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Lado Okhotnikov alias Vladimir Okhotnikov is a controversial figure in the world of direct selling and cryptocurrency. He is known for his involvement in several MLM schemes and has been accused of operating Ponzi schemes.

In this post, we will take a closer look at Lado Okhotnikov’s life and explore how he became one of the most successful crypto-entrepreneur of his time.

Who is Lado Okhotnikov?

Lado Okhotnikov is believed to be a Russian citizen, and his current whereabouts are unknown. The official Facebook page for his companies is managed by Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

forsage founder Vladimir Okhotnikov
Vladimir ‘Lado’ Okhotnikov

Lado Okhotnikov is the founder of the popular crypto-MLM scheme Meta Force and Forsage. A lawsuit against Lado Okhotnikov has been filed in US court for a $300 million scam.

Lado Okhotnikov was born in 1977 in Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. As a child, he showed a keen interest in mathematics and science, which led him to pursue a degree in engineering.

After completing his education, he started working in the IT industry, where he quickly rose through the ranks and became a prominent figure in the field.

Full NameVladimir ‘Lado’ Okhotnikov
Birth PlaceGeorgia
FounderForsage, Meta Force
Known ForCrypto MLM Investment Schemes

Career and Business

Lado’s entrepreneurial journey came to light in 2020 when he founded the cryptocurrency platform, The platform aimed to provide a decentralized approach to cryptocurrency and attracting much attention from investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Under Lado’s leadership, the platform grew rapidly and soon became one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

forsage busd earning

The platform quickly gained popularity among investors and entrepreneurs, and within a few months, it had over 800,000 participants from around the world.

After this, Okhotnikov announced in February 2022. However, it is believed to be a pyramid scheme, which means that it relies on new investors’ money to pay existing investors, rather than generating profits through legitimate business activities.

Lado Okhotnikov is considered a serial scammer who has launched six Ponzi schemes.

Accusation of Scams

Lado Okhotnikov has been accused of running several Ponzi schemes in different countries, including Russia, Georgia, and the United States.

In 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Philippines issued a warning to investors about Forsage, which was described as an MLM scheme that was likely a Ponzi scheme.

SEC Charges Forsage founder

The government of Georgia also issued a warning to investors about Meta Force, another MLM scheme launched by Okhotnikov.

The government stated that the scheme was not registered with the National Bank of Georgia and warned investors against investing in the scheme.

Similarly, the government of Russia has also issued warnings against several MLM schemes launched by Okhotnikov, including MMM Global and Forsage.


In 2021, a thesis was published on how Forsage operates as a Ponzi scheme, highlighting the role of Okhotnikov in the scheme.

Despite these accusations and warnings, Okhotnikov continues to operate MLM schemes and promote them on social media platforms.

Role in Cryptocurrency

Lado Okhotnikov has also played a role in the development of cryptocurrency. He was one of the early adopters of the Ethereum blockchain and used it as the basis for his MLM schemes.

He has also been involved in the development of several cryptocurrency projects, including Ethereum Chain and Ethereum Push.


Okhotnikov has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrency and has promoted it as a way to revolutionize the financial system.

However, his involvement in MLM schemes has raised concerns about the legitimacy of his activities in the cryptocurrency space as his smart contracts are money-circulations scams.


Lado Okhotnikov’s involvement in MLM schemes and cryptocurrency has been controversial. He has been accused of running Ponzi schemes and defrauding investors.

Okhotnikov has also faced criticism for promoting MLM schemes on social media platforms and misleading investors with false promises of high returns.

His activities on social media have raised concerns about the need for greater regulation in the cryptocurrency and MLM industries.

Following Lado Okhotnikov’s footsteps, various similar crypto platforms are built and all of them are money-circulation frauds. Lado leverages the decentralized ability of blockchain technology to fool people and authorities around the world.

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