EthProfitMiner Review: Opportunity or Crypto-Mining Scam?

ethprofitminer review

Here is a new post sharing the EthProfitMiner review. It is a cryptocurrency-based MLM company and allow investors to mine in Ethereum.

The company claims to provide several commission-earning opportunities with different plans that we will discuss ahead.

In this post we will inspect EthProfitMiner company profile, joining procedure and its MLM compensation plan. Lastly, we will also answer the question, Should I Join EthProfitMiner?

Let us quickly move towards company details.

Head Office London, UK
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsDigital Mining Opportunities
Joining Cost 0.005 ETH

What is EthProfitMiner?

EthProfitMiner is a company providing digital mining facilities along with MLM opportunities.

The company claims to be working for 7 years and using digital features for fast and secure transactions.

About Us section of EthProfitMiner describe themselves as, is the first registered digital asset Mining company that provides services with a secure and fast transaction infrastructure developed by world standards, in governence of the expert team and experienced advisory board.

EthProfitMiner’s official site doesn’t reveal detail about its founder and operator. While we could find a list of Last Dice Winners.

ethprofitminer winner list

Apart from this, from the “About” section it can be known that the company is based in London. The official site, includes a panel having details of active members and payouts as below:

ethprofitminer panel

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, most traffic to is from Kazakhastan (19.74%), Nigeria (15.48%), the United States (14.99%), Cameroon (12.70%) and Pakistan (9.61%).

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Joining EthProfitMiner

It is easy to join EthProfitMiner as one only needs to sign up through the site and enter a few required details.

To start earning, one needs to select any of the packages ranging from Basic to Business as follows:

Package NamePrice (in ETH)Return (ETH/day)

Investors can invest in any one or multiple packages at the same time. EthProfitMiner promise to use the invested amount for mining purposes and provide fixed daily returns.

0.005 ETH is the minimum withdrawal amount and all transactions are only made in Ethereum.

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EthProfitMiner Affiliate Program

Referral Earning

The referral earning range from 5% to 10% depending on the type of program selected by the investor.

The amount of referral earnings depends on the investment made by the investors directly referred by you.

There are mainly two types of opportunities. Both opportunities allow the investors to earn up to three downline levels.

Regular Program

The regular program is an entry-level program of the company, according to which you can join any invite and become a company’s investor. As per this program, the commission percentage is designed as:

DownlineCommission (%)
Level 1 (Personally Referred)5%
Level 22%
Level 31%

Representative Program

The representative program is for investors who wish to be a part of the company’s global network and not at the referral of any other investor. As per this program, the commission percentage is designed as:

DownlineCommission (%)
Level 1 (Personally Referred)10%
Level 24%
Level 32%

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To Be Concluded

This was all about EthProfitMiner and its earning opportunities.

The company claims to provide high returns on the investment made by the user and commissions on the direct referrals, which together is around 10% return.  

Seems interesting right? But is it enough to make the investment in EthProfitMiner? No, we have the real side showing the actual truth behind the company activities.

Let us understand the below red flags in detail.

Founders are Hiding!

There is no information regarding who operates the legal website or who is the founder of EthProfitMiner. It is crucial to know the background of the founders even before making the smallest investment.

We checked almost every possible place for the founder’s details but couldn’t find anything. When there is no legal person to be contacted, why would one trust the company and invest in it? claims to be 7 years old organization, whereas their domain is registered in January 2021. Moreover, they have no presence on any social media platform.


Even the address provided by them is invalid and no office actually existed there.

Too High Return

EthProfitMiner promise to provide high returns on the investment made by the investor every day. Providing such high fixed returns is next to impossible and this is a huge red flag.

There is no transparency and people are fooled through a single-page website. Moreover, such investment opportunities require approval from financial regulators whereas EthProfitMiner is failing to provide basic details.

Negative Reviews

When we checked the reviews of EthProfitMiner on Trustpilot, we found that most of the reviews were negative and the company is rated very low by existing or past investors.

ethprofiminer review

One Trustpilot’s user writes,

wasted more about 2 months when my minimum withdrawal was about to complete they suspended my account for no reason and didn’t gave me a single notice of that….so clearly I can see that its a total legit fake and scamming website.

Note : Don’t waste your time in here

Ponzi as well as Pyramid Scheme

As we discussed above, there is no source of earnings shown by the company and as a result, we can assume that the money of new investors is given as the commission to the old investors and this cycle continues representing it as Ponzi Scheme.

Apart from that, the company focuses more on bringing in new investors which is a sign of being a Pyramid Scheme.

EthProfitMiner is a money-circulation fraud scheme that lures people pretending to be a crypto-mining company and going to collapse soon.

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Should I Join EthProfitMiner?

No, after checking all the reviews as well as listing major red flags, we found it is a scam and assume that it can shut any time and fly away with hard-earned money from innocent/greedy investors.

It is never suggested to join a company that has no data regarding the founder, possesses negative reviews, has no transparency in earning opportunities and only focuses on bringing new people rather than benefiting the existing ones.

It is not suggested when the crypto-MLM scams are growing faster.

As EthProfitMiner is not legally registered, if you lose your money with them, hence no judicial can help you.

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