Is Family First Life a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

family first life review

In this post, we are going to discuss Family First Life, a network marketing company dealing in Life Insurance. 

The company does not sell its own insurance, instead claims to be Insurance Marketing Organization that partners with top insurance companies in the USA.

In the entire post, we will discuss Family First Life, joining details, and the FFL MLM compensation plan, followed by the reviews on whether it is a pyramid scheme or not.

Lastly, we will share our personal reviews showing how the company can be depicted and whether can be joined or not.

Family First Life
FounderShawn Meaike
Head Office Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
Opportunity TypeMLM
Joining CostFree Entry

What Family First Life?

Shawn Meaike is the CEO & President of Family First Life. 

Shawn Meaike FFL

Before FFL, Shawn was a part of NAA i.e. National Agents Alliance, another insurance-based MLM.

However, there are beliefs that Shawn started FFL and recruited agents from NAA, while he was part of NAA.

Resultantly, NAA’s parent company Superior Performers filed a lawsuit against FFL.

FFL is headquartered in Uncasville, Connecticut, USA. 

FFL claims to have more than 116 offices and independent agents in 50 states. When the post is written, the FFL website shows $150 billion in insurance is already placed and $800 billion in premiums are sold. 

FFL aims to provide protection to families by facilitating Mortgage Protection, Final Expenses, Indexed Universal Life and Fixed Index Annuities. 

As we said earlier, FFL does not provide its own insurance. FFL works as an intermediate broker between companies providing insurance and people purchasing them. 

Independent agents can join FFL to sell insurance and the company uses an MLM compensation structure. 

According to SimilarWeb statistics, the majority of the traffic on is from the United States (95.99%), Mexico (3.08%) and the Czech Republic (0.39%).

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Joining Family First Life

The joining procedure only includes entering the required details and has no charges, fees or premium to be paid.

Also, the company claims to never ask to sign any contract. FFL is among the rare MLM companies, not charging any fees and no mandatory initial purchases.

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Family First Life Products

FFL does not have any physical products for retail sales. They tend to sell the insurance policies of different companies such as Americo, Mutual Of Ohama, American Amicable, AIG, John Hancock, Aetna, Global Atlantic Group and many more. 

Family First Life Insurance Products

FFL hires agents to sell the insurance policies of different companies and provide percentage incomes and bonuses on the premium amounts of the same.

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Family First Life Ranks

There are two different types of ranks given in FFL: Producer Level Ranks and Manager Level Ranks. 

We were unable to find strong use of these ranks in the FFL compensation plan, as there is no one particular document to understand the complete FFL compensation plan.

Producer Level Ranks

These ranks consider the Personal IP of the agents i.e. the leading upline member. IP stands for Issue Pay of every agent. 

RankMonthly IP Requirement

Manager Level Ranks 

These ranks include the IP of the entire structure including entire downline members. It is mandatory to maintain a minimum IP from other legs than the strongest leg.

RankTotal Monthly IP RequirementIP Outside Stronger Leg
Sales Manager$50,000$10,000
Senior Sales Manager$1,00,000$25,000
Vice President$1,50,000$50,000
Senior Vice President$3,00,000$1,00,000
Executive Vice President$5,00,000$1,50,000
Board Member$1,000,000$2,50,000
Senior Board Member$2,000,000$3,50,000
Executive Board Member$3,000,000$4,50,000
Council Member$4,000,000$5,00,000
Senior Council Member$5,000,000$7,50,000
Executive Council Member$6,000,000$1,000,000
Chairman Council Member7,000,000$1,500,000

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Family First Life Compensation Plan 

The FFL Compensation Plan has different types of income.

First Year Bonus

This primary bonus is calculated on the personally sold insurance’s annual premium amount. The below table shows the bonus percent, which is decided on the monthly personal or group IP maintained.

To be eligible for the promotion, one needs to maintain the required IP for two consecutive months. 

Bonus Percent denotes the percentage of commission on the insurance’s annual premium amount. Group IP can consist max 50% of IP from every leg.

Bonus PercentPersonal IP required [or]Group IP required 
90%Starting Contract

FFL pays 75% of this bonus at the time of insurance activation and the remaining 25% is equally paid in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth months.

For instance, if someone sold $1,000 annual premium insurance and the agent is on 90% bonus percent, then $900 will be the first-year bonus.

75% of it i.e. $675 will be paid within 2 days of insurance purchase and the remaining 25% i.e. $225 will be equally rewarded in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth months.

