GreenMegaPro Review: Legit or Another Scam?

greenmegapro review

There is a new investing platform GreenMegaPro which claims to be an automated trading platform that allows users to access the control of investment.

Also, GreenMegaPro adds, investors can withdraw capital and profit anytime.

This post is an unbiased review of GreenMegaPro where we will examine whether GreenMegaPro is legit or a scam.

What is GreenMegaPro?

GreenMegaPro is operated through the domain which is registered in November 2022. GreenMegaPro is just 6 months old and lacks lots of information about operators, platforms, and regulations.

But GreenMegaPro has made various bold claims such as,

  • It is built by a group of professional traders and assumed a boom in cryptocurrency that made it come up with the trading platform.
  • They have set a record of first investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • The company holds a leading position in blockchain investment in the USA.
  • Their experienced team holds expertise in financing and emerging blockchain technology.

GreenMegaPro locates itself at 21298 Bethmill Way California, USA which seems a fake address.

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Investment Plan & Process

These 3 steps need to follow to join GreenMegaPro.

  • Create an account by clicking on register and you can create your first trading account here on the GreenMegaPro platform.
  • The next step is to fund your trading account by opting for a preferred payment method.
  • Now the final step is to start with trading and earn better profit from it.

Above are the investment plans to start investing with GreenMegaPro.

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GreenMegaPro Review

GreenMegaPro seems an attractive opportunity to earn higher returns on investment, but before that, there are many major red flags to consider. Let us know them first.

1. Founders & Operators Hiding

The details of the founder of this company are not available, whereas from where it actually operating is unknown. Hence it’s quite risky to invest in such companies with no background.

2. No Social Media Presence

Being an investment and technology company, GreenMegaPro doesn’t have any presence on any of the social media platforms. Moreover, they lack to provide various crucial information regarding their business activities.

3. False Claims

This company has made various false claims without any evidence. GeenMegaPro claims to set a record of first to invest in Crypto Currencies which is a false claim. Also, they offer guaranteed returns on investment which is not possible in real-world scenarios.

4. Not Registered Anywhere

GreenMegaPro is just operating through a website and is not registered as an entity anywhere. It doesn’t have approval from financial regulators of any country hence it is doing securities fraud.

5. Money Circulation Concept

GreenMegaPro offers referral bonuses between 3 to 14%.


GreenMegaPro pretends to be a crypto investment platform but actually, it does money circulation where early investors are paid from the money of new investors.

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Is GreenMegaPro Scam?

Yes, GreenMegaPro is a scam as it is not legally registered anywhere. Its operators are hiding and have no social media presence. Also, they are doing securities fraud and operating a money circulation scheme that can collapse anytime.

GreenMegaPro is nothing more than an internet Ponzi scheme that deceives people with false claims and guaranteed returns. Initially, it may provide actual returns, but in the long run, it can collapse anytime.

So be on the safer side and don’t invest in such internet scams.

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