CoinMarketBull Review: AI Trading Bot Scam?

CoinMarketBull Review

This post will be a CoinMarketBull Review, a platform offering an AI-powered trading bot that focuses on cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketBull (CMB) promises to help users grow their crypto wealth through its automated bitcoin purchase levels and instant purchases.

We will discuss the CoinMarketBull company profile, products, and MLM compensation plan, as well as our review. At last, we will also share our answer to the question, Should I Join CoinMarketBull?

FounderJan Gregory
When Started2023
Head OfficeHungary, Europe
Opportunity TypeCrypto-MLM
ProductsAI Trading Bot
Joining Cost$50

What is CoinMarketBull?

CoinMarketBull, also known as CMB, is a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to have partnered with Coinbase to manage investors’ cryptos. Also partnered with the Binance Futures exchange and claims to grow all your crypto-holding funds globally using AI-bot Tech.

CMB was started in January 2023. Its headquarters are in Hungary, Europe. The founder and face of the company is Jan Gregory.

Jon Gregory is highly active on YouTube for the past 5 years and barely has a thousand subscribers. He promotes various things such as cryptos and shares anything on his channel.

As per SimilarWeb stats, most people visiting are from South Africa. is another domain belonging to them.

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CoinMarketBull Joining & Products

The products offered by CoinMarketBull include crypto trading and cloud mining bot.

CoinMarketBull’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading bot can manage and grow your cryptocurrency. They claim that the bot uses advanced algorithms and chart analysis to make decisions on buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

To begin using the bot, one has to purchase a 12-month activation for $50 and then invest a minimum of $100 or more into the markets.

CoinMarketBull Register

The joining process is simple; users need to get a bitcoin wallet, upload the amount they want to start with, equivalent in bitcoin or USDT (TRC20), and sign up for CMB.

Users are required to pay $50 for the bot for a year and $5 for transaction/gas fees. Gas fees can be a significant additional expense.

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CoinMarketBull Compensation Plan

CoinMarketBull’s plan offers to earn returns on deposits made to the company. Moreover, they also provide additional ways to earn, such as by referral, rank bonus etc.

1. Return on Investment (ROI)

The company claims that users can earn anywhere from 1.2-1.8% returns on deposits. But you will only get the profit if you have purchased a 12-month activation for a $50 bot. One can withdraw the amount daily.

CoinMarketBull Plan
CoinMarketBull Deposit Plan

The company claims that daily ROI is between 1.2% & 1.8%.

2. Downline Income

In addition to this, CoinMarketBull offers a bonus on referral known as “Generational Profit”, which looks like an MLM Plan.

This bonus is a fixed percentage on funds invested by members in different downline levels.

Level 110%
Level 25%
Level 32%
Level 42%
Level 51%
Level 61%
Level 70.75%
Level 80.5%
Level 90.3%
Level 100.3%

3. Rank Bonus

There is also a rank bonus for achieving certain team volume levels in CMB Plan. The rank bonus is the amount of money the platform pays you when you invite a certain amount of people to the plan.

The exact Rank Bonus amount is not known so far.

LevelRankRequired Team Turnover
6Silver $60,000
8 Platinum$250,000

The Maximum of 50% of the total volume of the strongest team will be counted in the bonus.

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CMB Payout

The withdrawal in CoinBarketBull limit is set at $20 and above, with a withdrawal fee of 5% of any amount you withdraw.

This means that if you want to withdraw $100, you will be charged a fee of $5.

The users can only withdraw their full invested amount after 8 months and daily withdrawal is permitted.

CoinMarketBull Review

Hope the above information helped you to understand CoinMarketBull and its fundamentals.

It seems an amazing opportunity to earn guaranteed ROI and referral commission from multiple downlines.

But… there is also a flip side to know.

Not Regulated

It is important to note that CoinMarketCoin is not registered as a legal entity anywhere in the world.

There is limited information available about the company and its management team. In addition, the prime operators are unknown.

Another red flag about CoinMarketBull is that they do not accept applications from residents of the US, Canada, Iran, GCC, and the UAE. This indicates that it is avoiding regulatory oversight.

False Claims

CoinMarketBull claims to have partnered with Coinbase and Binance, but there needs to be evidence of these partnerships on the official websites of these companies.

This could signify that the company is falsely advertising its associations to attract more customers.

Moreover, the guaranteed 1.2 to 1.8% daily return raises many questions about the platform.

Also, We were unable to confirm their address, which suggests that the address may not be real.

Very Little Information Provided

Additionally, the company’s website needs to provide more information about its AI trading bot, making it hard to gauge its effectiveness and reliability.

The people promoting CoinMarketBull are on and through different social media platforms.

Additionally, the company’s website has very little information, and technical support is missing. This makes it hard for customers to get the information they need and to get help if they encounter any problems.

Past Scam Records

The claimed founder of CoinMarketBull Jan Gregory Cerato has a history of scams.


Jan Gregory remained a top promoter of Empires X which was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in December 2021. American authorities SEC and CFTC alleged EmpiresX founders of the scam.

In September 2022, Jan Gregory was charged $40,000 by Alberta Securities Commission for Whale Fund, a crypto investment fraud.

Ponzi Scheme Model

There are many opportunities available on the internet that deceive people and the same goes with CoinMarketBull.

Actually, CoinMarketBull has no AI-trading bot to provide guaranteed returns.

They implemented an MLM program to do money circulation and pay old investors from the money of new investors.

CoinMarketBull is a Ponzi scheme pretending an AI crypto trading platform.

Initially, CoinMarketBull will pay its investors to lure a maximum number of people and once their target is achieved, they will stop payout and run away with the money.

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Should I invest in CoinMarketBull?

CoinMarketBull raises several red flags, and it is essential for potential investors to exercise caution before investing in CMB.

CoinMarketBull lack of transparency, false advertising of partnerships, and unprofessional promotion methods make it hard to trust them.

Furthermore, their lack of registration and regulatory oversight makes it hard to know if they operate within legal boundaries. It is recommended that users stay away from these quick money-making bots and companies.

CoinMarketBull is not allowed to provide any financial services at first place. Its is a Ponzi scheme that will collapse sooner.

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      1. Your answer for where you got the information is a link back to the post we’re already reading? That’s called circular logic, and it proves nothing. I’m not here to defend anything, just to point out your circular logic. If you have other sources, do post them.

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