Is Juicy Fields Scam? Honest Review

juicy fields review

Quick Facts

  • Juicy Fields is a cannabis investment opportunity that promises high returns and offers referral commissions.
  • Juicy Fields has received warnings and been added to alert lists by authorities in different countries, such as the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.
  • There are red flags and suspicions surrounding the lack of transparency, possible Ponzi scheme, and securities fraud.

Juicy Fields claims to be a crowdgrowing-based business model and aids people to invest in cannabis cultivation and earn profit.

Juicy Fields is a platform that connects investors with medical cannabis cultivators. Potpreneur term is used to describe Juicy Fields investors.

This post is going to be an unbiased Juicy Fields review where we will discuss different aspects of the company such as Juicy Field’s investment plan and its company profile.

You will also get the answer to the question, Is Juicy Fields a Ponzi Scheme Scam?

Juciy Fields
FounderAlan Glanse
When Started2017
Head OfficeEKøbenhavn K, Denmark
ProductsCannabis Cultivation Investment
Joining Cost€50

What is Juicy Fields?

Alan Glanse founded the company Juicy Fields in 2017. It is located in Amst­erdam, Netherlands and its offices are in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

juicy fields founder Alan Glanse
Alan Glanse

The current official website is registered in 2019. Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to is from Germany (30.01%), Spain (16.10%) and France (14.89%).

Juicy Fields is a registered entity as Juicy Holdings B.V. and Juicy Grow GmbH in Netherlands and Germany respectively.

Juicy Fields is said to be an intermediary between cannabis cultivators and investors. Willem Van Der Merwe, CEO of Juicy Fields describes themselves as the cannabis crowdgrowing movement leader.

Juicy Fields harvest cannabis plants 2-4 times a year in their greenhouses and investors only have to invest in them to earn profits on sales.

Juicy Fields advertises these companies as their partners and cultivators: Sabores Púrpura, KannaByte, FCM Global, Anutea, Canna Yeza, Cannabis-International ApS, Canna Trade, The Green Side, TERRA CANN, Walker Cultivation and LC Med.

The company also plans to open the cannabis high THC content products medical centers all over the world.

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Juicy Fields Investment Plan

There is no additional joining fee to become a part of Juicy Fields.

Whoever wishes to invest in Juicy Fields Cannabis Plantation, needs to choose a suitable program from these and purchase cannabis plants.

PlansBuying Price Harvest Per YearPeriodEstimated ProfitMax Profit
JuicyFlash€ 501108 Days€ 175-32565%
JuicyMist € 2,00043 Years€ 3600-4800240%
JuicyKush€ 2,00034 Years€ 6000-9000450%
JuicyHaze€ 2,00025 Years€ 9000-12000600%

As per Juicy Fields greenpaper, they harvest cannabis of different yield quality and density, hence JuicyHaze offers more profit with only 2 annual harvests compared to JuicyKush and JuicyMist.

Juicy Fields investors can invest and withdraw funds using different payment methods, SEPA bank transfers or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether).

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Juicy Fields Review

Overall Juicy Fields seems a lucrative investment opportunity considering the returns they promise and actually delivered so far.

Juicy Fields also offers an opportunity to earn referral commissions. Investors can work as affiliates where they have to bring new investors to get the referral bonus.

Affiliate commission is the main reason behind, why many people are promoting Juicy Fields on the internet.

Juicy Fields greenpaper, website claims, and affiliate promotion make us excited to invest in it. But there are some other facts to think about.

Warnings Issued

Netherlands, Spain and Germany are three important places for the operation of Juicy Fields. But within a short span, it has received warnings or been added to the alert list by authorities of different countries.

Other than this, there are more red flags that put Juicy Fields under suspicion.

Lack of Transparency

Juicy Field is actually just a website for investors.

Whatever the investment amount, Investors can’t visit their cannabis plantation, Juicy Fields selects limited visitors to visit their plantations.

Juicy Fields has mentioned its cultivation partners, but there is not enough evidence of how their business activities actually executed.

Collecting investments, starting cultivation, then harvesting, selling, and providing returns. The backend process is quite complex.

Juicy Fields has not elaborated cultivations and investment processes adequately.

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Possible Ponzi Scheme

Personally, I believe, there are more chances of Juicy Fields being a Ponzi scheme.

A possible theory, similar to most other Ponzi schemes applies to Juicy Fields’ investment opportunity.

The extraordinary guaranteed returns offered by Juicy Fields are nothing but the money of new investors to old investors.

As Juicy Fields locks money for a few months or years, meanwhile it just circulates the investment and performs money circulation.

Practically Ponzi scheme theory fits better with Juicy Fields’ investment scheme compared to following a long process of cultivation and selling of cannabis.

Securities Fraud

If we keep the Ponzi Scheme theory aside, then also Juicy Fields is not authorized to operate cannabis cultivation investment opportunities.

Companies that offer investment services, they strictly required to register and get approved by the financial authority of the region or country of operation, which is not the case with Juicy Fields.

Hence, Juicy Fields is doing securities fraud as it is not authorized to do so.

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Is Juicy Fields a Scam?

More Likely, Juicy Fields is a scam.

There is no question regarding promised returns, as it is providing profit on time. Juicy Fields avoided legal trouble by claiming to do cannabis cultivation only in the permitted countries.

But at the same time, it all seems part of a Ponzi scheme conspiracy.

Like most Ponzi schemes, Juicy Fields provides returns to its early investors to lure the maximum number of people to invest more.

Once a large number of people will start investing in it, they can disable withdrawal and take an exit scam.

If Juicy Fields is damn sure with the cannabis cultivations profits and able to produce million of dollars in revenue from it. Then why do they seek to collect 50 euros from some random people on the Internet?

Juicy Fields can collaborate with major investors where cannabis production and use are legal. They don’t need to face the hurdle of collecting a few bucks from investors across the globe where Cannabis is not viewed from the same perspective.

Moreover, Juicy Fields doesn’t have permission to operate an investment scheme and there is a lack of transparency.

If you still believe that Juicy Fields is a legitimate opportunity, then already few countries have warned to not become part of it.

Should I join Juicy Fields?

This decision is up to you. We have nothing to do with Juicy Fields, our purpose was to provide unbiased opinions and facts about it.

We have shared some red flags and warnings from regulators, which are enough to keep oneself away from this.

At first glance, I was also got convinced and lured by a new concept of e-growing. Unfortunately, there is more chance of Juicy Fields being a scam.

Be careful and don’t invest your hard earn money in someone else influence, who is just interested to get some affiliate commission on your investment.

It’s like Rob Peter to Pay Paul, where in the end, most investors will lose their money.

Moreover, in countries where Juicy Fields is not registered as an entity, those residents should take extra precautions, as your government can’t help to get investment back, if some mishap goes on.

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