Renewal Bonus

After one year of every insurance sale, agents get a certain percent on active insurance’s premium amount as renewal bonus. Renewal bonuses highly vary,

  • For 2-5 year, renewal bonus is between 4 to 7% per annum.
  • For 6-10 year, renewal bonus is between 1.50 to 4% per annum.
  • And zero percent if insurances cross 10 years.

Producer Bonus

Agents need to maintain their personal IP over $15,000 per month for a minimum of 10 months out of a total of 12 months.

The bonus percentage depends on the monthly IP generated as follows: 

Monthly IP RequiredBonus %

Producer Bonus is paid for the premiums of limited companies such as Americo, Mutual of Omaha, Global Atlantic, Athene, Foresters Financial, CFG and TransAmerica. 

For example, if one generate $20,000 per month, it will be $2,40,000 IP of 12 months. Producer Bonus will be 2,40,000 * 1% i.e. $2400 cash. 

VP Bonus

VP Bonus is for agents maintaining Vice President and above ranks. It is compulsory to have at least $1,50,000 premium excluding downline 2 top VP leg.

VP bonus is paid as a certain percent on total downline volume. Only 50% volume of each leg is considered.

  • $150K – .25%
  • $200K – .50%
  • $250K – .75%
  • $300K – 1.00%
  • $350K – 1.25%
  • $375K – 1.50%
  • $400K – 1.75%
  • $450K – 2.00%
  • $500K – 2.25%
  • $600K – 2.50%
  • $700K – 2.75%
  • $800K – 3.00%
  • $900K – 4.00%
  • $1.00M – 4.50%
  • $1.25M – 4.75%
  • $1.50M – 5.00%
  • $2.00M – 6.00%
  • $3.00M – 7.00%

Americo Bonus

Americo provides an 8% cash bonus for each of its policies sold by agents. 70% persistency level (insurance active rate) required to maintain for 14 months.

Dec to May and June to Nov are 2 qualification period and agents need to earn at least 35,000 credit points in these periods.

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the Family First Life compensation plan.

FFL doesn’t have PV-BV units and complicated calculations like other MLM, but we are still not sure with the above compensation plan.

FFL has not provided one universal document to understand compensation on their website.

We scanned across various unofficial sources to inspect all these incomes and bonuses. There are various PDFs available on the internet explaining individual bonuses, but how many bonuses are latest and active now, is confusing.

Although we did enough from our side to explain important incomes, it is still believed that you need extraordinary MLM skills to succeed in this MLM structure.

Now let us answer the most frequently asked question about FFL.

Is Family First Life a Scam?

No, Family First Life is not a scam. It is a direct selling company selling life insurance to third parties via its agents.

FFL is not a money circulation, it operates on the MLM model which is legalized.

FFL does not force agents to buy insurance first, as most MLM have minimum personal purchase requirements. FFL offers income based on premiums written personally and by the downline agent.

But please don’t believe in all the claims its agents made, as FTC has also warned it of the same.

FTC Letter & Lawsuits

On December 27, 2021, FTC sent a letter to FFL for earning claims related to Covid-19 on social media platforms, YouTube & TikTok.

It is FFL’s responsibility to handle misleading claims made by its agents. FTC also cited some examples in the letter.

Reynaldo Suescum filed a class-action lawsuit against Family First Life in Oct 2021.

Suescum alleged FFL violated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) & Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (FTSA).

While SUPERIOR PERFORMERS Vs FAMILY FIRST LIFE legal battle ran for a long time.

Leads Expenditure

Family First List has mentioned the “Leads” term on its official website. FFL allows its agents to purchase leads from them.

Agents on the internet say FFL has various types of leads with different price tags. Indirectly agents are enforce to purchase these leads otherwise they can’t grow with compensation.

FFL has this strong source to get extra money from agents.

FFL promises that their leads are never resold like other IMOs, but leads’ sources are not revealed. Hence it is like taking a gamble of buying leads. Although collecting and selling leads is common in the insurance industry.

Should I Join Family First Life?

This is completely up to you. Still, there are some facts, we want you must consider before becoming an agent.

Family First Life is not a quick-rich scheme, as some agents may promise guaranteed income which is not true. You will need to sell insurance to different companies to receive incentives.

You will need to recruit people to do the same job and earn the bonus from sales in the downline.

Family Frist Life has not shared any income disclosure statement, hence we can’t assume average agent income. Most MLM has a success rate of less than 1% and the major population lose their money in buying products, here leads in place of products.

Lastly, analyze the compensation plan from your stage then make a move. Hope we did enough to help you to make a wise decision.

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