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cynthia petion biography

Cynthia Petion is a successful businesswoman, evangelist minister, and community activist. Born and raised in the United States, Cynthia had a childhood filled with challenges and hardships. Despite these struggles, she persevered and went on to create a successful business empire.

Cynthia Petion is a name that has been making waves in the business world in recent years. As the founder and CEO of NovaTech LTD, a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform, she has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

However, her path to success is controversial and she indulged in various Ponzi schemes and MLM scams.

Who is Cynthia Petion?

Cynthia Petion is the founder of the popular crypto and forex trading platform NovaTech FX. NovaTech is not the first company of Cynthia Petion, earlier she participated and built various crypto, forex, and MLM ventures.

Cynthia petion

Cynthia Petion remained an influential MLM leader but had a bad-reputations for scams she promoted and built.

Full NameCynthia Roy Petion
FounderNovaTech FX
Networth$10 Million
Known ForMLM Scams

Cynthia Petion Early Life

Cynthia was born in the early 1980s to a large, working-class family in the United States. She grew up in a tough neighborhood and witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of poverty and crime.

Despite the challenges she faced, Cynthia was a determined and ambitious child. She was always looking for ways to improve her situation and help those around her.


Cynthia attended a local high school, where she excelled in her studies. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a local college.

During her college years, Cynthia was introduced to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. She was intrigued by the promise of financial freedom and the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.

Cynthia Petion & MLM Career

After completing her education, Petion began her career in the network marketing industry. She worked for companies such as Mary Kay, Avon, and Herbalife, building her own teams and selling products. However, it was her time with WorldVentures that would prove to be the most controversial.

WorldVentures is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells travel packages and operates on a recruitment-based business model. Petion rose through the company ranks quickly, becoming a top earner and a member of the company’s International Marketing Advisory Board.

Cynthia Petion Husband

Petion’s personal life has also been the subject of speculation. She has been married twice, first to a man named Fabian, and later to a man named Jean.

Cynthia petion husband
Cynthia Petion with her Husband at an AWS Mining Event

Her marriage to Jean has been the subject of much discussion, with some alleging that it was a sham designed to help her gain U.S. citizenship. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Cynthia Petion Scam

However, Petion’s time with WorldVentures was not without its controversies. In 2013, she was involved in a scandal that rocked the company.

She and several other top earners were accused of recruiting people into the company with false promises of riches and luxurious lifestyles.

Petion was also accused of encouraging her team members to purchase expensive travel packages to boost her own commissions.


The scandal led to lawsuits and investigations, and Petion was eventually terminated from the company. Despite the controversy, she did not let it derail her career.

NovaTech withdrawals were temporarily disabled for 60 days on February 5, 2023, after it was assumed that the scheme collapsed. However, according to some sources, the freeze on withdrawals is a clear sign the scheme has collapsed, due to a lack of new investments to cover existing requests.

Read: NovaTech Collapse

Cynthia Petion Net Worth

Despite the controversies, Cynthia Petion has gone on to achieve great success in the business world. In 2016, she founded NovaTech LTD, a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. The company has since grown significantly, and Petion has become a prominent figure in the world of finance.


As of 2023, Cynthia Petion’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. She has used her success to give back to her community, becoming heavily involved in outreach and community service projects with South Palm Community Church in Florida.

Being from a backward class, Cynthia Petion has achieved a lot in her life, but she is alleged to fool and loot millions of people around the world. She has promoted various Ponzi and pyramid schemes. Later built her own company NovaTech FX which was also a scam promising unrealistic returns.

