Jocial Advertise Review: Legit or Influencer Marketing Scam?

jocial review

Jocial Advertise is an Influence Marketing Platform that claims to focus on becoming the most powerful influencer marketing platform in the world.

Jocial company claims to work in 200 countries.

Jocial is based in London, United Kingdom and seems to connect brands with digital influencers.

As per Alexa statistics, most visitors of Jocial are from Lithuania, Canada and the USA.

In this post, we will discuss what exactly Jocial is, Joining Jocial, its compensation plan and lastly my personal review of this company and its activities.

What is Jocial?

Jocial tagged as “Influence of Wealth” works internationally and tends to implement data-driven insights and creative strategies to create productive relationships between brands and influencers.

Jocial was founded by Jamie March, a British internet entrepreneur in 2008.

Jocial founder Jamie March

Jocial associated with in 2020 and after that, it started the influencing program.

OriginLike is a single-stop destination for all the social marketing needs of the users. It includes services for the social media tools such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok. OriginLike sells social media followers and likes.

Jocial official site keeps showing the pop-ups having data of every newly added influencer along with the country name.

Also, the website includes links to Jocial Apps.

Jocial also claims to launch Jsim, “Jocial School of Internet Marketing” in near future.

Company Profile

Company NameJocial Advertise
FounderJamie March
When Started2008
Head OfficeLondon, United Kingdom
ProductsInfluence Marketing Platform
Email ID[email protected]

Joining Jocial

Anyone having 25 or more followers or friends on any social media platform can become a Jocial influencer.

There are three simple steps for joining Jocial:

  • Apply to Jocial by registering online.
  • Accept the campaign that meets your expectations.
  • Start earning money per campaign.

There are mainly two types of subscription packages. One out of two has to be opted to become a Jocial Influencer.

  1. Three months subscription at the price of $60.
  2. 1 year subscription at the price of $240.
jocial subscription

A digital marketing course is provided by the company and certificates is offered on completion of the course with each subscription.

Types of influencers

There are mainly 4 types of influencers in Jocial.

Nano InfluencerFollowers or subscribers around 999 or less
Micro InfluencerFollowers of subscribers between 1000 and 99,999.
Macro InfluencerFollowers or subscribers between 1,00,000 and 1 million
Mega InfluencerOver 1 million subscribers or followers

Jocial Compensation Plan

There are mainly two ways to earn as a Jocial Influencer: Individual Earning and Team Earning. Both types of earning are further divided into different parts depending on the requirement fulfilment.

Individual Earning

Individual earning is the earning of a single influencer regardless of his team members or their work. It is further divided into three parts:

Reward PointReward points are earned on updating profiles, daily activities and promotional activities. 100 reward points = 1 USD
Campaign BonusApprox. USD1 to USD 15 is paid weekly depending on the campaign activity, type of influencer and type of subscription.
Premium Brand’s Campaign BonusSelected Micro-influencers and above receive additional premium brand’s campaign bonuses.

Team Earning

Apart from the Individual Earning, the influencers can also earn through the teams. The Team Earning is also further divided into three parts.

  • Matching Bonus

To become eligible to receive this bonus, one has to build the downline i.e. recruit more influencers under him. Matching Bonus is the Jocial Point (JP) generated with the subscription plan by each team. When the left and right pairs match, 10% of the total JP is given as Matching Bonus.

Here 1 Jocial Point equals USD 1.

The unmatched Jocial Points of both teams get carried forward.  

  • Super Matching Bonus

It is the 10% daily bonus on the matching bonuses with the personally recruited influencers.

  • Global Power Bonus

As soon as an influencer qualifies for the club of Global Power Bonus, he starts earning of total global Jocial Point turnover monthly.

It is calculated as 5% of the Jocial’s 1-month turnover paid to the Global Power Bonus Achievers.

There are different clubs such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown and Ambassador with the personal enrolments as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18.

If an influencer directly brings 18 personally recruited influencers, he is added to the Ambassador Club.

The influencers are asked to make the payments through bitcoin, perfect money or payeer whereas the influencers are paid in the form of bitcoin.

Jocial Review

Jocial claims to be the best influencing platform but its reality is different.

Firstly, according to the official site, Jocial is operated from the USA while the exact address is not provided anywhere. Also, the Facebook account of Jocial is operated from India, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

Domain was registered in 2008 but the Wayback Machine shows that the site was launched in June 2020. It means, Jocial shows itself as an old company but it is not.

Also, Jamie March who claims to be the founder of Jocial is not present on any social media nor any of his details are out over the internet. Without any validity, he aims to create the biggest influencer marketing platform.

One of the biggest red flags of Jocial is its expensive courses.

Jocial charges heavily for subscriptions of 3 months and 12 months while the actual cost is not that much.

If Jocial really wishes to promote Influence Marketing, it should focus on making good influencers and not on increasing the number of influencers.

Is Jocial a Pyramid Scheme?

Jocial does not provide any affordable product and uses the network marketing concept.

Individuals have to pay a huge amount to become part of it and bring new people to earn commissions.

Existing members are paid by the subscription cost of new members and the cycle goes on.

It is money circulation and Jocial is a pyramid scheme claiming to be an influencer marketing platform.

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