FX Master Gold Review: Legit Trading or Scam?

fx master gold review

This post is going to be an FX Master Gold Review, a company that works on Gold Copy Trading Strategy.

FX Master Gold claims to provide 15% profit every week on the investment without the use of any AI or ML intelligence.

Read the entire post to know reality of FX Master Gold.

FX Master Gold
When Started2019
Head Office
Opportunity TypeGold Trading
Joining Cost$300

What is FX Master Gold?

There is no data regarding FX Master Gold’s founder or any other official entity that looks after the company or its official website.

The About Us page simply states that it is a company started by a team of 4 traders who have 15 years of experience but no name is provided anywhere.


Its Facebook page is managed by 3 admins from Thailand, hence more likely it is operated through Thailand.

It works on Gold (XAUUSD) which is an element whose value depends on the price of gold and is traded in USD.

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to fxmastergold.com is from the United States (23.41%), United Arab Emirates (18.88%), France (14.72%), Vietnam (7.14%) and South Africa (7.13%).

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Joining FX Master Gold

FX Master Gold does not have any membership or joining fee but there is a requirement of minimal investment according to the type of account selected.

There are mainly two types of accounts: Variable accounts and ECN accounts.

  • For variable accounts, the minimum deposit is $300.
  • For the ECN account minimum deposit is $500

The investments are made through the MT4 platform through Absolute Markets – a trading platform.


FX Master Gold partnered with AbsoluteMarkets.com and emphasis to use of this broker.

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FX Master Gold Investment Plan

As per the official website, FX Master Gold promises to provide a 15% return on investment every week. However, from the weekly earnings 20% is automatically deducted by the company as their part.

For example, if you invest $400, at the end of the week your earning will be 15% i.e. $60 out of which the company will acquire 20% of this profit i.e. $12.

As per company claims there is no AI or ML behind this earning strategy instead there is a mind of 4 experienced leaders having their master accounts.

The investors are required to connect their account with the master account through the MT4 platform and later those accounts will automatically follow whatever activity is happening in the master account.

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FX Master Gold Review

This was all about FX Master Gold and its investment program. FX Master Gold is highly active on Telegram where it shares earning proof and screenshots.

As per our analysis, there is various insight we discovered about FX Master Gold.

Operators are Hiding

One of the major red flags of any company is hidden operators. When the operators are not upfront, it means there is something fishy and not worth accepting.

FX Master Gold claims to have 4 expert traders with 15 years of experience available 24/5. But they never disclosed any minute information about these experts.

“Hidden operators” is a red flag and increase the risk of fraud.

Unrealistic Claims

Let’s assume, FX Master Gold is a team of experts and able to earn 15% guaranteed weekly returns, then why they are relying on public investment to earn just 20% of the total profit?

15% targeted returns is an unrealistic claim for a company providing public trading services. Even if they are so efficient, they don’t need to risk others’ money and double their own money every month.

Huge Initial Investment

Even for a variable account, the minimum initial investment required is $300. It is always recommended to start small with trading but FX Master Gold lures users to invest maximum money into them.

Unlike whatever the market condition, FX Master Gold believes to bring large investments into them.

Absolute Markets is Fraud Broker

FX Master Gold is closely integrated with Absolute Markets as their broker partner. But Absolute Markets is also a blunder.

There is no information about Absolute Markets operators. Absolute Markets is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an international legal hub of fraud companies.


The given address is also fake and no office of Absolute Markets exists there. It is registered as shell company.

Doing Securities Fraud

Absolute Markets as well as FX Master Gold, both have no license or legal certifications to provide financial services.

Their operators are anonymously operating and fooling traders around the world with lucrative investment returns.

Trading firms required approval from Financial regulators and follow norms, but this is not the case with FX Master Gold.

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Should I invest in FX Master Gold?

FX Master Gold and Absolute Markets seem to be of the same operators and both are not legitimate.

As per our analysis, FX Master Gold can collapse anytime and can cause financial loss to traders.

We highly do not recommend becoming part of FX Master Gold.

There are many safe brokers available in the market. As we said in our NovaTech FX review, the greed to get quick-rich makes people vulnerable to such frauds and in the end, these schemes collapse.

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