Isagenix Review: Real Weight Loss or MLM Scam?

Isagenix Review

This post is an unbiased review of Isagenix International a direct selling company that promotes weight loss products via its direct seller.

With the tagline “wellbeing made wonderfully human” Isagenix claims that they specialized in nutritional supplements and personal care products.

Here we will go through the following points, before sharing our opinion at the end.

What is Isagenix?

In April 2002, Kathy Coover, Jim Coover, and John Anderson founded Isagenix International.


It is headquartered in Arizona, United States.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to is from the United States (77.48%) and Canada (5.22%).

In 2020, Isagenix estimated annual revenue was $625 million which has dropped 35% from 2017.

Isagenix got popularized for 30 days weight loss scheme, which replaces our most meals with Isagenix products. Meanwhile, Isagenix and its management have remained in several controversies and blamed for exaggerated products claims.

Company Profile

Company NameIsagenix
FoundersKathy Coover, Jim Coover, and John Anderson
When StartedApril, 2002
Head OfficeArizona, United States
ProductsWeight Loss Supplements

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Isagenix Joining Process

You can join Isagenix International by being one of these.

  • Retail Customer: You can purchase Isagenix products by being a customer at retail price.
  • Preferred Customer: After purchasing Preferred Customer membership, they have the privilege to get all the products 15% lower than the retail price and earn rewards by referring others.
  • Associate: To be an Isagenix Associate one needs to generate a minimum of 100 GV within 30 days of transaction. The annual membership fee for an associate is $29.

Isagenix Products

Isagenix markets a wide range of products which are categorized as:

  • Healthcare: Energy drinks, immune booster shakes, stress relief oil, digestive supplements, and essential oils.
  • Food & Beverages: Bars, snacks, booster shakes.
  • Supplements: Pre & post workout supplement, joint support tablets and pain relief cream.
  • Cosmetics: Refreshing body wash, hand cream, youth serum, collagen elixir, and eye treatment cream.

Isagenix claims that by purchasing a weight loss package of between $299 to $649, an individual can lose weight in just 30 days.

Like most MLM companies, Isagenix products are definitely on the expensive side. Isagenix 1 kg Oats priced $21 while on amazon bestselling products cost just $5 per kg.

The same price difference scenario is with most Isagenix products on comparing with retail market or e-commerce.

According to, the customers’ reviews on the products are also negative, especially when it comes to services.

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Isagenix Associate Ranks

There are different ranks given for Isagenix Associate based on their performances.

  • BV (Business Volume): BV is the fixed points on each product, which are generated with every product purchase. BV is used to get PV, GV and calculates different incomes.
  • PV (Personal Volume): PV is BV generated on personal and personally referred customers’ product purchases.
  • GV (Group Volume): GV is PV from personally recruited associates and their downline group.
  • Re-Entries: For three consecutive months executives whose team has produced 225 cycles within thirteen weeks, may apply for a re-entry position.
Associate RanksRequirements
AssociateComplete the Associate application process.
ConsultantAccumulate 300 BV (100 PV from the personal volume, 100 BV from the left team, and 100 BV from the right team) within the prior 30 days.
ManagerAt least 2 personally enrolled consultants at the same time within the prior 30 days.
DirectorAt least 6 personally enrolled consultants at the same time within the prior 30 days.
ExecutiveAt least 10 personally enrolled consultants at the same time within the prior 30 days.
PlatinumNeeds to qualify for a re-entry position.

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Isagenix Compensation Plan

Isagenix Associates can earn in following types of incomes.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Retail Direct Profit
  3. Product Introduction Bonuses
  4. Team Bonuses
  5. Executive Matching Team Bonuses
  6. Special Incentives and Promotions

1. Retail Profit

The difference between the associate price and the retail customer price is retail profit.

2. Retail Direct Profit

This income is paid weekly.

Associates can direct their customers to order products directly from their personal website and earn retail direct profit. This is calculated by subtracting the associate price and website administration fee from the retail price.

3. Product Introduction Bonus

Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) is earned by sharing Isagenix products with a new member. This income depends on the product packages sold.

4. Team Bonuse

Team Bonus is also known as a Cycle bonus.

When you accumulate a total of at least 600 BV on one side and 300 BV on the other side, distributors achieve 1 Cycle which equates to $54.


Extra BV from both teams is being handover to the next cycle if you are active.

