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kwabey fake or real

Kwabey offers to buy 4 t-shirts at 999 rupees and store under 299 rupees. This post will be providing an honest review of Kwabey Fashion, an online fashion store that has been generating buzz due to its promotional activities directed toward users.

Keep reading to find out the truth about this online store and know whether is Kwabey Fashion real or fake.

Kwabey Fashion
CEOBagish Malhotra
When Started2020
Head OfficeLudhiana, India

What is Kwabey Fashion?

Kwabey claims to be a modern fashion clothing store and they define themselves as “Kwality above everything” to serve the trendy preferences of all age groups.

Kwabey fashion

Kwabey is an India-based online store that sells fashion wears for teenagers, young adults, and both men and women. The Store was founded in 2020 by Bagish Malhotra, it’s store location is in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Before starting Kwabey, Bagish Malhotra operated CR Malhotra Apparels between 2016 to 2020.

Kwabey Owner
Kwabey Founder

Kwabey Fashion has over 90k+ Instagram followers and their website gets over 100k+ visitors from India.

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Kwabey Products

They claim to deliver over 1 million products, and they mostly deal in T-shirts and top wear.

Kwabey fashion details

However, on visiting their website it seems to be a little low-budget business as their website doesn’t have desktop mode, but the smartphone interface is simple and attractive.

Kwabey claims to be partnered with delivery agents which include Delhivery, XpressBeez, BlueDart, DTDCb, and ShadowFax.

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Returns & Refunds Policy

Kwabey Fashion offers a 7-day return policy, starting from the date of delivery. They claim to reserve the right to cancel any order due to issues such as payment errors, faults, or any other reasons, without prior notice to the customer.

Kwabey fashion return policy

To book a return, customers can simply visit our website and click on the ‘BOOK RETURN’ button. Once the return is initiated, the refunds will be processed within 10-15 days after the reverse pickup is completed.

In addition, a freight charge of Rs.100 will be levied for the reverse shipment, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

If a customer requests a monetary refund for their prepaid canceled order, they will deduct transaction charges of 7% + GST. However, no transaction charges will be deducted for wallet refunds.

As per the information, they will not entertain any refund or issue raised after 30 days from the date of order placement.

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Kwabey Fashion Review

So, that’s all about the Kwabey Fashion. Now Let’s review the online store and find out whether it is safe to shop from Kwabey fashion or not.

Delay in Refunds

There have been a lot of reports of customers not receiving refunds for a long time, sometimes even after 3 months. Some users claim that they haven’t got their refund after the cancellation of the order.

Kwabey fashion review
User review on Trustpilot

This makes it difficult to trust such online stores.

Poor Quality Products

It has been a lot of complaints about the quality of the products from Kwabey. Many customers have also complained about the poor quality of the products, with some saying that the quality of a 500 Rs t-shirt was more akin to a 50-100 Rs t-shirt.

It’s better to purchase from other online shopping apps than these doubtful stores.

Unnecessary Conditions and Charges

Furthermore, Kwabey’s return and refund policy has several terms and conditions that may make it difficult for customers to receive their money back.

The company claims the right to cancel orders without prior notice, and transaction charges will be deducted if a customer requests a monetary refund for their prepaid canceled order. Also, a freight charge of Rs 100 will be levied for the reverse shipment, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

It seems that they’re misguiding the customer and don’t want to replace or refund the product. Their return policy has a huge different from other popular online stores.

No Customer Support

Small online stores like Kwabey always have a lack of customer support. The same is with Kwabey Fashion. Many users reported that they’re unable to contact customer care and if so then there is no proper solution to their problem.

Kwabey fashion reviews

Many complaints have surfaced with evidence, alleging that customers have not received their purchased products despite having paid for them and that refunds have not been issued.

Overall, these issues raise concerns about the trustworthiness and quality of Kwabey Fashion. Customers should exercise caution when considering making purchases from this company.

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Kwabey is Real or Fake?

It is difficult to judge whether Kwabey Fashion is real or fake. However, It is delivering products to customers but several concerns have been raised about the online store’s trustworthiness and quality.

Customers have reported delayed refunds, poor-quality products, and unnecessary conditions and charges in their return and refund policies. These issues indicate that Kwabey Fashion may not be a safe option for shopping, and it is recommended that customers exercise caution when considering making purchases from this company.

It is advised to purchase from other online shopping apps with a better reputation and return policy rather than from Kwabey Fashion, which seems to have several issues in delivering quality products and processing refunds.

Kwabey as a new online fashion store needs to improve product quality, return policy and customer support. However, maintaining this low price will be not possible, as these improvements will require more funds.

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5 thoughts on “Kwabey Fashion Real or Fake | Honest Review”

  1. Shop from @Kwabey_fashion & see how badly this brand is managed.
    – Takes around 10-14 days to deliver.
    – Delivers wrong items.
    – Prints specifically anything white looks horrendous
    – No exchange or return pick-up.
    – Customer support seems to not care about issues.

  2. have ordered from this fraud Kwabey company website.There is no return or exchange of the items.Even i tried to contact with the mail provided on the delivery package so the email is not even exist and called contact number and they said its not returnable once placed order and disconnected the call.Such a fraud company and quality of the items are too poor to use.So dont ever buy anything from this fraud website.Bloody scammers and fraudsters.

  3. Same here, returned the product and there is no word after that, the Courier partners website says the product is returned to the owner but Kwabey does not know where the order is.
    I’m thinking of taking legal action against them, anyone can help?

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