Evri Rescheduling Delivery Text Scam Exposed!

Evri text message scam review

By using a new phishing technique that is being sent through text messages under the name of Evri, a delivery service that the public already trusts, con artists are attempting to obtain sensitive personal information from individuals.

This post will examine the Evri Text Message Scam and provide advice on how to protect yourself from it.

What is Evri Text Message Scam?

Individuals who are expecting deliveries with Evri have begun to get texts claiming to be from the company informing them that there is an issue with their delivery and that it needs to be rescheduled.

Evri scam text message

We should however inform readers that these communications are not from actual Evri; rather, they are from scammers. Rearranging the delivery time is another ploy used by con artists to trick consumers into falling victim to their phishing scam.

There is a link in those phishing texts purporting to be from Evri to reschedule those deliveries.

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Evri Text Message Scam Process

When you click on the links included in the phishing texts from Evri to reschedule the delivery, you are taken to a page that bears a striking resemblance to Evri’s official website.

Evri official website
Evri Official Website: Evri.com

Scammers have created numerous phony websites under the name Evri by stealing the design, name, and logo from the original Evri website. To reschedule your delivery, you must enter your payment details on those websites.

Once scammers on those phony Evri websites get their hands on your payment details, they can steal money from your account repeatedly. It therefore becomes crucial to know how to spot this scam.

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How to Spot This Scam?

There are a few red flags that will help you to spot this text-message scam operated under the guise of Evri. First of all, since the messages are coming from scammers rather than reputable companies, you should always proofread them for grammar mistakes and an informal tone.

The second thing to notice is how they address you in texts; if they use general pleasantries like “Evri customer” or “Delivery Recipient” instead of calling you by name, there’s a smaller likelihood that the messages are from scammers.

Last but not least, make sure to carefully verify the phone number from which the messages are originating. Any message with an unusual area code or phone number is cause for concern.

When contacting someone, professional organizations always use their official contact number.

Text messages claiming to be from Evri that tell you that your delivery needs to be rescheduled should be taken seriously as scams. Don’t click on any links in these messages if you see any of these warning signs.

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