HyperFund Honest Review: Opportunity or MLM Scam?

Hyperfund review

HyperFund a cryptocurrency-based MLM is a latest launch of a company named HyperTech. Apart from HyperFund, the company also launched other projects such as Molecular Future, Hcash and MIC.

HyperFund through its official website claims to be a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with open source technology allowing to invest and deal in cryptocurrency.

HDAO is the token of the HyperDAO ecosystem which is listed in OKEx and Hoo cryptocurrency exchange. It has opted as the official token of the HyperFund platform.

As per Alexa statistics, thehyperfund.com receives its most traffic from the United States and Canada.

What is HyperFund?

HyperFund is a launch of HyperTech company.

As per data collected, the domain www.thehyperfund.com was registered on 16 June 2020 and the official site is available in two languages: Chinese and English.

Ryan Xu is also known as Martian is the founder of HyperTech group with Jayden Wei as the Group CEO and Sam Lee as the Group Chairman.


The core team members include the following Group Consultants:

  • Andrew Wasylewicz
  • Adam Geri
  • Dr. Joseph Liu
  • Allen Au

HyperFund is also called as Ogilvy Plan which is designed to support a Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

HDAO is the token of HyperDAO under the HyperFund group project and according to coinmarketcap.com, HDAO coin ranks 970 in the overall market.

Company Profile

Company NameHyperfund
FounderRyan Xu
When StartedJune 16, 2020
Head Office
ProductsCrypto Investment Scheme

HyperFund and Hyper Ecosystem

HyperFund claims, they are a DeFi autonomous organization works with multiple decentralized platforms and blockchains.

They have different products as part of their ecosystem.

  • HyperPAY: It is a multi-ecology wallet that integrates multiple functions into a single platform
  • HyperFIN: It provides digital financial services such as mortgage loans, merchant payments and wealth management.
  • HyperBC: It is a blockchain encrypted bank that provides asset custody services.
  • HPX: It provides safe and fast transactions with low fees, high commission and real-time withdrawals.
  • HyperMINING: It is a digital ecosystem that provides high speed, low energy chips and mining machines.
  • HyperTALK: It is an instant messaging software for blockchains in the crypto world.
  • HyperNEWS: It is one more instant messaging software for crypto blockchains.
  • HyperMALL: It is a smart contract with matchmaking transactions with no requirement of converting fiat into cryptocurrencies.
  • HyperSHOW: It is high-quality live stream content with a strong network and secured user data.

Joining HyperFund

The affiliate membership of HyperFund is received by investing in the HU investment package pricing $300, $500 and $1000.

One can become a member of HyperFund by purchasing convertible bonds with starting price of $300. The rewards earned can be redeemed and converted to digital currency or can be used to rebuy within the platform.

HyperFund Compensation Plan

HyperFund refers its compensation plan as HyperCommunity. HyperFund ensures to provide 0.5% to 1% daily returns.

HyperFund affiliates invest in HU, an internal token with the promise of 300% ROI. Apparently, the regular return is 200% but normally 300% ROI is received.

Referral Commission

Apart from daily ROI, HyperFund affiliate program offers a commission of 20% on new members. It uses Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan.

There are 20 levels of commissions that can be earned from the downline. One must qualify to unlock each level of referral commission by bringing certain personal referrals.

Level 20 is unlocked if an affiliate brings in 20 members. The levels and percentage earnings paid are:

Level 1 (Direct Downline)20%
Level 215%
Level 310%
Levels 4 to 65%
Levels 7 to 152%
Levels 16 to 201%

VIP Reward

The HyperFund VIP Reward lets the affiliates earn on HU that is earned by their unilevel team out of their strongest leg. The strongest leg is calculated on daily generated HU across all unilevel legs.

Rank VIP Reward
ExpertRequired to build downline receiving 50,000 HU every day. Receive 0.5% VIP Reward rate
ProBy building downline receiving 1,00,000 HU per day. Receive a 1% VIP Reward rate
1 StarBy building downline receiving 2,50,000 HU a day. Receive a 3% VIP Reward rate
2 StarsBy building downline receiving 5,00,000 HU per day. Receive a 6% VIP Reward rate
3 StarsBy building downline receiving 1,000,000 HU each day. Receive a 9% VIP Reward rate
4 StarsRequires building downline receiving 3,000,000 HU /day. Receive a 12% VIP Reward rate
5 StarsBy building downline receiving 5,000,000 HU a day. Receive a 15% VIP Reward rate

The VIP Reward Rate percentages are paid on the unilevel team legs excluding the strongest one.

