Go Global Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Go Global

Recently we covered an update regarding Omegapro scammer launched Go Global platform which follows the exact footprint of the Omegapro Ponzi scheme.

Go Global and Omega Pro are quite similar, thus people must use skepticism when taking part in Go Global because it might collapse similarly to Omega Pro.

Go Global is launched in January 2023 and quotes itself as “The worlds largest performance education community“. So this time we will make an in-depth analysis of Go Global Network and share our honest reviews.

So let’s start with the company profile of Go Global.

Go Global Network
CEONader Poordeljoo
When StartedJanuary 2023
Head OfficeSingapore
Opportunity TypeEducation Platform
Joining Cost$99

What is Go Global?

Go Global is an education-based MLM company. To their Go team members, they provide education training in leadership, business, and personal development.


Nader Poordeljoo, who is also known as the CEO of this company, founded it in January 2023. He was also known to be involved with A.K Khalil in Omega pro, a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in November 2022.

According to SimilarWeb, With a total number of visits of 5k on their website, they claim to have a team that spans over 190 countries currently.

Their primary focus is to provide all of their Go Team members with training programs, such as an all-in-one smart learning platform, personalized training sessions, live seminars, and more.

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Go Global Joining Process

You have to purchase one of their five Go Packages in order to join Go Global. Depending on how expensive the pack you purchase is, each one has a different price and a different set of advantages.

You can purchase Go packs and join the Go Team directly by registering on their website.

To successfully finish the process and join the Go community, you must give the necessary information and make the required payment.


A one-time $99 software fee is required with the purchase of Go Pack. The pricing and benefits of Go Packs are mentioned above in the image.

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Go Global Products

Go Global has unveiled five distinct Go Packs, ranging in price from $100 to $5000. You join the Go community and receive Go Learn credits after purchasing any pack, which you can spend on the Go Learn Platform.

Go Learn Platform: Go Global created this all-in-one smart learning platform to teach their users new beneficial skills.


Go Global provides its users with daily rewards through its Daily Rewards system in addition to educational webinars and training sessions. During the 14-month life cycle of the package, daily Go rewards could reach up to 0.27% of the original Go Pack value.

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Go Global Compensation Plan

For its Go Team members, Go Global offers a referral program through which they can earn money and other rewards in three different ways.

1. Go Direct Program

By personally enrolling Go Team members, you can earn 5% of each Go Pack purchase and receive weekly payment.

2. Go Network

To achieve a target in this network program, you must sign up for new legs. The table below offers a breakdown of the required legs’ and targets’ structures.

TargetWork Leg RequirementGo Pack OptionPercentage
Target 11000$1002%
Target 22000$1002%
Target 34000$5002%
Target 48000$5002%
Target 515000$10002%
Target 630000$10002%
Target 750000$30002%
Target 880000$50002%
Target 9120000$100002%
Target 10200000$200002%
Target 11300000$500002%
Target 12500000$500002%

3. Go Ranks

As their members hit their targets and reach a specific rank, Go Global awards their Go Team members and legs with a variety of prizes.

These ranks are divided into 11 levels, and as ranks rise, rewards get more valuable. These ranks and rewards are.

RanksRewardsRV Point in Weaker LegQualification
G1Recognition500 RV1 Left & 1 Right Personally Enrolled
G2Recognition7000 RV1 G1 in Left & 1 G1 in Right Leg
G3Recognition20,000 RV1 G2 in Left & 1 G2 in Right Leg
G4Reward Retreat40,000 RV1 G3 in Left & 1 G3 in Right Leg
G5Laptop80,000 RV1 G4 in Left & 1 G4 in Right Leg
G6Leadership summit invite & VIP support200,000 RV2 G5 in Left & 2 G5 in Right Leg
G7Reward retreat & VIP support500,000 RV2 G6 in Left & 2 G6 in Right Leg
G8Luxury Watch & VIP support1,250,000 RV2 G7 in Left & 2 G7 in Right Leg
G9Luxury Car & VIP support3,000,000 RV3 G8 in Left & 3 G8 in Right Leg
G10House or Apartment & VIP support6,000,000 RV3 G9 in Left & 3 G9 in Right Leg
G11Cash Bonus & VIP support10,000,000 RV3 G10 in Left & 3 G10 in Right Leg

RV are points associated with products accumulated on every purchase. There is a minimum RV required in the smallest leg for each rank.

