IM Academy Review: Legit or Pyramid Scheme Scam?

IM Mastery Academy Review

Quick Facts

  • IM Mastery Academy operates through MLM and provides courses and trading signals for forex and crypto trading.
  • The founder of the company has been sued for securities fraud in the past.
  • IM Mastery Academy is not a securities fraud, it can still be considered a pyramid scheme due to its pricing structure and vagueness.

With the tagline “we educate, we empower and we enrich” IM Mastery claims to be an educational platform educating people worldwide about Forex Market.

IM Mastery Academy is different from the usual Forex-MLM.

This multi-level marketing company offers multiple academy selections as per the wish of the user.

In this post, we will share the in-depth review of IM Academy followed by the IM Mastery Compensation Plan and lastly, the answer to the question is IM Mastery a Pyramid Scheme?

IM Mastery Academy
FounderChristopher Terry, Isis De La Torre
When StartedOctober 14, 2019
Head OfficeNew York
Opportunity TypeForex MLM
ProductsOnline Services and Courses
Joining Cost$184.95

IM Academy Full Overview

In 2013, iMarketsLive was launched by Christopher Terry.

iMarketsLive securities offered auto trading that was illegal and discontinued later in March 2018.

A lot of controversies were faced by iMarketsLive. After investigating, CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) settled matter for $1,50,000.

On September 14, 2019, at the Dallas convention, Terry made an announcement regarding rebranding iMarketsLive as IM Mastery.

Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre are seen as the founder of IM Mastery.

IM Mastery Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre

Alexa stats shows that majority of traffic to is from the United States (38%), Venezuela (8%), and Dominican Republic (7%).

As per, Its annual revenue in 2020 was $450 Million which is remarkable for a service-based MLM.

IM Mastery claims to do CSR activities in the areas of saving children, financial literacy, animal protection and avoiding human trafficking.

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IM Academy Products

IM Mastery Products

IM Mastery features 11 Forex and cryptocurrency-themed products as follows:

Product NameDescription
HarmonicsForex market patterns to understand potential reversals in the market.
SwipeTradesReal-time forex trade ideas and market analysis with detailed education.
SwipecoinAccess to real-time ideas, education and market analysis of the digital currency markets.
VibrataMultiple strategies of trade ideas with no required analysis from your side.
GoldCupCombined strategies correlated with each other to provide high probability trade ideas.
LevelsAlgorithm to identify entry points, stop loss and profits in the market.
PivotsAlgorithm to find market opportunities through key reversal zones on different time frames.
LibertyFocus on identifying high pace trade ideas for Binary Options.
SteadyAlgorithm for long-term, swing trade ideas.
DeloreanAlgorithm to help you make the right trading decisions among multiple market opportunities.
BounceBackTool to search and get the best entry points to get into the market.

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Joining IM Academy

IM academy types

Joining IM Mastery is a simple process where one needs to register as an affiliate (IBO) by paying enrollment fees for one of the following courses.

ELITE: The enrollment fee is $324.94 and monthly $274.95. It provides full access to FRX, HFX and DCX academics with goLive mentorship.

FRX: The enrollment fee is $184.95 and monthly $174.95. It provides full access to FRX academy, goLive mentorship, strategies and knowledge of foreign exchange markets.

HFX: The enrollment fee is $184.95 and monthly $174.95. It provides full access to HFX academy, goLive mentorship and strategies to understand high-frequency, fast-paced markets.

DCX: The enrollment fee is $184.95 and monthly $174.95. It provides full access to DCX academy, goLive mentorship and strategies to master the digital currency.

ECX: The enrollment fee is $184.95 and monthly $174.95. It is designed for everyone, especially one who is new to eCommerce. It allows to create stores, and sell products without having any inventory.

TLX: The enrollment fee is $234.95 and monthly $174.95. It is designed for travel and lifestyle discounts.

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The 11 Affiliate Ranks are decided based on the downline subscribers and generated GV.

IM Academy Affiliate Ranks

In this post, GV stands for Group Volume i.e. sales volume of sales made to retail customers or affiliates.

Affiliate RankRequired Downline SubscribersRequired GV (every month)
Platinum 1503435 GV
Platinum 600121740 GV
Platinum 1000304350 GV
Platinum 20007510,875 GV
Platinum 500022532,625 GV
Chairman 1050072,500 GV
Chairman 251250181,250 GV
Chairman 502500362,500 GV
Chairman 1005000725,000 GV
Chairman 250150002,175,000 GV
Chairman 500300003,350,000 GV

The subscribers are retail customers or recruited affiliates.

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IM Academy Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan, the affiliates can earn through Fast Start Level 1 and Residual Income.

1. Fast Start Level 1 Earning

All the Fast Start Level 1 Earning is for Platinum 5000 and below ranks IBO.

When your direct referral purchases any of the packages, you get the one-time commission as follows.

  • FRX: $25
  • HFX: $25
  • DCX: $25
  • ELITE: $50

If you sell the FRX package to someone, you will receive $25 as Fast Start Level 1 commission.

2. Residual Income

The Residual Income is based on the number of personally referred affiliates and self Platinum rank.

RankRequired CustomersWeekly Earning
Platinum 1503$37.50
Platinum 60012$150
Platinum 100030$250

For example, when an IBO is at the Platinum 150 rank than on 3 referrals, IBO gets $37.50 weekly commission.

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IM Academy Review

IM Mastery Academy MLM operates in the following 3 steps.

  1. Buy a course package and start learning.
  2. Refer course to other for commission.
  3. Do personal trading on the signals from IM Academy.

Now the questions are,

  • is it worth joining IM Mastery Academy?
  • is IM Mastery a Pyramid Scheme?

Here are a few things to highlight.

The founder of IM Market Academy has been already sued for securities fraud with the early venture iMarketsLive.

Even after promoters create a positive image of founder Christopher Terry, I am sceptical about him and his agenda behind starting IM Mastery Academy.

Is IM Academy a Scam?

IM Mastery’s business model kept it in the grey area. As it only provides signals/tips to members and not the investment services, hence it can’t be considered securities fraud.

Most forex MLM and crypto-MLM scams claim to use bots and algorithms to provide guaranteed returns. But here, the money of members is in their hands and they just have to follow regular tips from this company.

Pyramid Scheme Model

As it is not a collective investment scheme or like Ponzi schemes promising fixed return on investment.

Still, I assume it is a Pyramid Scheme.

The obvious reason behind this is the pricing of courses. At present, you can learn everything for free on the Internet.

Trading is learned through practice. Instead, you can use course fees for the first few trades. Moreover, some top educators provide professional courses at much cheaper rates.

Trading signals always have some uncertainty and are not 100% accurate.

IM Mastery Academy got popularized due to its compensation plan and actual course worth is much low. So for just commission don’t promote anything.

Overall, for learning and earning profit from trading, you don’t need to involve in a platform like IM Mastery Academy.

MLM and especially service-based MLM has always remained in question. IM Mastery Academy has vagueness. It can collapse any day or get shut down by regulators.

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