-up form

On business days, the minimum daily return is 1.25%, and the maximum daily return is 250%.

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Cloudfi Investment plan

Cloudfi has Introduced four tiers to invest in their Platform and you have to join a tier in order to invest. Each tier differs based on the range of deposit amount, as described below.

Cloudfi Investment Plans

1. ROI and Deposit Bonus

You will get daily returns on crypto investments you made through this app. The total returns and deposit bonus depends on which Tier you choose while investing.

Investment PlanInvestment RangeDaily ReturnsTotal ReturnsTotal Deposit Bonus
Tier 1$200-$10001.25%250%2%
Tier 2$2000-$100001.25%250%4%
Tier 3$20000-$1000001.25%250%6%
Tier 4$200000-$10000001.25%250%8%

2. Referral Commissions

You can also earn commissions on Cloudfi through the referral program.

You will be paid commissions based on the deposit amount of the individual at each downline level.

Downline LevelReferral Bonus
Level 17%
Level 24%
Level 33%
Level 41%
Level 51%
Level 61%
Level 71%
Level 81%
Level 91%
Level 101%

3. Team Leader Reward

If your direct downline team generates a certain amount of turnover, you will receive the team leader awards, as below.

$10,000 $200

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Cloudfi Review

Investigating the company’s income strategy and business model revealed various red flags and other issues; let’s take a closer look.

Operators are Hiding

One consideration when investing a lot of money in cryptocurrency is if the platform you are using is to be trusted.

Since there is no information about the founders and it appears they are not in a position to make public appearances, Cloudfi falls short in this regard, undermining the trust of users.

The biggest red flag in Cloudfi is that there is no information available regarding the team’s crypto expert team, including the number of team members or team members’ designations.

Additionally, even if they had an expert crypto team, it would be impossible to consistently make a profit from the cryptocurrency market due to high level of unpredictability. Several factors can cause a cryptocurrency price to fluctuate.

No Support System

Besides their telegram channel and discord server there isn’t any other telephone number where you can reach them if you have an issue with something on their platform.

Because the cryptocurrency market is very critical and involves a lot of money, crypto investing platforms need to have a contact support system

Provided address by Cloudfi

Additionally, the address they provided in the app was inaccurate and just included a street name.

Lack of Transparency

Even if they claim to have a cryptocurrency expert team, they haven’t mentioned how the business model distributes predetermined bonuses and profits to investors, which indicates an apparent absence of transparency inside it. consists of very little information about their business which is not sufficient to trust them.

Securities Fraud

Any business that seeks investments from the general public must be legally registered and be subject to regulation to ensure that it is not defrauding customers.

Eventually, Cloudfi is doing securities fraud as it doesn’t have authorization from financial regulators to raise public investment.

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Is Cloudfi a Scam?

Cloudfi is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme after looking at this company’s investment plan and referral program.

The top-level investors and firm founders only receive substantial profits in a Ponzi scheme because of the enormous quantity of money circulation that takes place within the business.

Thus, refrain from investing in this kind of fraudulent scheme and save your hard-earned money.

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