Jeunesse Global Review: Opportunity or Another MLM Scam?

Jeunesse MLM Review

In this post, we are going to gab about Jeunesse Global a direct selling company that approaches with the tagline LOOK YOUNG, FEEL YOUNG, LIVE YOUNG.

As per the Jeunesse Global Official Website, they have 700,000+ active distributors in over 140 countries around the world. Jeunesse Global claimed that we are passionate about redefining youth through our revolutionary products and life-changing opportunities.

So let’s dig deeper to understand more about the MLM compensation plan and products of Jeunesse Global. And at the end we will answer the question, is Jeunesse a Pyramid Scheme?

Jeunesse Global
FounderRandy Ray, Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis
When StartedSeptember 9, 2009
Head OfficeLake Mary, Florida
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsSkincare, Cosmetics, Health Supplements
Joining Cost$29.95

What is Jeunesse Global?

In many cultures, the number nine represents longevity and the Jeunesse Global founders also believe the same, that’s why they launched it at 9 PM on Sept 9, 2009.

Jeunesse’s founders are Randy Ray (CEO), Wendy Lewis (COO) and Scott A. Lewis (Chief Visionary Officer). It is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida.

Jeunesse Global is a popular seller of skincare products, other cosmetics and natural health supplements.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to Jeunesse Global is from Turkey (23.29%), Italy (14.14%), Brazil (11.03%), United States (6.16%) and Russia (4.51%).

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Jeunesse Joining Process

To join Jeunesse Global, firstly you have to enroll as an Associate for $29.95.

Individuals can create a custom enrollment package by choosing the desired Jeunesse products or purchasing an existing package.

Being Jeunesse’s direct seller, it is compulsory to purchase a minimum of 100 CV products in a month within your first year and a minimum of 60 CVs later every month.

Here CV stands for Commission Volume. CV is fixed on every product and rewarded as points on each purchase to calculate different incomes.

Jeunesse has different ranks for direct sellers, the first 3 are as follows.

  1. Associate: When you enroll and submit the company agreement, Associate rank is given.
  2. Distributor: To be a distributor, you must have to accrue a 100 CV within a single smart delivery month.
  3. Executive: To earn commission from the sales of downline, it is required to be on executive rank. To reach here, individuals must have at least one personally enrolled distributor in left and right team each.

The below chart will help you understand higher ranks.

Jeunesse Rank

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Jeunesse Products

Jeunesse Global has different categories of products.

  • Miracle micro cream
  • Youthful skincare
  • Flawless foundation
  • Collagen beauty drink
  • Advanced haircare system
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Memory support supplements
  • Dietary supplements
  • Topical analgesic
Jeunesse Products

Like most MLM companies, Jeunesse products are definitely on the expensive side, as its 150 gm pack of energy drinks cost $48. However, the customer’s reviews on the products are also negative, especially when it comes to services.

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Jeunesse Compensation Plan

There are the following 6 incomes in the Jeunesse compensation plan.

1. Retail Sales

Jeunesse provides products to distributors at a lower cost called Wholesale Price. By selling products at retail prices, distributors can earn the retail sales income.

Jeunesse gives a commission of 15 to 40% on each product sale.

Moreover, Jeunesse provides products to repeated customers (called preferred customers) at a special price named Preferred Price which can be up to 25% lower than the retail price.

Here commission of distributors is wholesale price minus the preferred price, which is lower than the actual retail sales. But in this, the CV of the preferred customer’s purchase is accumulated in the distributor’s PGV and GV, which will be further used to calculate different incomes.

2. Retail Sales Bonus

Retails Sales Bonus is given when you sell Jeunesse products package to new customers or direct downline.

This bonus varies between $25 to $250 based on the price of the package sold.

On the custom package, this bonus can be 10 to 15% on the price of the purchased custom package.

3. Team Commissions

When downline generate sales, those sales generate group volume (GV) for upline.

When one leg (Left or Right) reaches 600 GV and another 300 GV, then a $35 commission is given, which is also called Cycle Bonus.

This weekly bonus repeats till 750 times when you meet the same condition.

4. Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus is mainly based on the rank achieved and only begins after Jade Executive rank.

Matching Bonus is calculated on the Team Commission of different downline levels. Team Commission is matched at every downline level and a fixed percentage of that is given as Matching Bonus.

As you can see in the below chart, Matching Bonus at Jade Executive rank is 20% from the level 1 downline. While at Pearl Executive rank, it is provided from 2 levels deep downline.

Matching Bonus Jeunesse

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive

This income can increase Matching Bonus of the first level from 20% to 25% when you sell products to 5 registered customers within a month. And increase to 30% when you sell products to 10 registered customers within a month.

6. Bonus Pools

Bonus Pool is a quarterly bonus, offered to direct sellers at the rank of Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

Here Jeunesse quarterly shares a fixed percentage of their total CV to direct sellers called Pool.

Pools are as follow, 0.33% for Ruby, 0.66% for Emerald, and 2% for Diamond rank direct sellers.

For Ruby & Emerald direct sellers, it is required to complete 1 share of the respective pool, which is selling products to 5 customers or 5 downlines for each month of the quarter. Multiple shares can be achieved every month.

For Diamond direct sellers, 1 share is allocated on selling products to 10 customers or 10 downlines for each month of the quarter.

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To Be Concluded

This was all about the products and compensation plan of Jeunesse Global.

Long story short, Jeunesse seems a very upstanding opportunity but few are confused with its legalities.

Is Jeunnese a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Jeunnese is not a pyramid scheme. It is a direct selling company giving commission to its distributors based on personal and downline product sales.

It is legally operating in 88+ countries. Jeunesse can’t be called a MLM scam, but it has dark sides to know.

False Claims and Overpriced Products

If we talk about Jeunesse Products, they seem premium in quality but like most MLM companies, they are extremely overpriced.

Moreover, there are some complaints regarding customer and delivery services. Sometimes products don’t even ship properly on time. You can check a comment of Trust Pilot users after a bad experience with Jeunesse.

Jeunesse Trust Pilot Review

Jeunesse’s all four doctors claim that “some products can manipulate human genes and cells, even going so far as to say that Jeunesse products can slow the ageing process and cure cancer”

In reality, Jeunesse products are just cosmetic & health supplements, they can’t cure any diseases.

Multiple Lawsuits against Jeunesse

For false advertisement and deceptive marketing, Jeunnese has been taken to the courtroom for their so-called anti-ageing products.

Randy Ray the founder of Jeunesse has been involved in multiple lawsuits, and complaints. Randy is additionally associated with other entities which operate as an MLM violating Florida statutes about false and misleading advertising and prohibition of illegal lotteries and pyramid clubs.

Moreover, Jeunesse distributors falsely promise of earning thousands of dollars per week.

Illegally Operating in China

Jeunesse does not have an import license for China.

As per Ghanzhou Customs authorities, Jeunesse products are smuggled into the country via Tianyi provision Company through Hong Kong. Later, products are smuggled into Ghanzhou and then distributed nationally by Guanzhou Ruizang Trading Co.

Local media reports that Jeunesse products worth 1.5 billion yuan were seized in china on May 19th, 2020. Two Jeunesse China market leaders, Zhao and Wang were arrested by the Chinese police for the offence.

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