Is iBuumerang a Pyramid Scheme? Honest Review

ibuumerang review

Quick Facts

  • iBuumerang is an MLM company with a complicated compensation plan, overpriced products, and fees required for affiliates.
  • iBuumerang founder, Holton Buggs, has a questionable history with several MLM companies, including one that was accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme.
  • The decision to join iBuumerang should be based on a neutral understanding of the MLM concept and a careful evaluation of products and compensation plans.

iBuummerang is a network marketing company dealing in a few products and providing travel booking discounts.

In this post, we will share the company details, iBuumerang products, and MLM compensation plan followed by our Honest iBuumerang Review.

Many are confused, is iBuumerang a Pyramid Scheme? and should I join it or not? You will get answers to all such questions till the end of this post.

FounderHolton Buggs
Started In2019
Head OfficeHoustan, Texas
Opportunity TypeMLM Company
ProductsTravel Discounts & Personal Care
Joining Cost$49 and above

What is iBuumerang?

iBuumerang is basically a company providing travel discounts and booking discounts. It was started in the year 2019 by Holton Buggs in Houston, Texas.

ibuumerang holton buggs
Holton Buggs

“A 5-star Lifestyle at 3-star Prices” is a statement that the company uses to attract people.

Apart from discounts, the company also provides affiliates with products to deal in.

iBuumerang is the relaunch of the company Countdown4Freedom. Countdown4Freedom was a travel discount MLM headed by Buggs.

iBuumerang affiliate ranks are exactly similar to that of the old Countdown4Freedom website.

According to SimilarWeb stats, major traffic to is from the Czech Republic (69.82%), the USA (18.52%), Romania (5.28%), the UK (2.80%) and Australia (1.54%).

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iBuumerang Products

ibuumerang products

There are two major products and services provided by iBuumerang.


iGo is a traveling platform. Through iBuumerang the members get access to wholesale prices on booking hotels and traveling tickets. It provides around 35% savings on the booking of travel tickets, cars, cruises and hotels. iGo has also provided three other benefits as below:

Zence: It is a scented oil that can be selected as per the mood. This product is further sold by affiliates.

Skintech: Skintech is a skin care product that works as a sanitizer as well as a moisturizer. This product is also sold further by affiliates to their customers to earn commissions.

Bill Genius: This platform claims to provide discounts on your television, electricity internet or mobile bills. The affiliate needs to scan and upload the bills on the platform and wait till the discounts are provided.


As per their website, Ellev8 is the platform for financial literacy. This platform allows the affiliates to educate themselves regarding forex trading.

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Joining iBuumerang

It takes a few easy steps to join iBuumerang. One needs to purchase the iBuumerang packages to become an active affiliate and later stay active by adding more people to the downline.

There are mainly three packages:

  1. Coach Class: $250 (250 Qv)
  2. Busines Cclass: $500 (500 QV)
  3. First Class: $1000 (1000 QV)

QV (Qualifying Volume) are points associated with iBuumerang products which are accumulated on purchase. QVs are further used to calculate the different ranks and incomes of affiliates.

iBuumerang Affiliate Ranks

There are mainly 13 affiliate ranks and their requirements are as below:

RankQV Requirements
TSA (Travel Saving Ambassador)Sign up
Senior Director5000
Executive Director10,000
Blue Diamond5,00,000
Black Diamond10,00,000
Presidential Diamond20,00,000
Crown Diamond50,00,000
Double Crown Diamond70,00,000
Triple Crown Diamond10,000,000

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iBuumerang Compensation Plan

There are mainly two types of income as per the iBuumerang compensation plan: Retail commission and Other Bonuses.

To start earning, one needs to get activated by achieving 200 PQV in 60 days period and remain active by accumulating 100 PQV every month.

PQV stands for Personal Qualifying Volume which is the QV on personal purchase.

1. Retail Commission

The retail commission is the difference between the wholesale price for the affiliate and the retail price.

The retail commission on Zence moods is $5 whereas on SkinTech is $14.

2. Direct Travel Saving Bonus

The affiliate earns a direct bonus out of the customer’s discount on booking hotels, car rentals and travel tickets as follows:

PackageAffiliate’s Earning
First Class and Business Class$100

3. Bill Genius Direct Bonus

7.5% of the customer’s discount on electricity, gas, and other bills is given as the Bill Genius Direct Bonus to the affiliates.

For instance, if a customer pays bills worth $50, the affiliate receives its 7.5% i.e. $3.75 as a Bill Genius Direct Bonus.

4. Ellev8 Direct Bonus

The Ellev8 courses are available to the affiliates at wholesale rates which can be further sold to customers to earn the direct bonus.

The wholesale price of Ellev8 is $99.99 whereas it is sold at $129.99, hence $30 is earned as a direct bonus on each sale.

