Govvi Honest Review: Fuel Boosting Tablets MLM Scam?

govvi review

In this post, we will share our Govvi Review. Govvi is a product-based MLM company dealing in Fuel Saving Pills.

Working with the tagline “A FUEL SAVING PILL ON THE MOVE” the company claims that the product helps to boost vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption. Let us discuss the crucial company details further.

Here we will check the Govvi Company Profile, Govvi Products, joining procedure and MLM compensation plan. Lastly, we will also answer the question, Should I Join Govvi?

Let us dive into the Govvi MLM Review.

FounderLance Conrad
When StartedApril, 2022
Head Office Utah, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsFuel Pills
Joining Cost$24.99

What Is Govvi?

Govvi is a product-based direct-selling company dealing in fuel-saving pills. The official website includes no data regarding the owner or official staff of the company. It is based in Utah, United States.

One of the YouTube videos shows Lance Conrad as the CEO of Govvi.

govvi ceo
Lance Conard

However, the reward plan document also shows Lance Conrad as the founder of Govvi.

govvi founder

Lance has been a part of many MLM companies and scams that we will discuss further in the review section.

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to is from Poland (39.64%), the United Kingdom (37.59%), the United States (15.07%), and Switzerland (2.17%).

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Joining Govvi

To become the Promoter of Govvi, the users are required to subscribe to the monthly membership of Boost Fuel Pills.

joining govvi

There are three options available as below:

  • Starter Pack – $24.99
  • Family Pack – $49.99
  • Business Pack – $99.99

Affiliates need to maintain one-time purchases of products every month or monthly membership to continue their Govvi journey.

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Govvi Products

Govvi deals in a single product known as Fuel Boosting Tablets.

govvi products

As per company details, the product helps to achieve three things:

  • Increase in miles covered per gallon.
  • Boosted performance of the vehicle
  • Reduced emissions.

But there is no proven fact that can support these three points.

The price of the product is:

  • 1 pack – $35
  • 3 packs – $65
  • 7 packs – $130

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Govvi Compensation Plan

First of all, there are 6 affiliate ranks as per the Govvi compensation plan. They are:

  1. Promoter
  2. Rising Star
  3. Star
  4. Star Maker
  5. Rock Star
  6. Super Star

If we talk about earning, there are mainly 7 ways in which one can earn commissions from Govvi. Let us have a look over all 7 ways.

1. Customer Reward

When any personally sponsored affiliate makes a one-time purchase, the leading affiliate earns the difference between the one-time price and subscription price as the commission.

2. First Order Reward

When the personally sponsored affiliate purchases the Subscription pack costing $99 or above, the leading affiliate earns 35% on the CV.

CV stands for Commissionable Volume which gets accumulated on purchases made in the downline.

This reward is not paid on the lower-value packs.

3. Two team Reward

This reward is paid for building the binary downline. 10% of the CV of a lesser volume leg is given as the Two Team Reward to the leading affiliate.

For example, if the left leg sums up to 300 CV and the right leg sums up to 250 CV then the right leg is considered to calculate the reward. 10% of 250 i.e. $25 is given as a reward.

4. Sponsoring Matching Reward

20% of the total combined two-team reward of all the personally sponsored affiliates is earned as the Sponsoring Matching Reward.

For instance, if you have 6 personally sponsored affiliates in the downline and their total combined two-team reward is $2000, then 20% of 2000 i.e. $400 is paid as a reward.

5. Generation Matching Reward

A 10% matching bonus is paid to Star Maker rank holders or higher ranks up to 4 generations every week.

It is paid as 10% of the collective Two Team Reward of the downline.

6. Global Bonus Reward

The Super Star Promoter earns a 2% share of the Global Bonus Pool of the total company-wide CV.

7. Govvi Life Reward

This reward is paid for building the team of promoters making purchases of 35 PV or higher. The reward paid is as follows:

govvi life reward

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To Be Concluded

This was all about Govvi, its products and compensation plan. Till now we can see that every piece of data is easy to understand.

Govvi is a newly invented company known for its fuel-boosting product. However, there are a few points that we need to check up on before moving further.

Nasty Past of Founder

Lance Conrad was the master distributor of B-Epic, a company dealing in products similar to Govvi.

B-Epic also launched a fuel tabs MLM opportunity named B-Eco. The Govvi pills and B-Eco tabs are similar.

In no time, Govvi has stood as a competitor of B-Eco. Why will the master distributor of one company launch another with the same product and stand as a competitor?

