Entre Institute Review: Affiliate Scam by Jeff Lerner?

Entre Institute review

Entre Institute markets itself as THE SCHOOL FOR ENTREPRENEURS. Writing “Entrepreneur” in social media bio is cool and among such people, Entre Institute-like platforms are immensely famous.

Entre Institute works with the tagline “Living ‘THE ENTRE Way’ is the most effective way to becoming a successful ENTREprenuer in the modern world”.

In this post, we are going to share our unbiased Entre Institute review. We will discuss in detail different aspects such as Entre Institute’s products and affiliate plan.

You will also get the answer to the question, Is Entre Institute Legit?

Before knowing about Entre Institute, first, let us know who is Jeff Learner?

Entre Institute
FounderJeff Lerner, Adam Whiting
When Started2018
Head Office Las Vegas, Nevada
Opportunity TypeAffiliate Marketing
ProductsEducational Courses and Membership
Joining Cost$39

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff was a musician. To earn more, he took a company franchise but earned comparatively lesser. Later he started his business but once again ended up being in debt.

Lastly, he focused on the 3 Ps – Physical, Personal and Professional and started two companies. Entre Institute is one of the two.

entre institute jeff lerner

With Entre Institute he claims to share knowledge through courses, make people successful and earn more.

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What is Entre Institute?

Jeff Lerner (current Chief Visionary Officer) along with Adam Whiting (current CEO) started Entre Institute in 2018.

The company includes three major elements: Education, Community and Experiences.

According to Jeff, ENTRE is not only an educational platform but a tool to pursue physical, personal and professional challenges.

Entre Institute aims to be a total replacement for traditional education schemes.

According to the Similarweb.com statistics, the majority of the traffic to entreinstitute.com is from the USA (90.78%), France (3.30%), Canada (2.82%), the UK (1.49%) and Bangladesh (0.76%).

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Joining Entre Institute

By paying the fee of $39, one can become part of the Entre Community and access the Success Path Masterclass. For a short span, this membership was available at a discounted rate of $7.

Success Path Masterclass gives access to the ENTRE Blueprint (Explains above 3Ps), inner community as well as digital products and resources such as templates, checklists and e-books.


Success Path Masterclass includes the following:

  • ENTREpreneur Orientation –$199
  • Success Path Class –$199
  • 90 Day Launch Plan Training –$199
  • Bonuses
    1. ENTRE Success Advisor –$299
    2. ENTRE Success Roadmap –$49
    3. ENTRE Way Doctrine –$99
    4. ENTRE Nation Community Access – $175
    5. Awesome Life Challenge – $199
    6. Income Jumpstart – $247

The yearly charges are provided with each provided element to make people aware of the benefits they get with membership.

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Entre Institute Products

The online educational courses are products of Entre Institute. It provides referral rewards on each course that you sell to others which we will discuss further.

The products are mainly divided into 5 categories: Front End, Digital, Memberships, Coaching, and Mastermind.

A few of the products are listed below with their annual charges.

  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator – $5982
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator – $4985
  • Course Millionaire Accelerator – $4985
  • 2 week Implementation Boot camp – $997
  • Elite Support Group Access – $497
  • Entre Nation Elite Membership – $175 (for lifetime)
  • Entre Results Coaching – $29,997
  • Entre Inner Circle – $39,997

Apart from this, there are many more courses and memberships which you can check on their website.

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Entre Institute Affiliate Program

The referral rewards are paid on different product categories as follows:

Product CategoryProducts IncludedEarning Range (Per Referral)
Front EndENTRE Blueprint
Millionaire Productivity
Secrets Millionaire Accelerator
$4.20 – $210
Digital CoursesAffiliate Millionaire Accelerator
Agency Millionaire Accelerator
Course Millionaire Accelerator
$400 – $2400
MembershipsEntre Nation Elite$6 – $12/month ~$35 – $70 per year
CoachingEntre Coaching$800 – $12000
MastermindInner Circle$100 – $20,000

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To Be Concluded

We are at the end of the post and now it’s time to share our personal opinion regarding Entre Institute and have a look over a few of the important points.

Is Entre Institute A Scam?

No, Entre Institute does not seem to be a scam. Any person can join the company and access what is offered. Sametime affiliate commission can be earned by selling its products.

But there are a few things that are questionable. Let us have a look at the major ones.

Do You Really Need Such Programs?

Wherever you search for reviews of Entre Institute, most of them will be positive and flooded by their affiliates.

Before joining either as a student or affiliate marketer, it is considered important to understand the real worth of the services offered.

At a time when everything is freely available on the internet, there should be some solid reason for spending thousands of dollars on such online programs. (Not talking about the $39 joining pack)

I Myself is in the digital space for the last 6 years and have worked a lot on the internet and earned well. But I never felt the need of buying a course. On one google search, you can find tutorials from the best creators for free.

Personally, I don’t find a solid need of buying such expensive products. Even as an affiliate marketer, it becomes extremely difficult to sell products that are not affordable for most people.

Why is Entre Institute So Popular?

Affiliate commission is the prime reason behind the popularity of Entre Institute. It has nothing to do with your success. You have to learn skills, do things by yourself and earn money.

No one is going to work for you, either you buy a $100 or $10,000 online program.

Earlier Affiliate Marketing was about giving genuine recommendations, but now it turned out as producing internet salesmen, who promote anything blindly.

There is nothing wrong with doing affiliate marketing, but when commission suppresses reality, it causes a waste of time and money for many people.

Should I Join Entre Institute?

This decision is up to you. If you find Entre Institute good and worth spending your money on, then you can take chance and go ahead after learning essential MLM skills.

But remember everything will be not as shown. Affiliates use aggressive and sometimes deceptive tactics to make sales, hence be careful with your judgment and decision.

Don’t get lured by someone’s influence, do your own research and then make a wise decision.

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  1. Thanks, this is the first honest review I could find for this product. As you mentioned, there are tons of “wonderful” reviews from many affiliates which made me skeptical.

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