Hustlers University 3.0 Review: New Name, Same Shit?

Hustlers University 3.0

In recent years, the popularity of Andrew Cobra Tate has grown immensely. He enriched his fame game through controversial tweets and videos.

Andrew Tate has made a muscular, rich and sigma male personality on the internet. While he also showcases a rich lifestyle to sell his courses.

Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University 2.0 got amazing responses from people. Still, they closed HU 2.0 in September due to its update and the arrival of Hustlers University 3.0.

I have personally purchased and accessed the content of Hustlers University 2.0. Hence I am also curious to know about Hustlers University 3.0. Therefore, I started my research on HU 3.0.

This post is a detailed overview and unbiased review of Hustlers University 3.0. So let’s get started without any ado.

What is HU 3.0?

Hustlers University 3.0 is claimed as the advance of Hustlers University 2.0.

According to Similarweb, most people visiting are from the USA (25%), the UK (10%), and Canada (6%).

Hustlers University 3.0 is sold through the website domain and there is an option to join it. But there is no clear information about Hustlers University 3.0 and its content.

What are the fundamental differences between HU 2.0 and HU 3.0? The answer to this question also needs to find first.

Hence, I reached the Hustlers University support team and asked some relevant questions.

I am sharing my conversation with HU Support Team held on 28, Sept in brief.

Me: What is the difference between 2.0 and 3.0?
HU Support: HU3 is an upgraded version of HU2. It will come out in a few weeks. If you join now your price will stay at 50 dollars but once HU3 fully launches it will be over 150 dollars per month.

This very first response solved lots of my doubts. HU 3.0 is not released yet, then for what $50 per month is charged? I asked the same question.

Me: but applying now will provide access to HU 2.0 or HU 3.0?
HU Support: HU2 for now.
And once HU3 launches you will gain access to it right when it does.
Along with the lower price.

The conclusion is Hustlers University 3.0 is not released and is still selling Hustlers University 2.0.

Again, I added a question to get the release date of Hustlers University 3.0. And the answer was upcoming few weeks.

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Hustlers University 3.0 Joining

So far Hustlers University 3.0 is not launched yet and there is no certainty about its release. now only promotes Hustlers University with no 2.0 or 3.0 suffixes. But Apply Now button redirects to join Hustlers University 2.0.

HU 2.0 cost $50 monthly and we have already done a detailed review of it. You can read that here.

New Name, Same Shit

Whether it’s Hustlers University, HU 2.0 or HU3, it is not worth joining. Actually, Andrew Tate’s lavish lifestyle and affiliate program made this popular.

Andrew Tate smartly promoted its products through social media and influenced people to get dream life now by joining Hustlers University.

Secondly, Hustlers University offers a 48% commission to affiliates on new referrals. Hence many promoted Hustlers University without concerning the actual worth of the products.

Hustlers University created different discord channels and called them Campus, such as:

  • Copywriting Campus
  • Affiliate marketing Campus
  • Freelancing Campus
  • Stocks Campus
  • Cryptocurrency Campus

Some people appointed by Andrew Tate called “Professor” teaches on these discord channels. HU offers mediocre content and you can find better content for free on the internet.

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Should I Join Hustlers University?

As I said earlier, Hustlers University 3.0 is not launched and a recent application will lead to joining Hustlers University 2.0.

As I have accessed Hustlers University 2.0, in my opinion, Hustlers University is not worth joining as most of the content is freely available on the Internet. There is nothing special and not worth paying $50 a month, other than free motivation from Andrew Tate.

The same skills can be learned from practice and resources are too available on the internet. Hence my suggestion is to avoid it and don’t waste time on it.

You can use the below link if you still want to give it a try.

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