B-Epic’s founders are Dan Putnam and Angel Rodriguez.

BehindMLM analysis conveys, Dan Putnam and Angel Rodriguez are in good relations with Lance. Both these people have been sued by SEC for fraud of $12 Million.

Govvi Events: Angel Rodriguez (First Row Middle), Lance Conrad (Just Right of Angel Rodriguez)

These two have been promoting Ponzi schemes such as Modern Money Team, WealthBoss, Onyx Lifestyle, and many more for a long time.

There is a high chance, Govvi is a subsidiary of B-Epic and they rebrand it as Govvi to excel more.

Does Fuel Boosting Tablets really work?

Let’s forget the nasty founder history. But most important thing is, the product actually works. Fuel Booster Tablets are real or just marketing gimmicks? have shared a detailed PDF explaining the working of these tablets.

Boost Fuel Tablets are effective for both gasoline and diesel engine. And 1 tablet is used up for 15 gallons of fuel.

Govvi says, their table reverses carbonization during fuel combustion and reduces vehicle & environmental damage. Same time it adds up the energy to the thermodynamics process of the car engine to increase energy output.

The 16-page PDF can be easily wrapped in 2 pages, but they tried to manipulate it.


Govvi linked their product witt Nobel Prize winners scientists Geoffrey Wilkinson & Ernst Otto Fischer. They won Nobel Prize in chemistry for the research of Sandwich compounds and Organometallic.

Govvi also shared some descriptions of Cetane (Diesel), Octane (Gasoline) and other research on Organometallic Compounds.

But Govvi hasn’t revealed any real case study proving the actual results of Fuel Booster Tablets. There is no facts & figure which can prove that Govvi Tablet provided the extra miles of distance.

Govvi founders are just doing crap and promoting their useless product with MLM, as they know there greedy people who can sell anything for some commission.

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Is Govvi a Pyramid scheme?

Yes, after checking all the company details, we consider Govvi as a pyramid scheme.

govvi pyramid

It is asking its promoters to bring new promoters and build downlines to earn more i.e. recruitment is the prime agenda and no product retailing is done. There is no worthy product, hence most of the money is used for money circulations.

The biggest red flag is provided by the company itself. You just need to understand well. The reward plan clearly states that the bonus amount is directly tied to the number of sponsors.

Should I Join Govvi?

No, we don’t suggest joining Govvi as it is proven to be a pyramid scheme.

Even MLM has a low success rate, but joining such a company that is not legit is never suggested.

The earning opportunities might attract you at present but you may end up losing all your invested money when the company suddenly collapses.

Hence keep all the details in mind and make sure you take the right decision.

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4 thoughts on “Govvi Honest Review: Fuel Boosting Tablets MLM Scam?”

  1. You can say what you want I have been with the company for over 6 months. I have been using the product all this time. There are thousands of others that give testimonials on the products. So maybe before you say anymore about it try it for yourself. Oh one last thing if you are not happy – Just ask for a refund and they will gladly do it. I have been involved in many MLMs over the years. One thing that sets them apart is their support of members with everything they need. Including proper training in Mlm programs as where I have never found so much support to help you become successful.

  2. Javier Enrique León Acuña

    Lo que puedo decir con conocimiento es que el producto si funciona, son miles de testimonios reales los que existen en varios países, existe un estudio hecho por un laboratorio CERTIFICADO en MEXICO que arroja resultados totalmente positivos
    El precio del producto es totalmente competitivo con la competencia tradicional, la utilidad de la venta directa es del 100% .
    La mejor maestra que existe es la EXPERIENCIA y seguramente esta les enseño a crear un modelo de MLM con un excelente producto de consumo masivo, a precio competitivo que permite ganancia rápida de venta directa, no hay estafa , en ultimas te quedas con un producto excelente.

  3. I’m a baby boomer’s, that lost my disabled Veteran husband, 2 yrs ago. I heard about the fuel tabs when they started, about a yr ago. I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey, handicap van, which runs like a brand new car with the GOVVI fuel tabs.

  4. Stephen Bianco

    Just so everyone knows, I was a user of this product for 4 months. I took copious notes and documented all of my fuel fill ups, mileage records, etc. At the end of the day, Govvie did nothing to enhance my fuel economy/savings. I never told anyone I did it. I was saving that for when I had actual personal results to share with others. Since the product never did what it was claiming, I left it behind and moved on.
    I would never buy this product again.
    Steve Bianco

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