Connected Investors Review: Legit or Another Scam?

connected investors review

An obsolete real estate investing platform named Connected Investors just returned with some cryptocurrency investment plans and claims to open up new opportunities in other markets as well.

In this post, we will examine whether this Connected Investors recuperation is legit and whether its investment plans are genuine or not.

So let’s start without ado.

Connected Investors
FounderRoss Hamilton
When Started2005
Head OfficeNorth Carolina, USA
Opportunity TypeReal Estate Investing
Joining Cost$200

What is Connected Investors?

Connected Investors is a distinctive investment company offering its investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in the real estate market and other services.

Connected Investors

The CEO of Connected Investors is Ross Hamilton. It was founded in 2005 and its headquarters is located in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ross Hamilton

According to SimilarWeb, the website has 230k+ total visits, with the USA making up 95% of those visits. The domain was registered in October 2006, as per WHOIS.

Connected Investors provides real estate investors with free access to off-market deals and funding. It brings the Fintech revolution to Real Estate Investing.

The minimum cost to join its investment program is $200.

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Connected Investors Investment Plan

Connected Investors currently offers three ways to invest, all are listed below along with their payout periods.

Investment PlanInvestment AmountReturnsPayout Period
Basic Plan $200
5 days
Promo Package $1000
24 hours
Premium Package$10000

Connected Investors Joining Process

There is no specific information about its joining process.

Its investment programs are mainly operated and promoted through telegram. There is no link between and the investment plan we found.


We just found some telegram channels promoting these investment plans on the Internet.

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Connected Investors Review

We discovered several red flags after investigating this company’s market presence.

Fraud Using Name of Connected Investors

When contrasted with Connected Investors’ business model, which is employed in the real estate sector, this investment plan and user acquisition strategy described above doesn’t seem to appropriate.

Most likely, someone is defrauding individuals by taking advantage of the identity of Connected investors.

Unrealistic Returns

When addressing its investment plans presented by so-called agents on social media, it is clear that each investment plan generates a sizeable profit and does so quickly, which even with the application of all economic dynamics seems impossible.

Everyone should be aware that every legitimate and tested plan requires time to work and yields respectable returns.

Should I invest in Connected Investors?

Connected Investors is a company operating in the real estate investment niche, whereas its name is used by telegram scammers.

They are luring people to invest in their fraud investment program which promises high returns on cryptocurrency investment. So be aware of that and don’t make any transactions on the internet without authorization.

There are many fraudsters on the internet, who use a false identity to deceive people. So be aware and take precautions before any investment.

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