Is Immunotec a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

immunotec review

Immunotec is a Canada-based direct selling company that deals in dietary and personal care products.

According to their website, the company is currently active in 11 countries: Canada, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Colombia, Ireland, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala and Portugal.

This post is an overview of Immunotec MLM company, where we will go through its company profile, products, MLM compensation plan and at last we will share our opinion on the question, Is Immunotec a Pyramid Scheme?

FounderDr. Gustavo Bounous
When Started1996
Head Office QC, Canada
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsDietary & Personal Care
Joining Cost$280 (Starter Kit)

What is Immunotec?

In 1996, Dr. Gustavo Bounous started the MLM company Immunotec which is located in Quebec, Canada.

immunotec founder
Dr. Gustavo Bounous

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, Dr. Patricia Konshavn, Dr. Dan Linseman, Dr. Nathan Lewis, Elvira Maria Hebert and Will Brink are other advisory board members of Immunotec Research Inc.’s about section state that their CEO Mauricio Domenzain has brought the revolution to the company when he joined in 2017. Domenzain has 6 years experience of working with a direct selling company named Yanbel Internation before he joined Immunotec.

Mauricio Domenzain

Immunotec’s flagship product Immunocal undergone extensive research and claims that this is clinically proven to maintain a strong immune system. In 2020, Immunotec’s annual sales were estimated at $220 million

As per Similarweb statistics, receives its maximum traffic from Peru (30.44%), the United States (20.87%) and Mexico (20.14%).

The company claims that it touched over two million lives through its products and business opportunity.

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Immunotec Joining Process

One can join Immunotec being a Preferred Customer or a Consultant.

Preferred Customer

No registration fee is required to pay for being a Preferred Customer.

Preferred Customer has the privilege to get all the products 10% lower than the retail price and earn rewards by referring others.

Preferred Customers receive up to 25% discount on all the products when they enable autoship.


Immunotec consultant gets up to 30% discount on all the Immunotec products.

Consultants can promote products to normal retail customers and preferred customers to earn a commission and can also recruit new consultants in their downline.

To become a consultant, an individual has to purchase a suitable starter kit from these:

immunotec starter pack

One can also activate autoship kit to get delivered products monthly.

immunotec autoship packs

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Immunotec Products

Immunotec markets a wide range of dietary supplements, shakes, personal care products and accessories.

Immunotec claims that its Immunocal health packs help people to increase their glutathione levels and immune system.

immunotec products

Like most MLM companies, Immunotec products are also on the expensive side. Its 100gm pack of toothpaste is priced at $14.75 while popular brand offers similar products for two or three dollars on amazon.

Immunotec has mentioned all ingredients used in their products on the official website. Every Immunotec products have benefits and some may have associated side effects, hence make a purchase after personally examining each product, especially benefits, side effects and dosage.

Consultants have 10 days return policy, whereas retail customers have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Immunotec Consultant Ranks

  • CV (Commissionable Volume): It is the assigned value of each product on which commissions are calculated.
  • PSV (Personal Sales Volume): PSV is the volume generated by the consultant’s personal sales and purchases made by personally enrolled customers.
  • PGV (Personal Group Volume): PGV is the sum of PSV and all volume generated by personally recruited consultants.
  • TOV (Total Organizational Volume): It is the sum of own PSV and downline’s PSV.
RanksAchievement RequirementsMonthly Rank Maintenance RequirementsAdditional Requirements
Associate400 PSV in any month180 PSV
Venture2,000 PGV (400 PSV must be from 1 any month)400 PSV
Silver6,000 TOV400 PSV3 Venture legs (Max 2,700 volume/leg)
Gold30,000 TOV600 PSV3 Venture legs (Max 2,700 volume/leg)
Diamond125,000 TOV600 PSV4 Venture legs (Max 56,250 volume/leg)
Executive Diamond500,000 TOV600 PSV4 Venture legs (Max 225,000 volume/leg)
Platinum1,500,000 TOV600 PSV4 Venture legs (Max 675,000 volume/leg)

Additional requirements denote the minimum qualified leg needed. For example, Silver ranked consultants should have 3 legs with venture ranked consultants and a max of 2,700 points are counted from each leg in TOV (Total Organizational Volume) to achieve the rank.

To maintain the silver rank after achievement, consultants have to accumulate 400 PSV every month.

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Immunotec Compensation Plan

Immunotec compensation plan have following incomes.

  1. Customer Retail Profit
  2. Customer Autoship Profit
  3. Customer Volume Bonus
  4. Business Builder Bonus
  5. Team Commissions
  6. Moving up & Accelerated Bonuses
  7. Sponsor Moving Up & Accelerated Bonuses

1. Customer Retail Profit

The difference between the consultant’s discount price and the retail customer price is customer retail profit.

The consultant earns commissions when the customer orders through the consultant’s link.

2. Customer Autoship Profit

As we already know that customer receive a 25% discount on all products on enabling autoship, this is called customer autoship profit.

3. Customer Volume Bonus

This bonus is based on accumulated CSV (customer sales volume).

Customer Sales Volume is the total volume of products purchased directly from Immunotec by the consultant’s personal customers.

