Energy Spas Honest Review: Legit or Scam?

energy spas review

This post is an in-depth analysis and independent review of Energy Spas. Energy Spas provide a blatant investment scheme and provide referral commissions on recruitment.

Our inspection will help you to understand the company profile, investment plan, and compensation plan of Energy Spas.

So let’s get started.

Energy Spas
When Started2022-23
Head Office Canada
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsInvestment Plan
Joining Cost$798

What is Energy Spas?

Energy Spas is an MLM company whose website lacks transparency about ownership and executive information. The domain,, was first registered in 2007 but remained dormant until late 2022, before the current website was created.


 The company falsely claims to have been around since 2007, likely based on the domain registration date. The registration number listed on the website (FM0334520) matches the number on the website of a known Ponzi scheme, GlobalHubAsset.

Energy Spas list two corporate addresses, one in Canada and one in Dubai, but it is unlikely that they have any real ties to these locations.

According to Similar Web, the majority of website traffic comes from the US (83%), Sweden (10%), and Thailand (6%).

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Joining Energy Spas

Energy Spas is an MLM company offering free affiliate membership, but to participate in the income opportunity, a minimum investment of $798 is required.

The company accepts payment in the form of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Energy Spas Investment Plan

Energy Spas offers three investment packages with varying investment amounts and daily ROI rates.

The below tables provide you a quick overview of ROI, staking and referral commission of different investment packages.

 Package (Investment Range)Core Package ($798 to $9549)Scale up Package ($9550 to $449,999)Elite Package ($450,000 to $5,000,000)
Daily ROI0.9%1.1% 2%  
Staking Commission1.13%1.48%2.9%
Referral Commission Level 15%5%7%
Referral Commission Level 22%2%4%
Referral Commission Level 32%

1. Daily ROI

  1. Core Benefit Package: It allows investment between $798 to $9549 with a daily ROI rate of 0.9% for 6 months.
  2. Scale Up Package: It allows investment between $9550 to $449,999 with a daily ROI rate of 1.1% for 6 months.
  3. Elite Premium Package: It allows Investment between $450,000 to $5,000,000 with a daily ROI rate of 2% for 6 months.

2. Staking Commission

To further increase the returns of these packages, Energy Spas affiliates have the option to turn on “staking”.

This increases the following

  • Core Benefit Package: daily ROI to 1.13%,
  • Scale Up Package: daily ROI rate to 1.48%,
  • Elite Premium Package: daily ROI rate to 2.9%.

However, once staking is enabled, the invested cryptocurrency cannot be withdrawn until the end of the investment period.

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3. Referral Commissions

Energy Spas also offers referral commissions on invested cryptocurrency through a unilevel system, up to three levels of recruitment.

 The referral commission rate is determined by the investment package chosen by the referred person.

In the Core and Scale-up packages, referral bonuses are available up to 2 levels. Whereas, in the Elite package, they extend up to 3 levels.

  • Core Benefit and Scale Up Package: 5% on level 1 and 2% on level 2.
  • Elite Premium Package: 7% on level 1, 4% on level 2, and 2% on level 3.

The referral commission is calculated on the invested amount by new members.

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Energy Spas Review

So it was all about Energy Spas and its investment plan. It seems a lucrative opportunity offering guaranteed returns and referral commission as well.

But there are lots of red flags associated with Energy Spas, which must be considered before investing.

Operators are Hiding

First of all, Energy Spas founders and operators don’t want to reveal their identity. It is a huge red flag when an extraordinary investment company does so.

Investors are not aware that, whom their money is going through and how they will generate these returns.

False Information is filled with bluff content and fooling people with false claims.

They have not shown their business model and other entity they operate or work with.

Even the office addresses provided by them are fake and their office does not exist there.

They have just built an attractive public website and used fancy terms to lure investors whereas legit information is null.

Not Regulated

Energy Spas is just a website created by some regular scammer. They are not authorized to provide any kind of financial services as they are not regulated and registered anywhere.

Moreover, they are using cryptocurrency to make transactions to avoid legal troubles. Nowadays to hide the identity of scammers, cryptocurrency is the best tool.

Extra-Ordinary Returns

If you invest $1000 and get a 1% return on your investment every day, with the profits being automatically reinvested, you will have a $10 profit after the first day.

After 365 days, your annualized returns will be 3778% with a guarantee and you can increase it by enabling staking.

Doesn’t it sound like a joke?

How does a website with no legality and identity offer such miracle returns?

The calculations of annualized returns are enough to understand this is an absolute scam

A Classic Ponzi Scheme

There is no doubt, Energy Spas is a Ponzi scheme.

MLM Ponzi schemes rely on a constant flow of money from new investors to pay returns to existing investors. As long as there is enough new investment, the scheme can appear to be sustainable and profitable.

However, when the flow of new investment dries up and the scheme collapses, the majority of participants who are left are often unable to recover their invested funds.

Investors’ Experience

We have looked forward to the experience of some investors of Energy Spas and we found some Reddit users sharing their stories.

“It’s a scam.”

“Unfortunately, any money given to them is gone, and any gains they claim were made are fake. Don’t give them any money for “fees” or “taxes” or “wallet activation”, there are no such things needed and they will never stop requesting more money.

Anyone who contacts you claiming to be a “recovery agent” or “hacker” is also a scammer, and anyone you find claiming similar is a scammer. There is no way to get any money back. All you can do is report to your local law enforcement. Sorry.”

@ Narmotur 

“In short, it’s a scam.”

“If you get 1% risk free return on your investment every day, then it’s the best investment in the world.

If you invest 10.000 NOK (Norwegian Crowns, since it’s a scam targeting people from Norway) and get 1% back on your investment every day and the profit is automatically reinvested you will be insanely rich very fast.

10.000 * 1.01 = 10.100 (day one) 10.100 * 1.01 = 10.201 (day two) 10.000 * 1.01 * 1.01 * 1.01 ….. 1.01 (365 times) 10.000 * 1.01³⁶⁵ = 377.834 NOK

How much is 377.834 NOK compared to the investment of 10.000?

377834/10000 = 3778%

It’s too good to be true.

The best global index funds could give you maybe 9% every year consistently, but not completely risk free. “

@Deleted subreddit user

“Our advice is to withdraw your money from the scam site, if possible, transfer your money out of the wallet, cut contact, and contact law enforcement. If you confront the scammers about being unable to withdraw the money, they may guilt trip you into paying more fees to do that, for example asking for money to pay “taxes” and offering to cover a part of your expenses.”

@ AutoModerator

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Should I Join Energy Spas?

It is important to thoroughly research and understand any investment opportunity before participating and to be aware of the risks involved.

Before investing, it is recommended to consult with a financial advisor and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the investment.

We highly suggest avoiding Energy Spas or similar kinds of illegal MLM companies with no authority. Also please report this fraud to regulators of your jurisdictions.

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