Daisy Forex Collapse! How to Withdraw Money?

Daisy Forex Collapse

Daisy Forex News Today: We have repeatedly cautioned users against engaging with financially non-regulated schemes and Ponzi schemes, stressing the importance of staying away from them.

An example of such a suspected scheme, Daisy Forex, has now faced a collapse. Withdrawal options on Daisy Forex have been disabled.

In this article, we will provide updates regarding Daisy Forex and = an effective guide on How to withdraw money from Daisy Forex.

Daisy Forex Collapse

Daisy Global’s investment scheme known as “Daisy Forex” has collapsed, marking the third time the company has experienced a major setback.

Daisy Global has announced a reboot of the Ponzi scheme, in collaboration with EndoTech, a company specializing in AI-driven cryptocurrency trading.

Daisy forex collapse

The downfall of Daisy Forex began earlier this year when investments were locked due to a decline in passive return-on-investment (ROI) payments.

During a webinar held on July 1st, Jeremy Roma, the founder of Daisy Global, informed investors that their Daisy Forex accounts would remain open until they generated a profit.

It is anticipated that these accounts will eventually be converted into “Daisy 2.0” accounts after September.

With the arrival of Daisy 2.0, Daisy Global returns to its original crypto trading deception, this time employing the services of EndoTech and its AI-driven trading grift.

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How to Withdraw Money?

With the ongoing deterioration of the Daisy Forex scheme, it has become increasingly clear that withdrawing funds has become an insurmountable challenge.

Despite the continued operation of the official website, users have been unable to retrieve any of their funds since September 1.

This striking discrepancy, where deposits are still being accepted while withdrawals remain restricted, strongly suggests the existence of a possible scam.

If you have experienced financial losses as a result of Validus or a similar Ponzi scheme, it is advisable to file a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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