The below table shows CSV and minimum customer required with Customer Volume Bonus percent.

CSVMinimum Customer RequiredBonus
1,000 – 1,99925% of CV
2,000 – 2,999410% of Cv
3,000+620% of CV

4. Business Builder Bonus

Immunotec offers a fixed percentage on CV as a Builder Business Bonus depending on the number of BBB credits generated.

1 BBB credit is generated when consultants’ personally enrolled downline generate CVs by making sales in the first month of their enrollment.

BBB CreditsBonus
15% of CV
210% of CV
3+20% of CV

For Instance, if consultant accumulate 2 BBB credit and their personal sponsor generate $1000 CV in first month than consultant receive 10% of CVs which is $200 ($1000x2x10% = $200).  

5. Team Commissions

Team Commission is paid on different downline generation (levels). A certain percentage on CVs accumulated by downline generation is rewarded by the Team Commission.

Refer to the below table to know Team Commission at different consultant rank and downline levels.

Associate ranked consultants receive this commission only from personally enrolled consultants i.e. gen 1, whereas Platinum consultants can get Team Commission from 8 level deep downlines.

RanksAssociateVentureSilverGoldDiamondExecutive DiamondPlatinum
Gen 15%5%5%5%5%5%5%
Gen 25%10%10%10%10%10%
Gen 35%5%7%7%7%7%
Gen 45%7%7%7%7%
Gen 57%7%7%7%
Gen 67%7%7%
Gen 72%2%
Gen 82%

6. Moving Up & Accelerated Bonus

This bonus is divided into two parts and is paid when consultants advance their rank.

The below table shows the Moving Up Bonus, the new rank must be maintained for two consecutive months to earn this bonus.

New RankBonus
Executive Diamond$5,000

If consultants achieve some ranks in given tenure, then they can increase their rank advancement bonus up to 10 times and this is called Accelerated Bonus. The below table shows Accelerated Bonus for different ranks.

RanksSilverGoldDiamondExecutive DiamondPlatinum
Tenure2 Months4 Months8 Months12 Months24 Months
Month 2$200$500$2,500$5,000$20,000
Month 3$200$500$1,250$5,000$20,000
Month 4$1,250$5,000$20,000
Month 5$5,000$20,000
Month 6$20,000
Total $400$1,000$5,000$20,000$100,000

This bonus is divided and paid in several months.

7. Sponsor Moving Up & Accelerated Bonus

Consultants receive this income when their downline consultants advance rank and maintained their rank for 2 consecutive months.

To receive this income, uplines’ own rank must be the same or higher than their downline consultant rank. Otherwise, the bonus will be sent to the next qualified upline.

The below table shows the Sponsor Moving Up Bonus.

Downline Advance ToSponsor Moving Up Bonus
Executive Diamond$2,500

Sponsor Moving Up Bonus may increase if downline consultants reach ranks in a given tenure. The incremented bonus is called Accelerated Bonus.

The below table shows Accelerated Bonus. Ranks denote the new rank of downline consultant and tenure shows the period to achieve that rank. The bonus is divided and paid across multiple months.

RankGoldDiamondExecutive DiamondPlatinum
Tenure4 Months8 Months12 Months24 Months
Month 3$250$1,000$1,666$6,250
Month 4$1,000$1,666$6,250
Month 5$1,668$6,250
Month 6$6,250
Maxium Earnings$500$3,000$7,500$35,000

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the Immunotec profile, products and compensation plan.

Immunotec seems a lucrative opportunity, but as it is an MLM company, there is always a suspicious eye towards it.

Immunotec has a common product range like most other MLM companies i.e. Wellness.

Immunotec products’ pricing is at the higher-end, but at the same time its operator seems promising towards their products.

Immunotec doesn’t have any violation or controversy with FTC and FDA guidelines, which is a positive thing.

Is Immunotec a Scam?

No, Immunotec is not a scam. Immunotec is a product-based direct selling company requiring you to learn MLM skills to succeed.

It is not a money circulation pyramid or ponzi scheme. Immunotec compensates its consultant based on personal and downline product sales.

But considering its MLM compensation plan. It has various criteria to achieve and maintain ranks. Every rank needs monthly certain volume purchases from customers or self. It leads to stockpiling for consultants if they don’t have enough retail customers otherwise their downline earning reduces with dropping rank.

Immunotec has done great work with its compensation plan, which is transparent and shows a clear notation for ranks and income calculations. Immunotec is better than most of its competitors, which we have reviewed so far.

Like success rate of most MLM companies is low, the same goes with Immunotec.

According to Immunotec’s 2019 income disclosure statement, 64% of consultants earned nothing and spent their money on buying expensive Immunotec products.

34.5% of consultants earned between $24 to $1,348 annually.


The top 0.4% of consultants earned $32,563 or more annually. It denotes that, there is only 0.4% of consultants are successful in Immunotec.

This is a common story in most MLM companies, where only less than 1% of distributors earn 90% of the commission who are at the top of the pyramid.

Due to this reason and also due to the fact that MLM has a bad reputation, many people stay away from such schemes.

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