Gift of Legacy Review: Legit or Scam?

gift of legacy review

A gifting company named Gift of Legacy recently entered the market and made the bold claim that it will create a perpetual gifting economy.

This post will offer you a detailed analysis of this company and give you a suggestion on whether you should join it or not.

Also, we have shared some serious red flags against Gift of Legacy to prove why it is a pyramid scheme scam?

Gift of Legacy
When Started2021
Head OfficeUnknown
Opportunity TypeMLM
Joining Cost$100

What is Gift of Legacy?

Gift of Legacy is a gifting-themed MLM company where you can make money in the name of “Gifts” by recruiting new members.

Gift of legacy
Gift of Legacy

This company’s founders operate anonymously, and no information is known regarding its headquarters.

According to Similarweb, have 100k+ monthly visits with the top three reached countries, Romania (14%), Brazil (15%), and Russia (31%).

According to WHOIS, Its domain was registered in December 2021.

The company doesn’t actually offer any physical products; rather, they promise to give money as “gifts” to members who progress in the organization.

Gift of Legacy operators an MLM Compensation Plan called Gift Plan.

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Gift of Legacy Joining Process

There are two ways you can join this company. First, you can visit their website and sign up by providing basic information about yourself.

Gift of Legacy Login Page

The second way is to get in contact with any perpetual board member who has already joined this company, and she/he will add you to his downline.


You can deposit money into the Gift of Legacy platform through WISE, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies for a minimum deposit of $100.

Gift of Legacy Income plan

There are four ways to earn money from the Gift of the Legacy; these four are known as “perpetual boards.” To meet the demands of the perpetual board, you have to join others in your downline and request to invest the same amount of money as you.

Gift of Legacy Income Plan

These perpetual boards operate solely through person-to-person gift-giving method; a third party is not engaged.

Perpetual Board  Joining AmountGifts Amount You Can Keep
Bronze $100$800$700
Silver $400$3200$2800
Gold $1600$12800$11200
Platinum $5000$40000$35000

Once you reach the top level, you can invest again in any board since there is no restriction on the number of cycles you can complete on a board.

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Gift of Legacy Review

Now it’s time to share our opinion on Gift of Legacy.

We found a lot of red flags and questionable elements about this company when analyzing it. Following are a few of the important points we observed:

1. Founders are hiding

The most suspicious thing about this company is that its founders are operating anonymously. Additionally, neither their headquarters nor their base of operations is known to us.

This company is raising public funds with terms like “Gift-Economy”, but not revealing its actual identity.

Their website only has a login section and no additional sections such as an About, FAQ, or contact page, so it does not appear to be that of a legitimate, trustworthy company. These things undermine user trust as well.

2. Bluff Content on Social Media

Despite the company’s continuous social media marketing, the content is misleading and only intended to deceive individuals.

A few months ago, they held a webinar on their YouTube channel where numerous individuals explained how the income plan functions. Yet, according to sources, they are not associated with the company at all. According to reports, one of them even worked as a barber while posing as a company representative.

3. No Customer Support

There should always be a support system in the platform where users can ask a question or file a complaint, regardless of whether the company insists that there are no third parties involved in their income plan.

As it is not registered as a legal entity, you will not get any assistance from the authorities and government in case of fraud.

4. Misleading Claims

We can conclude that the company is nothing more than a money-circulation scheme, despite the fact that it claims to be built using an incredible algorithm in which everyone can earn money because of abundance.

Therefore, refrain from investing your hard-earned money in these kinds of fraudulent schemes.

5. Pyramid Scheme Scam

Gift of Legacy is a pyramid scheme that lures people around the world to become part of their gift economy.

They are operating a money-rotation scam where existing investors are paid for the investment of new members and the company is making a huge margin.

Sooner or later, it will disable withdrawal and going to shut its operation. As such scams spread exponentially most people are going to lose their money.

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13 thoughts on “Gift of Legacy Review: Legit or Scam?”

  1. adriana constantinescu

    Hi which company is making huge margins if there is no company ??? How is it a scheme perhaps bitcoin also is a scheme as there no names on the white paper 🤔???

