Doradus Review: Legit or DORA Coin Scam?

doradus review

Doradus has recently gained popularity with claims of earning unreal daily returns in their app just by playing games.

According to, their motto is to provide financial support to space industry enterprises, from aspirational small businesses to well-known global market giants.

We’ll give you a thorough analysis and unbiased review of Doradus. Because before investing, it’s crucial to comprehend all the basics of any investment scheme.

FounderNot Known
When Started2022
Head OfficeHong Kong
Opportunity TypeCrypto Investment
ProductsGames & Virtual Reality
Joining Cost$1

What is Doradus?

Doradus is a virtual P2E platform with an astronomical theme, that promises returns on investment through participating in games and other programs.

It was founded in December of 2022, and it is a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong in accordance with the Companies Ordinance.


Its founder is anonymous and located at 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Dora is a token currency introduced by Doradus which enables users to purchase anything in the game. The value of 1 Dora is equal to $1.

Moreover, as per the similar web domain has monthly visits of 170k, most from Russia (26%), Brazil (20%) and Tunisia (9%).

On their website, you can play a variety of HTML5 games at a cost; as you go through the levels, your earnings will rise along with it. Also, the website offers service programs that allow users to invest in their company and earn returns.

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Doradus Joining Process

The first step of joining is to visit their website

After opening the interface, Click “Register” and enter your personal information, including your phone number and email address.

doradus investment program

The next step is to select a service program from their website that will require an investment of between $1 and $30000. There are currently 4 service programs available.

If you already have a virtual token currency address, you can use that to deposit funds, or you can pay using a visa card.

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Doradus Products

Doradus offers you to invest in one of the four service plans they have created. Every plan includes daily dividend accrual starting at 1.8% with various terms for the investment period. The names of those 4 service programs are:

  1. Dors
  2. Ogma
  3. Regor
  4. Apolion
PlanetsLevel 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Libra10 / 0.125%30 / 0.52%90 / 1.755%270 / 5.6%810 / 17.545%
Columbia50  / 0.65%125 / 2.37%312.5 / 6.87%781.25 / 18.58%1953.52 / 48.97%
Monocerus100 / 1.4%250 / 5.11%625 / 14.82%1562.5 / 40.09%3906.25 / 105.67%
Cyanus200 / 3.1%500 / 11.34%1250 / 32.955%3125 / 89.32%7812.5 / 235.84%
Equuleus500 / 9%1000 / 28.2%2000 / 68.6%4000 / 153%8000 / 328.6%
Sagita1000 / 21%2000 / 66%4000 / 161%8000 / 360%16000 / 775%
Tautus5000 / 21%7500 / 365%11250 / 722%16875 / 1283.75%25312.5 / 2162.75%
Eridanus10000 / 360%15000 / 937.5%22500 / 1852.5%33750 / 3290.62%50625 / 5538.75%

You must now add moons to your planets and upgrade levels in order to protect them from meteorites, which will help you improve your daily profits. Those planets will provide you with substantial returns on a regular basis.

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Doradus Income Plan

1. Daily Returns

Depending on the program you select, the Doradus 4 service programs give you daily returns.

ProgramPeriodMinimum InvestmentMaximum InvestmentDaily ReturnsArousals
Dors10 days$1$1991.8%Every hour
Ogma30 days$200$49992.17%Every 24 hour
Regor60 days$50000$299993.27%Every 24 hour
Apollion100 days$30000$3000005.87%Every 24 hour

2. Affiliate Program

Doradus affiliate program offers referral commissions to 8 levels deep downline. The below table shows commissions from different levels.

Level 11%2.5%5%8.8%
Level 20.2%0.5%0.7%1%
Level 30.15%0.2%0.5%0.7%
Level 40.1%0.15%0.2%0.5%
Level 50.1%0.15%0.2%
Level 60.05%0.1%0.15%
Level 70.05%0.1%
Level 80.01%0.05%

3. Dora Game

When you pay with fiat money in the Dora game, the app will exchange it for Dora tokens, which you can use to purchase planets and modify them. Through Dora, purchasing planets and their moon yields daily rewards on investment that are substantial.

Because purchasing planets in-game grants users privileges, you will also acquire collectible NFTs through the game. However, only investors and active players are eligible to receive them.

4. Random Giveaway

Every day, 30 platform users with active deposits are chosen at random to have their accounts activated with the Doradus status. The profit for the successive accrual is raised by this status once, or by 0.2%.

5. Bonus for Social Networks

You must complete quick and easy tasks, such as reposting, subscribing to the channel, and publishing a video, in order to get rewards. Send them the task’s outcome after you’ve evaluated it in order to activate the bonus and receive prizes.

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Doradus Review

This was all about Doradus, its products and compensation plan. Doradus seems an attractive MLM-crypto investment opportunity and their website interface is also appealing.

But their a few major red flags with this investment opportunity.

Founders are Hiding

The company’s biggest red flag is that the founders operate anonymously, which immediately undermines customer trust and brand loyalty.

The address they provided is not legit and they have no presence on social media.

Unrealistic Returns Claims

Doradus investment programs promise to give guaranteed returns without outlining how the program functions.

They promised daily returns of 6% which is unrealistic and practically not possible for the crypto market as well.

With the obvious absence of transparency in the investment programs, Doradus is just bluffing with people.

Withdrawal Problem

A common complaint among users is that they are unable to withdraw money from the platform. Many people made in greed to earn guaranteed returns but they are unable to get their investment back.


This only red flag is enough to avoid such scams.

Not Regulated

Doradus is not registered as a legal entity. They offer no customer support and operated through just a website.

Their activities are not regulated and they can collapse anytime. In past, we have reviewed similar companies which eventually collapse when a large number of people invest in them.

Money Circulation Scam

Other than investment returns, Doradus offer commission from multiple downline levels.

All these unrealistic returns reveal Daradus is a money circulation scam. It is a Ponzi scheme which is paying early investors from the money of new investors.

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What is the joining cost of Doradus?

Anyone can join Daradus with a minimum investment of $1.

Is Doradus a Scam?

Yes, Doradus is a money-circulation scam. Unrealistic returns claim, withdrawal issue, not regulated and hidden operators are major red flags to avoid Doradus.

Who is the owner of Doradus?

Doradus is operated privately from the domain

Should I Invest in Doradus?

As per our speculations, Doradus is a ponzi scheme scam and going to collapse in near future. Doradus is fooling people with hollow claims and investors are not earning promised returns.

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