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Go Global Review

Now it’s time to share some insight about Go Global. Go Global seems a lucrative opportunity to earn passive income and claims from operators make it too good to be true.

Go Global operators and associate has a long history of money-circulation scams, so let us start with the past.

Past Scam Records

Deeper we dig, the more scams and controversies we found about Go Global.

In 2018 Omnia Tech scam was co-founded by Dilawar Singh who later founded Omega Pro.

Right Most Dilawar Singh

Omega Pro was a proven ponzi scheme launched in 2019.

Omega Pro had received securities fraud warnings from countries such as Peru, Congo Republic, Spain, Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France and Belgium.

Even some top promoters of Omega Pro has fined across the world.

Omega Pro has shell companies registered in the UK and St Vincent and The Grenadines. While Omega Pro was actually operated through Dubai and Go Global is also there as it serves safe heaven for these scammers.

Go Global is recently built after the closure of the Omega Pro MLM plan in November 2022.

Omega Pro is still active as a regular company whereas top promoters moved to Go Global, to make another scam massive.

Fake Information

There is a lot of false information and bluff content available on GoGlobal.network. They have given an address in Singapore where they actually don’t exist and have no legal presence anywhere.


They have made various misleading and false claims to lure people around the world. It is just starting of Go Global, they will manipulate netizens using various tactics.

Bogus Products

Go Global pretends to be an education platform and teach people skills.

Nowadays most of the skills you can learn for free on the internet. Other than the Go Packs they are charging $99 as a software fee. It makes it ridiculously useless as even spending $10 on their platform is useless.

Their products actually worth nothing, but their agenda is to bring maximum money to their platform hence offering heavy referral commission.

Money Circulation Scam

Like OmegaPro.world, GoGlobal.network is also a money circulation fraud. OmegaPro pretended a trading firm whereas Go Global as an education platform. But their prime target was to perform a money circulation scam.

They adopt an MLM compensation plan to offer referral commissions at multiple levels which encourages members to promote Go Global platforms.


Eric Wore the head promoter of Go Global has keen experience in this money-circulation scam.

Like Omega Pro, Go Global is a rob peter to pay paul scheme, where the company makes huge commissions on each transaction.

Morever when the member network will expand to a level, they will disable the payout and make exist as they did in past.

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Go Global FAQ

Is Go Global a legal company?

no, Go Global is not a legal company and it is operated through a website Goglobal.Network.

What is the joining cost of Go Global?

Individuals need to pay $99 as a software fee and there are No Packs ranging between $100 to $5000.

Should I Join Go Global?

Go Global is a huge scam operated by a serious group of scammers. They are fooling people around the world by pretending an education platform. In nutshell, they are ponzi scheme scams that can collapse anytime.

Is Go Global a Scam?

Yes, our inspection factually proves that Go Global is a scam. Its founder have long scam records and loot people with the same concept.

Who is the owner of Go Global?

Nader Poordeljoo is the current CEO and founder of Go Global. It is operated from Dubai by some serious scammers.

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2 thoughts on “Go Global Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. Thank you!

    Check the positive reviews and see the “overwhelming” positivity of an online education platform where you “invest” into a platform just to watch videos?

    GoGlobal is backed by the same people as OmegaPro and provides video on demand as a cover up for a multi level marketing scheme where you cannot withdraw your investment ever without 30% penalty.

    Payouts seem to become less and less and new money has to flow in first.

    The updated T&Cs prohibit you from ever going to court or say or write anything negative.

    Double check on YouTube in the Spanish speaking videos as OmegaPro was big in South America and GoGlobal now is “registered” in the Philippines while all people are in Dubai.

    Be very careful.

    1. Absolutely. If you’re reading this do NOT ever invest in those companies or websites. Their sole source of income comes from recruiting new members in their system, which brings fresh money. As for the founders, they know very well the true nature and purpose of such scam and most of them are known for jumping from MLM scheme to MLM scheme over the years, every time with a new bullsh*t cover-up business model…

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