    1. Hi Adriana, there is no company, there is an orchestrator, but I wouldn’t say is a scam just because the founders are hiding, there are many other reasons. Not sure if you heard about Ponzi Scheme (there are plenty of articles about it). One is the moral reason, nobody is doing anything for you unless there is a benefit for them, especially online, then mathematically speaking this cannot last and will collapse at one point (already restarted a few times before under different names). Then particularly to this “project” just think about, we put money on the platform 100 eur, the money stay there untill somebody gathered 8 investors, so do you, then once you get the 100 back plus the extra 700 you are advised to either start on a new bronze table or go to upper tables because yes, is not your money is earned, but here is the trick as you enter into an ongoing investment thinking that you will get more, but all they want is you to recicle the money to keep them on the platform, ofcourse you can chose not to be greedy and withdraw some of them but that is not a problem for them as you already brought them money by signing new people in. When the “project” cannot sustain itself any more either by the luck of new investors or by the large amount of withdraws it will collapse, and all the money from the platform will just belong to one person (the orcedtrator). Even if they want tey cannot return the money to the people that didn’t manage to make a profit as other people for sure withdraw their funds. Usually when collapse they will bring an eligible reason such as government implications or viruses, something not related to them so people can invest into the next scheme. Ponzi schemes are profitable for the first “investors” but not friendly to the last ones. But this scheme is very smart as at the end of the day even collapsing we will only lose 100eur but going on for such a long time 100eur per person makes up to high values on the platform. And yes some of the crypto currencyes can be considered ponzi scheme as they will decrease in value once high amounts withdrawns and increase when deposits. But some they have some projects behind that bring value, such as services that people pay for. I can say that I have been there and invested without knowing much about it then turned out as being a scam, then I did some researchers and was amazed on how this things work. Is not about the money is about the feeling that we are feeding the scam being part of a deception without even knowing, doing it with trust and confidence then a big disappointment when realising it was a scam. This is the main principle of a scam, to make it believe is legit and even make you fight for it if needed. If you reached so far with reading my message, Thank you, and hope you will atleast do your own research and realise that in this situation things are not always as they seem.

      1. Hi Alex, what you explain here is reasonable, and can be true. But one questions… only because a bank which have all your money, and if they want to change the rules to withdraw your own money, they can do it… only because is official, and sustained by goverrnement, make it a bank more safe? We do not know that the banks are the bighest scam in the world? and yet, we give our money to a bank without questions?
        For me, this time of ” Play”, gift of legacy, is a danger for the oficiality and all the the things that you try to do something independent from they, always is discredited . Just think about it…
        If they want to begin with the digital currency, how will you control something like that?
        they don’t want us to be free.. they want total control, so everything you will try to be free, it will be a scam. I do not say this game is safe… I say that we are already scared by the banks

  2. Perfect! However, there are three details:
    1. There is no company or person raising money (centralization). 2. There is no money on the platform and…
    3. Does not exist withdraw.
    What you described is the concept of the Pyramid Scheme, which here in Brazil entails six months to one year in jail.

    1. Esto que describen aquí es una calumnia a Gift of legacy. Falso testimonio, que le hace daño a una comunidad internacional en la que se apoyan unos a otros, en la que todos tienen los mismos derechos, y si todos trabajan al mismo ritmo unidos en equipo todos saldrán igualmente beneficiados. Es muy fácil criticar y dañar sin investigar.

  3. Pessoas falam o que querem, essa comunidade de pessoas já existem a muitos anos ao redor do mundo, certas pessoas dizem ser uma empresa, dái já está dizendo uma mentira, pois empresa tem um dono, piramide tambem tem um dono e tem um CNPJ, um registro de empresa, certas pessoas pre julgam aquilo que não sabem, por isso estude sobre o assunto para depois dar opinão séria e verdadeiras, e não fique espalhando mentiras.

