LeadsGuru Review: Real or Fake Affiliate Program?

leadsguru review

This post is going to be LeadsGuru Review, a company selling online courses. Its tagline is “Next step of Online Marketing.”

You may have seen social media posts or stories where people are claiming to earn thousands daily at sitting home.

It mostly includes school or college-going students promoting LeadsGuru. So a genuine question arises, LeadsGuru is Real or Fake?

Here we will have a look over LeadsGuru company profile, products, affiliate marketing program, and overall review followed by the answer to the question, Should I Join LeadsGuru?

FounderAjay Singh
When Started2020
Head Office Jaipur, India
Opportunity TypeAffiliate Marketing
ProductsEducational Courses
Joining CostRs 2299

What is LeadsGuru?

LeadsGuru is an affiliate program having the benefits of MLM which was started by Ajay Singh in 2020. He introduces himself as a sales trainer and affiliate marketing expert on the official site.

ajay singh leadsguru
Ajay Singh

LeadsGuru is the subsidiary of a sole proprietorship named Veer Hanuman Enterprise.

The company claims to provide about 90% of earnings on every sale where 82% is the direct commission and 8% as passive earnings.

It follows the cycle: Join –> Learn –> Refer –> Earn -> Repeat

An individual can only be a customer of the company or can also opt to become an affiliate to earn sales commissions.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to Leadsguru.in is from India (95.84%) and Canada (4.16%).

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Joining LeadsGuru

As it is an Affiliate marketing company, there are no joining fees instead the individuals are required to purchase the education courses.

Hence anyone can join by visiting their website Leadsguru.in.

LeadsGuru sells their education courses in bundles which include different modules on personality development, social media, affiliate marketing and other internet skills.

All the courses are available in video format and one can upgrade their purchase to a higher package.

There are in total 3 different packages provided below:

1. Silver – Rs 2299

silver package leadsguru

2. Gold – Rs 4130

leadsguru gold package

3. Platinum – Rs 9997

leadsguru platinum package

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LeadsGuru Affiliate Plan

LeadsGuru follows the affiliate marketing concept where students can earn commissions by selling their courses to others.

Anyone who purchases a product of LeadsGuru can generate a unique affiliate link, which is further used to generate sales.

On the sale of every educational course, the affiliate earns a fixed amount as below:

Course NameCommission Amount
SilverRs 1503
GoldRs 2701
PlatinumRs 6538

LeadsGuru claims to provide the earned amount’s payout on the same day.

Passive Commission

LeadsGuru pretends itself as an affiliate program but Interestingly it provides income from multiple levels like MLM.

If you make someone purchase a LeadsGuru course from your affiliate link and that referred person promotes the product to another person then you will also get some commission.

The below table shows commissions from different downline levels.

Course NameLevel 1 (Personally Enrolled)Level 2Level 3
SilverRs 1503Rs 175Rs 78
GoldRs 2701Rs 316Rs 140
PlatinumRs 6538Rs 764Rs 340

Here, Level 1 is a directly referred person whereas level 2 and level 3 are subsequent referrals of your downline.

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Bonuses for Affiliates

Apart from commissions, LeadsGuru owner Ajay Singh who claims to be the marketing expert provides 3 other courses as a part of the bonus to the affiliates.

  • Skill-Based Training – Rs 7,999
  • The secret of Richness – Rs 9.999
  • Sunday Special Training – 15,999

LeadsGuru Review

Hope the above explanation is enough to understand the essentials of LeadsGuru. They are offering 90% commissions on each sale is the most exciting thing.

Many people on social media promote it aggressively and call it a life-changing opportunity. But there are also flip sides of LeadsGuru that needs to be known.

Not Worthy Products

LeadsGuru is selling its products in 2k to 9k range which is surely not a small amount for most people.

LeadsGuru’s courses consist of some pre-recorded videos from their called “experts” whom we don’t know.

I personally checked some of the course videos and there is nothing special in them. These courses are just presentations recorded on slides and given tags of MASTERY.

Nowadays you can learn many skills on YouTube and other platforms for free. Then why we will need to spend thousands on such courses??

The answer to this question is their affiliate program.

90% Commission Affiliate Program

It’s impossible for any organization to offer 90% commission on each sale, but LeadsGuru is doing so.

LeadsGuru is not the first kind of this opportunity. BizGurukul, LeadsArk, Digi Career and The Fast Trick are many such platforms available on the internet which replicated the same idea.

They are using affiliate marketing concepts to sell overpriced courses and make heavy profits.

90% commission on each sale can easily attract anyone to sell anything and the same is going on.

Their idea is to sell worthless products and make a commission out of them.

In the name of education, they are selling opportunities to fool others and earn commissions.

It is an MLM

The Indian government has no strict regulations on affiliate marketing so it’s easy for companies like LeadsGuru to promote any product using the concept.

But most people are not aware that LeadsGuru is an MLM Scam too.

Its compensation plan provides commission from multi-levels which makes it an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Fortunately, India has direct selling policies which LeadsGuru obviously violates which makes it illegal too.

You can read Direct Selling Rules 2021 here.

Money Circulation

Earlier money circulation was limited to investment schemes and MLM scams, but nowadays affiliate marketing concept is also used to do so which is illegal in most countries.

They are selling courses at thousands which are not worth some penny then offering 90% commission back to affiliates as sales rewards.

It’s like rob peter to pay paul.

People who are promoting LeadsGuru and similar programs are just interested to get heavy commissions. They don’t care about the end customer and their hard-earned money.

Many affiliates make promises to become quick-rich by selling these courses which is a hoax.

The money of youth is circulating and companies are making heavy commissions by selling them dreams.

Should I Join LeadsGuru?

The above explanation is enough to make a wise decision. LeadsGuru products are not worth and affiliates are promoting them for only commissions.

So we highly recommend not joining or promoting it. As there are many better options available on the internet to learn new skills. One doesn’t need to sell these overpriced products to earn commissions and fool others.

Please understands the reality and not believe in everything you find on the internet, better to check the facts first.

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