5. Fast Start Bonus

If any affiliate personally recruits a new affiliate, he/she receives a fast start bonus on the purchase of the joining package as below:

PackageFast Start Bonus
First Class$90
Business Class$45
Coach Class$22.5

6. Fast Start Xccelerator Bonus

If any affiliate personally or his downline affiliate up to 7 levels brings a new affiliate, the upline members receive fast start Xcceleratorbonus as below:

ibuumerang fast start bonus

7. Unilevel Bonus

Unilevel Bonus is paid up to 7 levels of the downline team. Higher the affiliate rank, the higher the percentage of Unilevel Bonus as below:

ibuumerang unilevel bonus

8. Dual Team Bonus

To become eligible for the Dual Team Bonus, one must stay active and have personally enrolled affiliates on both sides (left and right). Depending on the affiliate rank 10% to 20% of the weaker leg Team Volume is paid as Dual Team Bonus along with a weekly cap as below:

ibuumerang dual team commission

9. Leadership Development Bonus

The Leadership Development Bonus is paid to the affiliates having ranked as Sapphire or above when their personally enrolled members or their personally enrolled employees reach the Sapphire rank or above.

10. Lifestyle Bonus

Lifestyle Bonus is paid monthly for maintaining the Sapphire rank or above as follows.

RankLifestyle Bonus
Blue Diamond$1200
Black Diamond$2500
Presidential Diamond$5000
Crown Diamond$10,000
Double Crown Diamond$20,000
Triple Crown Diamond$50,000

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iBuumerang Review

iBuumerang has a luring compensation plan and attractive products with lots of discounts but is it really worth joining iBuumerang?

Let us know more about it and look over a few crucial points.

Nasty Founder History

Holton Buggs has a long history of entrepreneurship and started working at the age of 14 when he used to sell candy on street and met her wife Earlene Buggs.

While doing graduation, he started his furniture business in 1996 which later failed and left him in debt of $250,000.

At that time one of his friends called him to join an MLM company named CyberWize, a nutrition product-based MLM.

He claimed to earn, six-figure earnings within 90 days. Despite this, he left that company and joined YTB International.

YTB, Your Travel Biz was a travel-based MLM that was accused illegal pyramid scheme.

In 2010, he joined another MLM company named Organo Gold, a coffee product-based MLM.

Holton claimed, he was earning $1.3 Million monthly from that company and has a 3 Million distributor network.

Further, Holton Buggs promoted IQ Chain a cryptocurrency MLM that later proved to be a Ponzi scheme.


Buggs was a strategic advisor and soon after the company collapsed, it got rebranded as IQ Legacy.

At last, IQ Legacy got shut down and Bugg left the company after taking all his investments back.

This time in 2019, Holton Buggs started his own company named Countdown4Freedom which was later rebranded as iBuumerang.

Over the years changes made and active participation in fraud companies by Holton Buggs, raise questions about him and his company.

Is iBuumerang really a stable company to work with? As the founder himself made several changes, it put questions on the future existence of the iBuumerang.

As the prime goal of Holton is to live a dream life for himself.

Complicated Compensation

While writing this post, finding & understanding the compensation plan of iBuumerang was a major challenge.

It has 10 incomes & 14 affiliates ranks, which increases complications for affiliates. One can’t easily predict and examine actual income before participating in the company.

iBuumerang could try to lower the income counts and make easy calculations, instead of confusing affiliates.

Lack of Focus

Like his career, Holton Buggs is also confused with products for his company. Hospitality, personal care and EdTech products for a single MLM company is illogical.

Overpriced product is a huge obstacle for all direct selling companies hence they put extra efforts to reduce the price through new technology, bulk productions and other tactics, still most MLMs fails to make their product economical for consumers.

On the other hand, iBuumerang has followed all market trends at once and lack the focus to provide genuine products to customer and affiliates.

Pay To Play

After buying a joining pack, affiliates need to spend $100 every month to get active status, which is a major drawback of this company.

Retail products (Zence & SkinTech) are made extremely overpriced for end customers to provide commission to affiliates. It’s a huge challenge for affiliates to sell these products.

Sametime, travel and booking discounts are nowadays easily available on the Internet sites. Then why does one needs to pay $100 monthly and maintain some QV points to get rewards?

InCruises and MWR Life are better and more reliable travel MLM companies than iBuumerang.

Is iBuumerang a Scam?

On the horizon of legitimate and scams, I will put iBuumerang on the alert list.

Considering nasty founder history, deceptive promotion tactics, extremely overpriced products, monthly affiliate fees and unreliability, iBuumerang is not an ideal MLM company to work with on any aspect.

There are far better MLM available with genuine products, hence one doesn’t need to get into the mess of Holton Buggs.

Should I Join iBuumerang?

This decision should be up to you and not under someone else influence. Instead of getting lured with easy money, quick-rich and lavish lifestyle speech, try to understand the MLM concept with a neutral mind.

iBuumerang has not shared any income disclosure statement, but there are less than 1% of people who actually make profits from MLM companies whereas 99% lose their money in buying overpriced products.

iBuumerang products are extremely overpriced and affiliates need to pay monthly fees, these are the 2 solid reasons for me to avoid iBuumerang.

Hope this post is helpful and you can make a wise decision.

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