  4. Ciao,
    ho studiato il sistema, come faccio sempre prima di aderire. Nella mia storia di “curioso” ho preso tante fregature, tipo Forrise per citane una che doveva essere miracolosa.
    Di questa mi incuriosisce un aspetto: nella piattaforma non circolano soldi.
    I membri entranti danno il proprio “dono” ai membri già presenti in modo diretto: un bonifico personale. Dove è il profitto dell’azienda?
    Semmai è lontanamente prevedibile una saturazione.
    Ma il rischio reale è €100.00, che non mi fanno ricco nè povero, mentre l’essere dentro mi può risolvere qualche problema. L’essere dentro mi consente di aiutare altri a risolvere qualche problema. Dare per ricevere

  5. Alexandre L. Fialho

    A Gift Of Legacy, não é uma empresa, nem esquema ponzi ou corrente. Ela foi patenteada em 2009, e trata-se de uma . Não tem donos, mas sim, Guardiões, ou seja, os co-fundadores da mesma, que como nós, estão também nos tabuleiros. O sistema da GOL é decentralizado em Blockchain (ante-fraude). Se você tivesse pesquisado corretamente, e dispensado o “Ctrl C/ Ctrl V”, teria aprendido a fazer o dever de casa. Uma empresa precisa ter investidores, patrimônio, capital de giro para se manter, etc… A Gift Of Legacy, não tem dono ou donos; não tem ações na bouça em nem investidores. Para sobra o dinheiro para ela, para o “dono ou donos”, se vc mesmo afirmou que são doações de P2P (de pessoa p/ pessoa)? Onde está a lógica aí? Onde está o esquema? Se é um esquema de pirâmide, como é que ela subsiste por mais de 14 anos sem sobrar nada para ela se sustentar? Como uma empresa sobrevive sem capital, sem investidores, sem propaganda dentro dela, se as doações são feitas diretamente de pessoa para pessoa? Ela está em 130 países hoje, e com mais de 1 milhão de mebros ativos em sua comunidade global. Será que dentro desse numero expressivo, só tem burros, otários? Será que não tem no meio desse 1milhão de membros, pessoas mais gabaritadas, mais preparadas, mais esclarecidas e inteligentes do eu e você? Pois é… Pense nisso antes de sair feeito um doido publicando coisas para ganhar notoriedade.

  6. Hola, primero que todo, Gift of Legacy no es una pirámide ya que no hay un sistema Ponzy debido a que no hay una empresa que capte dinero ni una cabeza que lo haga.
    Gift of Legacy es un algoritmo que funciona de persona a persona, no hay intermediarios ni empresas que capten dinero. Solo se dan 100 dólares a una Leyenda y es de persona a persona. Hay que escalar tableros de Bronce, Plata, Oro y Platino y todos los regalos que se hacen a las leyendas de esos tableros y salen de los mismos regalos, por eso la inversión es solo de 100 dólares. El sistema se mueve es gracias a que se reinvierten esos regalos en los diferentes tableros. Los creadores son de Sudáfrica y si dan la cara, a tal punto que ellos constantemente mejoran el sitio y dan soporte gratis si tienes dudas. Ellos nunca captan dinero de nadie. El creador de Gift of Legacy perdió mucho dinero en una pirámide hace unos años y por eso lo creó para que la gente gane dinero y no la estafen como lo estafaron a él.

  7. Esto que describen aquí es una calumnia a Gift of legacy. Falso testimonio, que le hace daño a una comunidad internacional en la que se apoyan unos a otros, en la que todos tienen los mismos derechos, y si todos trabajan al mismo ritmo unidos en equipo todos saldrán igualmente beneficiados. Es muy fácil criticar y dañar sin investigar.

  8. Have you participated in one of these groups? It’s easy to try to discredit things people do if you do not understand the process or the inner workings of the group. If you invested $100 and received $300 to keep because you had to use the rest of the $800 to advance to other boards, you still received $200 over what you initially put in. How is that not a win? You can not put $100 in a bank account and get $200 in interest in a year. Unless you have actually gone through the process and participated in one of these groups and did not receive your $100 back in some way, you really do not have any evidence to support your claim of this being a scam. Personal experience is the best proof.

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