Jaa Lifestyle Company Review: Real or Fake?

jaa lifestyle review

Quick Facts

  • Jaa Lifestyle operates on an unsustainable advertisement-based MLM model.
  • The company charges for KYC approval from a suspicious website they created themselves, and the operators are anonymous.
  • Jaa Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme that has already made millions before launch and is now transitioning into a crypto MLM scam.

For the last 2 years, Jaa Lifestyle is a popular name among people who want to earn easy money from the Internet.

“View advertisement, refer people and earn assured income” is the expected earning cycle from Jaa Lifestyle, but now it’s more than 2 years and it is not started yet.

Here we will do an in-depth review of the Jaa Lifestyle and its MLM compensation plan. At last, we will share our opinion on the question, Should I join Jaa Lifestyle?

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What is Jaa Lifestyle?

Jaa Lifestyle stands for Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle. It claims to change the lifestyle of people through its compensation plan.

Domain Jaalifestyle.com is registered on 28 Sept 2018. However, Jaa Lifestyle got popularised in the second half of 2020.

According to a similar web, most people visiting Jaalifestyle.com are from India (55%), Bangladesh (18%), Indonesia (4%), and Sri Lanka (3%).

Jaa Lifestyle is operated from the UK and was Incorporated on 19, July 2020 as a private limited company in London.


To operate an advertisement business Jaa Lifestyle partnered with EehhaAA Limited, a micro-sized company registered in Ireland.

Same as Jaa Lifestyle’s official website, eehhaaa.com gets the most visitors from India and other Asian countries. It is also registered as a company in India.

Company Profile Details

Company NameJaa Lifestyle
When Started2020
Head Office
ProductsView Advertisements
Email ID[email protected]

Jaa Lifestyle Joining Process

2 options are given to join Jaa Lifestyle.

The first one is Free Plan, but here earnings are restricted. While Paid Plan offers more earning possibilities.

Paid Plan cost 18 Euros (Earlier 10 Euros) and according to Jaa Lifestyle, 18 Euros goes for Nordic KYC Verification.

After completing the registration process, members have to log in to Eehhaaa.com for viewing advertising and earn money.

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Jaa Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Jaa Lifestyle compensation program can be divided into 2 parts. Free Plan and Paid Plan.

1. Free Plan

  • Free Ad View Income: Members who do not purchase Jaa Lifestyle subscription can earn 0.95 euro daily by watching 60 Ads.
  • Referral Income: For every successful referral, Jaa Lifestyle gives around 0.68 euro to free plan members.

2. Paid Plan

A. Free Future Share Income

Jaa Lifestyle is promising to give 200 euro shares and 100 Jaa Crypto Coin to initial paid plan members

As Jaa Lifestyle is not listed in any stock market and has not launched its crypto coin yet, so their actual value is not definable.

B, Ad View Income

In paid plan, Jaa Lifestyle gives 2.74 euro for watching 60 Ads daily.

When downline completes watching 60 ads every day, based on downline’s level some commission is also given on that.

Refer to the below table to understand the Jaa Lifestyle ad view income from the downline.

DownlineDaily Ad View Income
38.22 Euro
513.7 Euro
1027.4 Euro
2054.8 Euro
50137 Euro

3. Subscription-based income

On each new KYC approval in the downline, Jaa Lifestyle gives a fixed commission based on the level at which KYC is approved.

Downline LevelMemberCommission
11€ 5
21€ 2
31€ 2
41€ 2
51€ 2
61€ 3
71€ 4

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Jaa Lifestyle Review

I am personally following Jaa Lifestyle for a long time. I will share some insights and facts which will help you understand the harsh reality of the Jaa Lifestyle.

Unsustainable Advertisement-based MLM Model

Jaa Lifestyle’s business plan makes it an advertisement-based MLM, where members get commission on viewing ads, recruiting people and ad views from the downline.

Many people found it an attractive opportunity and an easy way to earn money, but it is not a long sustainable model.

Every company that spent a budget on internet advertisement always targets a specific group of people based on age, gender, location, interest, etc. And companies like Facebook and Google have the broad range of audiences with advanced advertising features.

So why a company will choose Jaa Lifestyle for advertisement?

Jaa Lifestyle has limited members and companies are not interested to show ads to the same audience every time.

Advertisement-based MLM business is not long-term sustainable at all. Jaa Lifestyle is not the first one to come up with this model. Hundreds of companies already tried the same model and got shut down after some time.

KYC Approval Scam

For paid plan, Jaa Lifestyle is taking 18 Euros.

According to Jaa Lifestyle, these 18 Euros will go for user verification, KYC from a reputed organization called Nordic Approval.


As per our check, the Nordic-approval.com website started in the second half of 2020. It doesn’t have any reputation as claimed by promoters and it is a one-page shell website established by Jaa Lifestyle operators.

Generally, most companies charge nothing for KYC. To take money from people, Jaa Lifestyle is making excuses for KYC.

Operators are Hiding

Operators of Jaa Lifestyle are not public.

It is registered as a company in the UK, but directors Terence Blackwood Martin and Francis John Carter don’t have a presence on any social media platform and they are promising to build an online advertising business.

Moreover, eehhaaa.com also seems suspicious.

Its archive.org’s first snap is on 10, May 2021. So like Nordic-approval.com, eehhaaa.com is another shell website built by Jaa Lifestyle.

Ponzi Scheme

Jaa Lifestyle is under launch and its members are waiting for it. But the fact, Jaa Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme cannot be ignored.

The 18 euro KYC charge is rotated among members and money circulation is performed.

Initial members will be paid by the money of new members and the cycle will go on until it collapses or operators feel enough for this birth.

This Ponzi scheme has already captured millions of people. Operators have already made millions before the launch. So maybe it never launches like the OnPassive scam.

Should I Join Jaa Lifestyle?

I have given enough reasons to not join Jaa Lifestyle.

People are getting fooled or making fools to others, in the hope of easy money from Jaa Lifestyle.

Jaa Lifestyle is now in the mood to become a crypto MLM scam. Investigate before investing your time and money in a Ponzi scheme like Jaa Lifestyle.

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