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10 thoughts on “Cynthia Petion Life, Home, Husband, Networth, Biography”

  1. I don’t believe they are using their real names. I am invested in Novatech. I have made many deposits. I’m in the Gold category smh! So, crypto or coins or cents seems like a great crypto name like Centhia/Cynthia and last name Roy or ROi jokes on me I suppose. Wish I never invested but at the time I couldn’t find anything bad about Novatech…not one thing so I invested in November of 2022 then soon after the rules began to change over and over. Now, May 2023 I have not once been able to withdraw a penny. At this point I don’t care about the ROY lol ROi I would just like to have my initial investment returned back to my crypto wallet. It’s not very much money but probably enough to shed a few tears. So the saying goes…never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Yeah, I get that. Losing money to a downed market is one thing but losing money to pure theft is another. The crypto market is fine so what’s up? These people have lied and stolen investors capital. They lied! I hope they go to jail for what they have done to soooo many people that trusted them. Geeze, my neighbors are humble honest as good a people as you can get. They invested their entire retirement. Cynthia Petion (Petition) I pray you see the wrath of the government come down on you and your phony biblical nonsense. You are a terrible woman! A thief and a liar and at best a coward. I don’t believe you will get by with stealing the millions from hardworking investors that trusted you. Where will you run? Novapay is in Boca Raton Florida. Further more CoinPayments isn’t legal in the United States and shouldn’t have been involved in this crypto exchange scam. How they got away with it is beyond me. I’m praying you get what you deserve. JAIL TIME! FOR A LONG TIME.

  2. I don’t really know but l choose to stand in faith and wait patiently for the good report. And the good report; All things work for the good for those who love Christ Jesus

  3. There is no doubt Cynthia Petion, her husband Eddy, and Ricardo Roy, Cynthia’s brother, are all thieves. They have stolen millions of dollars as they promoted their business where everyday Joe citizen has a chance to make it and make lots of money. She puts on the title Rev to make her appear as a person of faith. The only faith this evil woman has is faith in her ability to swindle thousands of people out of their hard-earned money. Sure they attempt to cover their evilness behind a disclaimer that this is risky and you could lose money. Of course, it is not the “risk” of the bad trades or bad business practices that are implied in their disclaimer that is the true cause of risk. It is the thieves that run this scam platform that is stealing everyone’s money that is the real risk. For me, there is nothing more vile and low than an evil person who displays themselves as a person of God to gain the trust of so many and to wipe out savings and for some their only means of surviving, without a care, concern, or compassion to what they are doing to those lives they were supposedly there to help and lift. Make no mistake their intentions are evil and self-serving. If you are aware of their actions and you still choose to defend them or associate with them you may want to take a deeper look into your self/soul. They cannot take what they have stolen when they leave this life. Will it be worth it for what they will have to take from this life? Ask the Reverend, no she likely has no idea, or she may not be doing what she has already done.

  4. Alfred Osei Bonsu

    Cynthia The voice of the people is the voice of GOD Will you sincerely use GOD name to steal from people or you don’t believe GOD exist Is serious to fall into the hands of The Living GOD Please think twice and refund at least what we invested Let’s hear from you Thank you

  5. Please Cynthia, you have already destroyed our families, know that wherever you go, you will never have peace if you do not return our funds and if you persist evil will happen to you.

  6. The Lord God hates a thief, and the money will run dry, and the fun your having will die. and you will die and have to face God

  7. Cynthia we really appreciate and believed in you you helped me to keep my sister’s two daughters to study currently it is now 8 months that we are struggle please as a child of God don’t let greed over power you I pray that God comes into your heart and give our money back Amen