For Instance, if you accumulate 800 BV on your left sales team and 350 BV on your right sales team, a Cycle occurs and 600 BV from your left and 300 BV from the right team are deducted, leaving you with a holdover volume of 200 BV on the left and 50 BV on the right which is carried over to the next cycle.

One can earn up to 250 cycles per commission week.

5. Executive Matching Team Bonus

Associates who achieve executive rank are eligible to receive this bonus. This bonus is 10% of the team bonus of personally enrolled consultants and above rank downline.

Associates can earn matching team bonuses on 250 cycles and a max of 25 cycles from one distributor weekly.

6. Special Incentives and Promotions

Isagenix offers Incentives and promotions to their Associates like special trips, travels, awards, cash bonuses, etc. These incentives often change as per Isagenix.

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To Be Conclude

Here we end with the Isagenix compensation plan. Isagenix has made several products and earning claims, but it has many controversies to know first.


In early 2020 a lawsuit was filed against Jay Bennett, top leader of Isagenix.

Bryan Lund and Scott Christensen blamed Jay Bennett for reselling Isagenix products at the e-commerce marketplace Amazon and eBay.

Product selling at eCommerce is illegal in most MLM companies including Isagenix. But Jay Bennett as the top achiever of Isagenix was doing so. Jim Coover Isagenix co-founder was alleged for involvement but he deny allegations in an MLM magazine.

Later Justin Powell, Isagenix’s attorney confirms amazon’s sales strategy and justify the incident.

In Feb 2020, Isagenix accused Modere for stealing their distributors with misleading information about Isagenix on social media.

Modere is a competitor MLM company of Isagenix and their product range overlaps to some extent. Isagenix filed a lawsuit in Arizona, the USA for mass raiding and unethical behavior from Modere representatives.

Later Isagenix drops USA lawsuits and decided to continue legal action in Australia against some individuals.

In response Modere said, Isagenix does not follow further procedures after filing lawsuits and has not named Modere & any of their distributors for lawsuits.

In June 2020, FTC sent a warning letter to Isagenix for misleading earning and covid-19 related products claims by representatives.

In July 2021, Shana Robertson former employee filed a lawsuit for Isagenix ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Shana Robertson blamed parties involved in Isagenix ESOP overvalued share price and Argent Trust Company did not perform due diligence in the course of the ESOP transaction with more allegations. Shana Robertson later dropped lawsuits.

Overpriced Products & Exaggerated Claims

Like most MLM companies, Isagenix products are highly overpriced for the end customer. Isagenix weight loss program endorses consumers to replace their daily meals with Isagenix shakes and cleanses. This creates a heavy burden on consumers’ pockets, while many didn’t see the ideal result.’s experts reviewed the Isagenix weight loss program and rated it poor. Isagenix weight loss program can help to reduce weight for the short term, as liquid-based diets help to consume fewer calories, but that is a natural phenomenon and not the miracle of Isagenix products.

Isagenix apply over-restricted diet that can’t be followed for the long term, as weight maintenance is based on overall lifestyle and a long-term game.

November 2020, the Canadian government issued a warning to recall many Isagenix products. Many people got sick after consuming Isagenix products.

Over-fortification of vitamins was the main reason behind recalling following products.

  • Isalean Bar (Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch)
  • Isalean Shake (Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mint, Peach Mango, Strawberry Cream, Creamy French Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Mocha and Salted Caramel)
  • Kosher Isalean Pro Shake (Natural Creamy Vanilla)
  • Isalean Pro Shake (Strawberry Cream, French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla and Natural Chocolate)
  • Isalean Whole Blend plant-based shake Banana Bread flavor

Over-fortification of vitamins appears when companies add too many vitamins to products or individuals consume vitamins more than the requirements which can lead to various health complications.

Is Isagenix a Scam?

No, Isagenix is an MLM company and MLM is a legal business in most countries.

Isagenix provides a commission to its distributors on personal and downline product sales which are different from fraud money circulation schemes like pyramid and ponzi schemes.

Should I Join Isagenix?

If you are interested to sell some expensive weight loss products and want to build a distributor network, then Isagenix can be an option.

MLM has a bad reputation and less than 1% of people in every MLM company makes living and earn a decent commission. It takes around 3 to 4 years to get succeed in any MLM company.

The answer to this question is completely depends on you and we have tried to share the required facts, which will help you to make the right decision.

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  • Compensation Plan
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