Global Reward

HU equal to 4% of company-wide investment is put aside in the Global Reward Pool. Global Pool is further split into four small pools.

Global RewardDetail
2% Global Reward PoolGenerate 2 million HU investment from the strongest leg.
1% Global Reward PoolGenerate 4 million HU investment from the strongest leg.
0.5% Global Reward poolGenerate 6 million in HU investment from the strongest leg.
0.5% Global Reward poolGenerate 10 million in HU investment from the strongest leg

The Global Reward Pool is paid every month.

Final Verdict

Now it’s time to share our opinion on HyperFund.

Nasty History

Earlier Ryan Xu operated a similar earning opportunity named HyperCapital which collapsed and they rebooted it with the new name HyperFund.

Last time they tried to pump their HyperCash coin which eventually crashed with HyperCapital.

And the same scenario is this time followed, where the name replaced with HyperFund and HyperDAO.

Unreliable Claims and Identity

To sell this opportunity, Hyperfund has made various claims.

Hyper Ecosystem seems a showcase. Other than HyperPay, no product is functioning for now.

A one-page introductory website is a red flag for the opportunity which makes such claims.

Moreover, founder Ryan Xu’s LinkedIn profile locate him in Melbourne, Australia and HyperTech CEO to UAE. On the official website, no physical address of the company is provided.

We can assume that it is not registered as an enterprise under any country or authority.

Ponzi Scheme Plan

A guaranteed 300% ROI is enough to understand the risk. Presentation material denotes 200% ROI, while claims are of 300% return.

Daily claim return is around 0.5% to 1.0% and HU points are used to allocate commission.

20% of the daily commission of every affiliate is invested in their crypto token HyperDAO.

This reserved commission helps HyperFund to pump the price of their cryptocurrency. So whenever HyperFund will collapse parallel consequences can be seen in HyperDAO.

Undoubtedly, HyperDAO cryptocurrency is not for ordinary investors, as it is part of a blunder.

300% return to early investors is nothing but the money of new investors and the same process will be followed until it will fall.

As these schemes spread exponentially, a very large number of people will lose money compared to few profiting investors.

Referral commission helps to spread it faster, as to earn more profit nowadays people are ready to make own hand dirty.

Warning from Regulators

UK regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has launched a warning against HyperFund on 23 March 2021.

Offering, promoting or selling financial services in the UK required authorization which HyperFund doesn’t have.

Not limited to the UK, but public investment firms required authorization from regulators while HyperFund not even provided complete details about them, which makes it a securities fraud.

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5 thoughts on “HyperFund Honest Review: Opportunity or MLM Scam?”

  1. Thanking you……
    In karnataka many people joined in this. Some person asking me to join. But i send this link to who proposed to me…. Your deep research helped to me and i learn DYOR from you…. Please give me information about

    Thanking you once again

  2. Frances Smiler-Edwards

    I’ve been with HyperFund for some time – I did my own due diligence – Founders have credibility in the Blockchain world – having sunk their own funds into Bitcoin in 2014 to save it because of their belief in crypto…… this is the best reward programme I have been involved in, receiving .5% rewards daily with the option of withdrawing, just leaving it there or on a rebuy – to even increase my rewards which can be exchanged for Crypto and withdrawn into Fiat. The best thing I like about this is I don’t need to recruit, no forced upbuys, no monthly fees, and I’m teaching my grandchildren how to triple their monies, the business side takes like 1 minute a day. Sleeping whilst I earn rewards,
    Thank you HyperFund

  3. What you do need to realise is that the FCA goes against people who claim financial services and use words such as investment or compounding.

    Hyperfund are very proactive in stopping members who do this as it’s a rewards based membership which is allowed to be promoted in that way and what is expected of members. Members use financial terms which is illegal hence why authorities can get involved.

    Not here to promote but I can assure you they are legit. YouTube it they are on Amazon Prime documentary as Bitcoin mining pioneers.

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