HyperVerse Review: Legit or HyperFund Scam Reboot?

hyperverse review

HyperVerse is a cryptocurrency-based MLM rebrand of HyperFund and subordinate of a company named HyperTech. Apart from HyperVerse, the company also have launched other projects such as Molecular Future, Hcash and MIC.

HyperVerse claims to be decentralized finance (DeFi) that allows investing and dealing in cryptocurrency.

This post is an unbiased HyperVerse review, where we will go through different aspects of it, such as the HyperVerse crypto investment plan, membership, withdrawal problem and company profile.

The following questions are also answered in this post.

  • How does HyperVerse make money?
  • HyperVerse is fake or real?
  • is HyperVerse a Ponzi scheme fraud?

so let’s start.

FounderRyan Xu
When StartedNovember 18, 2021
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsCrypto Investment Scheme
Joining Cost400 HU

What is HyperVerse?

HyperVerse is founded by Ryan Xu and it is a rebranding of the company HyperFund.

hyperverse Ryan Xu

HyperFund was started in the year 2020 and it soon shut down resulting in the loss of numerous people unable to withdraw their money. HyperFund was a suspected Ponzi scheme scam and various financial regulators issued warning against that, you can read our old HyperFund Review to learn more.

HyperVerse is a crypto-MLM providing access to the virtual universe and dealing through crypto tokens. (Crypto Coin Vs Tokens)

In the HyperVerse, the participants act as voyagers and they explore the HyperVerse. They carry out activities and play games in the virtual universe to earn HVT tokens.

HVT tokens are the HyperVerse token that is used to join and deal in the HyperVerse ecosystem. According to coinmarketcap.com, the HVT token ranks around 3,000 in the overall market.

hyperverse HVT chart

Since the launch of HVT tokens, its price is continuously dropping as investors are aware of the red flags associated with it, which we have shared ahead.

Listed features provided by the HyperVerse are:

  • Virtual Experience
  • Tokenized Items
  • Galaxy Power
  • Space Expedition
  • Decentralized Capital
  • V-DAO
hyperverse services

Many of the HyperVerse services trace back to HyperFund which is now closed and no longer reachable.

As per the SimilarWeb statistics, the majority of the traffic to thehyperverse.net is from Italy (24.57%), the USA (21.25%), the UK (12.60%), Germany (5.82%), and India (3.98%).

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HyperVerse and VerseEco

VerseEco is the HyperVerse ecosystem that assists voyagers to connect their virtual assets to the real world. It supports the voyagers to perform trading activities in the HyperVerse.

VerseEco is a combination of three components:

  1. Nebula
  2. Galaxy Decentralized Capital
  3. VerseDao (VDAO)

V-DAO is the HyperVerse’s Digital Autonomous Organization. With the help of VDAO, the voyagers are allowed to vote and initiate their ideas for a better or improved future.  

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Joining & HyperVerse Investment Plan

There is no additional joining fee to become a part of HyperVerse. The people who wish to join HyperVerse have to purchase any one of the below plans, which offers 400% guaranteed returns in 1334 days.

HU stands for the Hyper Unit which are the points associated with any activity or purchase. As per the company terms, 1 HU equals 1 USDT.

hyperverse plans

The HyperVerse plans are termed 2.0 plans.

  1. 400 HU/Plan
  2. 800 HU/Plan
  3. 1200 HU/Plan
  4. 3600 HU/Plan

Apart from these four, if any voyagers wish to reinvest the earned HU, they can purchase the 125 HU/ Plan i.e. as soon as you have 125 HU in your account, you can reinvest the amount and start earning 400% on this amount too.

The HU earnings can either be converted and withdrawn from the site or can be simply reused to purchase or deal in HyperVerse.

To withdraw earnings, you must have at least 50 HU in your account that can be converted and withdrawn through the applications or sites such as OKEX, HOO, BW, Trust Wallet or MetaMars.

HyperVerse investors are facing withdrawal problems for a long time. Still, many greedy are not fearing to invest and promote it.

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Compensation Plan

HyperVerse refers to its compensation plan as HyperDrive. According to this plan, HyperVerse ensures to provide 0.3% daily returns.

HyperVerse affiliates invest in the HU i.e. an internal token with the promise of 400% ROI up to 1334 days per package.

Apart from this, there are 3 more rewards given to the affiliates as follows:

Community Reward

HyperVerse offers a commission of 20% on newly joined members. A Unilevel Plan is followed to calculate the commissions.

