Digi Career Review: Legal or Affiliate Marketing Scam?

Digi Career Review

Digi Career is a newly discovered affiliate marketing company. I found the program from its Instagram affiliates. They have been promoting Digi Career and its plan because of the revenue that people have earned through it.

Digi Career Dashboard
Image shared by Digi Career

The above is post shared on Digi Career’s Instagram handle, representing the income of an affiliate from the company affiliate program.

Digi Career promise to deliver 60-80% commission on sales of their education courses.

In this post, we’ll look at the Digi Career, its registration process and the affiliate program. At last, I will share my personal opinion on it.

Digi Career
FounderHarsh Vikal and Satyanand Arya
When Started2021
Head Office Delhi, India
Opportunity TypeAffiliate Marketing
ProductsOnline Courses and e-learning
Joining Cost1099 Rs

What is Digi Career?

In April 2021, Digi Career began in Delhi. It was started by Harsh Vikal and Satyanand Arya (CEO), as well as co-founders Sumit Senger and Ravi Rajput.

Digi career founders
Harsh Vikal (Left), Satyanand Arya (Right)

According to whois Data, the domain Digicareer.in was registered in February 2021. As per Similar Web data, it receives approximately 8k monthly visitors which is low compared to its alternatives like LeadsArk, Bizigurukul and BizCrown.

Digi Career claims to have over 30,000 registered students, 500 achievers, and 5 packages with 50+ courses.

According to data provided by Digi Career, the company reached its first 1000 affiliates in less than one month of launching.

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Digi Career Joining & Packages

Anyone can join Digi Career. One just needs to visit their official website DigiCareer.in and fill out the registration form.

It is mandatory to have a referral code to become its part. After registration one also needs to purchase one of its education packages.

Digi Career Courses
Digi Career courses

Digi Career has 5 packages available on its website. There are various courses available in these packages in video format. We’ve list their courses and prices below.

1. Digi Rapid (Rs 1099)

  • Canva Mastery
  • Sales Mastery
  • Mobile Video Editing

2. Digi Lite (Rs 2499)

  • Excel Beginners to Advance
  • Spoken English
  • Mobile Video Editing
  • Sales Mastery

3. Investing Pro (Rs 3999)

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Stock Market
  • + Digi Lite Package

4. Digi Pro (Rs 7999)

  • Premier pro
  • Photoshop
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Youtube Mastery
  • Facebook AD & Lead generation
  • Whatsapp Automation
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Google ads
  • + DigiLite Investing Pro Package

5. Digi Mastery (Rs 14999)

  • Sales Closing Mastery
  • Amazon mastery
  • NFT fundamentals
  • Freelancing
  • Indian ECOM
  • Online Business Mastery
  • Reels Mastery
  • Success Mastery

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Affiliate Marketing Program

In a short span, Digi Career has gained popularity. However, the main reason behind its affiliate marketing program.

The affiliates registered in this company promote their company courses. Anyone can become an affiliate partner of Digi Career by purchasing any package.

You have to visit their website and go to the courses section, purchase any course to become an affiliate.

The affiliate marketer will then be rewarded for each sale of their course made through their affiliate link or an affiliate ID.

The commission paid on each sale is shown in the table below.

Package Name/LevelDigi RapidDigi LiteInvesting ProDigi ProDigi Mastery
PriceRs 1099Rs 2499Rs 3999Rs 7999Rs 14999
Level 1 (Direct Commission)600 Rs1500 Rs2200 Rs5000 Rs10000 Rs
Level 250 Rs100 Rs200 Rs300 Rs400 Rs
Level 350 Rs100 Rs200 Rs300 Rs400 Rs
Level 450 Rs100 Rs200 Rs300 Rs400 Rs
Level 550 Rs100 Rs200 Rs300 Rs400 Rs

Digi Career affiliate program provides commission till 5 level downline, this is much similar to the MLM compensation plan.

For example, if you promote the package “Investing pro” to person ‘A’, you will receive Rs 2200 as a direct commission. Further when person ‘A’ promote the same package to person ‘B’, then you will receive Level 2 income of Rs 200.

The same process goes to 5 levels, which makes it more like an MLM opportunity.

Digi Career Review

We hope the information above has helped you understand Digi Career, its course package, and the affiliate program.

To obtain commission from 5 levels deep downline, its affiliates are highly active on the different social media platforms to achieve sales in anyways.

But the question arises, Is Digi Carrer Fake or Real?

Digi Career is Fake or Real?

Digi Career actually offers promised affiliate commissions on sales. However, frequently earnings displayed by its affiliates are fake, they do to lure the maximum number of people.

Affiliates may use deceptive methods as they just want to sell the courses anyhow

Sometimes the affiliates make fake screenshots of the dashboard and other kinds of stuff. So be aware of these kinds of activities.

Is Digi Career Packages Worth it?

After consulting with some past users of Digi Career, we can say that the answer is no.

Digi Career is not worth it at all to invest in their courses, as we found nothing exciting in their courses.

Nowadays, you will find the same courses for free from genuine industry professionals on YouTube and Blogs, thus purchasing the course from Digi Career is a waste of money.

Should I Join Digi Career?

Firstly, this company’s and its affiliate partners’ objective is to gain a large commission. We do not encourage you to join Digi Career.

However, do not join in order to promote it as an affiliate marketer, as you will end up selling worthless things. So, consider the consumer’s point of view and avoid it.

You may be told by some affiliates of Digi Career that the courses are made by professionals, but there is no such thing.

If you got any doubts about the courses then, the company does not even provide you with guidance or solution for that as there is no such expert and they have made just some pre-recorded videos.

The real truth is that the maximum number of affiliates do not even watch the courses, they just only sell them to make money.

Digi Career is an MLM Scam

Digi Career and its affiliates are promoting it as an online education platform and affiliate program, but its commission plan dictates something else.

Digi Career Commission Levels

They are offering commission to 5 levels deep downline which is like Multi-Level Marketing i.e. MLM.

How does a company operating on an MLM compensation model showcase itself as an affiliate program?

The Indian government has released Direct Selling Rules 2021 which mandate restrictions on MLM companies. Whereas many companies have evolved in India claiming to be affiliate marketing opportunities but they are actually Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme and not even legit MLM.

They are specifically targeting college and school students to operate money-circulation schemes and pretend to be education platforms.

Our recommendation is to avoid pseudo affiliate programs like Digi Career and share this post to aware more people.

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