  8. My reactions are quite simple: a) If Cynthia and Eddy her husband and co. are genuine, then they put out a message to say to all NT members: ‘Fear not!’ (Sounds quite Biblical, I know!…Smile). ‘We’ve been hamstrung by court and legal proceedings’..this sort of thing. Hang in there. Your money is safe. We’re going nowhere. This would give people whose money is involved the sort of message which is only right and proper. (A lot of us know how ‘weird’ U.S. law can be..perhaps Canadian law too. and life in this area is skewered by ‘attorneys’ and the machinations of legal procedure. This is the scenario one is wishing for, for sure. After all, Cynthia is a reverend and – as a reverend – is mindful of her flock, including those people who put money into her business enterprise, trusting her (cos she’s a reverend, after all. She means well by her flock…In the UK we don’t come across reverends who run multi-million dollars schemes, btw, so I can’t over-comment…Smile). The message to her followers who trust her can be the simplest of statements. A few words of condolence and reassurance suffices…b) Now, if Cynthia and co. does not come up with this little message and soon, her flock will naturally question more and more whether she takes the title of ‘reverend’ seriously. For it’s a title given to someone who has committed herself/himself to preaching the Word of God. Correct? And to doing ‘good things’ for others and to others. It is for Cynthia to let us know whether she is a bona-fide reverend or just took on the title for the sake of deception….I prefer to think that she and her colleagues are ‘serious’ people and are – as I already stated – restricted by legal matters from saying much to the people (whose money they took and used to build up their business. As a foreigner, I know little about American – and Canadian – legal dealings. c) If the investors come to the overriding conclusion that people who were running NT are in fact crooks, then this is where counter-action starts. What is termed ‘a class action’ needs to be initiated. This is where – for those who know as little as I do – many people with the same grievance club together and take up legal proceedings to take Cynthia and Eddy et al (etc) to court in order for the millions pumped into NT to be reclaimed and reimbursed (on a pro-rata basis ie one which is a fair one according to what monies each investor put in to the scheme). For – obviously – the money paid into NT is sitting somewhere. And if it is still sitting in everyone’s personal account, great. Wonderful. (‘Luvly jubly’ we sometimes say in the UK [I’m not joking, btw!]….Now, how to get this message over to Cynthia and her people? Please – someone – advise me. She’s certainly on LinkedIn. (But to date: no replies to any message of mine). Where else to find her? Well, do bear in mind that she’s known at the South Palm Community Church, Florida. (Where is this?) She’s done charitable things there.. helping prepare nice food for the homeless, I read beside one LinkedIn photo of smiling, caring people doing their bit. Yes, I would welcome anyone to contact me so that some progress could be made to ascertain what exactly is going on. Is Cynthia quiet because she’s legally bound to say nothing? Is there a simple, reassuring message she – as a Christian – wishes to convey to us all? To repeat: A simple ‘Hang in there, folks. We’re still here. Trust us to do our best’ message is all that’s needed…..I’ll finish here. Have no qualms: Anyone can contact me on 0044 776 85 11 654 and update me on any matter. Including Cynthia herself. To repeat (again): Millions of dollars are sitting somewhere. They haven’t just vanished. I’m keen for folks to get their just reward for taking a chance with NT. As someone said earlier..They seemed to be wanting to do a good job for people, hence I invested. (If – sadly – it comes to a showdown with Cynthia and co…God forbid, cos she claims to be a person promoting the notion of God’s existence and this is His world and everything in the world is of Him, therefore His and His alone…I believe I know the very law company which would do us all a good job (in a class action). I used them before for something and they came up trumps. (May I use this phrase?! Of course I can. It means they don’t mess about!) They came up big-time, by the way.). Dear Reader, do not despair. Smile. Your money will be coming back to you one way or t’other. Just..someone reading communicative with me. Let us stop bleating but start and put matters straight. The ball is in Cynthia’s part of the court now. She can reassure us by a simple, heartfelt statement and we’ll stay patient. Otherwise things will go some other direction…Phew. Not nice at all…Ok..once again..I wait to hear from someone, somewhere in America who is involved. I know of people with a lot of money at stake here. It’s for them primarily I’m bothered. (After all, they might treat me for being so active on this matter when they get lots of money back!). Keep ‘peckers’ (ie your chins!) up, dear People. Someone or some people, do get in touch to discuss matters. (I’ll let you know if Cynthia contacts me, for sure. This would be very pleasant for all of us concerned)…Ciao belli….Keith

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