The commission is paid up to 20 levels in the downline. To unlock each level, the affiliate needs to bring the required personnel.

Level 20 is only unlocked when the affiliate brings in 20 members. The percentage of commission paid is predefined as below:

Level 1 (Direct Downline)20%
Level 215%
Level 310%
Levels 4-65%
Levels 7-152%
Levels 16-201%

VIP Reward

The HyperVerse VIP reward allows the affiliates to earn commission on the HU earned from the unilevel team of their strongest leg from the downline. The strongest leg is determined based on the daily generated HU across all the legs.

RankVIP Reward RequirementVIP Reward Rate
Expert50,000 HU every day0.5%
Pro1,00,000 HU every day1%
1 Star2,50,000 HU every day3%
2 Stars5,00,000 HU every day6%
3 Stars1,000,000 HU every day9%
4 Stars3,000,000 HU every day12%
5 Stars5,000,000 HU every day15%

The VIP percentages are paid depending on the rank of the affiliate and the Unilevel team legs excluding the strong leg.

Global Reward

4% HU from the company-wide investment is placed into the Global Reward Pool. The prepared pool is further divided into four small pools having reward requirements and % of HU paid as a reward.  

Global RewardHU Required from Strongest Leg
2% Pool2 Million HU Investment
1% Pool4 Million HU Investment
0.5% Pool6 Million HU Investment
0.5% Pool10 Million HU Investment

It is to be noted that the Global Pool rewards are paid monthly.

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To Be Concluded

We hope the above elaboration was enough to understand HyperVerse. It seems a blatant investment opportunity offering 400% guaranteed returns.

there are some more facts I mean red flags to know before indulging in HyperVerse.

Fraud Records of Operators

At first, Ryan Xu operated earning opportunity named HyperCapital which collapsed and was rebranded with the name HyperFund.

HyperFund again collapsed being called a Ponzi Scheme and got rebranded as HyperVerse. HyperFund received various fraud warning in different countries and the same is with HyperVerse as well.

Founder Ryan Xu with Samuel Lee has disappeared from Australia as authorities are behind them for Crypto Scams.

Fraudsters and now top promoters of HyperVerse, Kalpesh Patel and Rodney Burton left the USA and went to Dubai to safeguard themselves.

Now, most operations of HyperVerse are handled through Dubai as the UAE Government shelters all MLM scammers across the globe.

hyperverse scam

They also released a drama interview, representing Mr. H as chief ambassador.

Fraud Warnings So Far

HyperVerse received a securities fraud warning from FCA i.e. Financial Conduct Authority UK. In 2021, HyperFund was added to the security fraud notice followed by HyperVerse.

Emma Smedley, a UK-based promoter of HyperVerse got her bank account got frozen by the UK bank on suspicion of fraud.

hyperverse emma smedley

FMA (Financial Marketing Authority) issued a warning against HyperFund. Later HyperVerse was also added to the alert list in New Zealand.

HyperVerse members are unable to withdraw their earnings for a long time, whereas the company is busy in doing hollow promises.

Impossible Returns & Manipulation

HyperVerse makes various claims to sell their opportunity to the people.

400% guaranteed return is a huge red flag for investors to keep themselves away from HyperVerse. Moreover, HyperVerse has not revealed the source of these impossible returns.

Virtual Reality and DeFI-like terms are just for manipulating people. They have designed their website to show themselves as a future technology company, whereas HyperVerse’s main objective is to fool people, operate money circulation schemes and get rebranded to repeat the process.

Ponzi Scheme Scam

For a while let us assume, that everything claimed by HyperVerse is true and they want to make this world rich by offering 400% ROI to everyone.

Still, they can’t do so, as investment service providers have to get authorization from financial regulators of the region or country for operations. HyperVerse is doing securities fraud and no one gonna save you to get your investment back.

HyperVerse operators have scam records, no actual physical address, masked guy Mr. H is the ambassador and no legal incorporation in any one country. Still, one who believes in HyperVerse is among the most foolish people on the planet.

A guaranteed 400% ROI is more than enough to understand the risk.

The ROI for the old investors is nothing but the money of the new investors. Hyperverse is a money circulation scheme and doing a huge Ponzi scheme scam.

Commissions and referral rewards are for affiliates to lure in and bring more investors to the company.

It will collapse very soon and rebrand as always until different countries especially the UAE government takes any action against them.

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