Life Activated Brands Review: Legit or Another MLM Scam?

life activated review

Life Activated Brands is an MLM company that promotes weight loss supplements, CBD oil, and detox tea.

Life Activated Brands, Crop is incorporated in 2018 under Florida jurisdiction.

This post is an overview of Life Activated Brands, where we will go through its company profile, products, compensation plan, and at last our personal review of it.

Life Activated Brands
FounderJessica Hayes, Brandon Hayes, Kimberly Coleman
When Started2018
Head Office Inlet Beach, Florida, US
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth and Wellness
Joining Cost$49

About Life Activated Brands

Brandon Hayes is the CEO and President of Life Activated Brands company.


The company claims to ensure & test 3 times that there are no pesticides, insecticides, mould, or other toxins in their product.

Alexa stats show that most of the traffic to is from the United States (92.5%).

The company also claims that they have a unique single-serving delivery system that helps to maintain the quality of the product from ultraviolet lights.

Life Activated Brands also says its focus is on helping people, having fun, and earning income.

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Joining Life Activated Brands

One can join Life Activated Brands by participating in any one of these.

1. Customer

Individuals can purchase Life Activated Brands products at retail prices as a customer.

2. Independent Business Owner (IBO)

One needs to pay $49 as a signup fee to become an IBO. This will last up to 12 months after that one has to repay again.

IBO can sell products to customers to earn commissions.

3. Affiliate

Affiliates can also sell products to customers and same as IBO. The main difference between IBO and Affiliates is that they have to sell products to at least one customer to be called Affiliate.

4. Ambassador

Any Affiliate can be an Ambassador by meeting the requirements which are given in the rank qualification section. Additionally to be an Ambassador one has to be active with a monthly qualifying order.

Ambassadors can sell products and recruit Affiliates, IBO and Ambassadors under their downline.

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Life Activated Brands Product

Life Activated Brands markets a wide range of Nutritional supplements, weight loss, CBD oils, and balms.

The company claims that its “LIVology Activate” will boost performance throughout the day while supporting weight management efforts and feeling energized and focused.


Life Activated also claims that its “LivCana Energy Capsules” will add a boost of energy to your day without experiencing crashing.

Like most MLM companies, Life Activated products are definitely on the expensive side. Its 10-serving pouch of detox tea is priced at $29 while amazon’s bestselling products cost just $1.92 for 25 servings. We will discuss the products ahead.

Life Activated Brands has 30 days return policy on its products.

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Life Activated Brands Ranks

Ranks are given as follows:

RanksRequired CVPay Leg Volume (CV)Minimum CustomersPersonally Enrolled
Affiliate70 CV1
Affiliate Plus70 CV2
Super Affiliate70 CV21 Affiliate
Ambassador 50070 CV50021 Affiliate
Ambassador 1k70 CV1,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 2k70 CV2,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 4k70 CV4,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 6k70 CV6,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 8k 70 CV8,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 10k70 CV10,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 12k70 CV12,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 15k70 CV15,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 18k70 CV18,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 20k70 CV20,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 25k70 CV25,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 30k70 CV30,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 35k70 CV35,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 40k70 CV40,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 45k70 CV45,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 50k70 CV50,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 60k70 CV60,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 70k70 CV70,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 80k70 CV80,00034 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 90k70 CV90,00034 Super Affiliate
Legend 100k70 CV100,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 200k70 CV200,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 300k70 CV300,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 400k70 CV400,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 500k70 CV500,00044 Super Affiliate

CV (Commissionable Volume): It is the assigned value of each purchased product on which commissions are calculated.

For instance, if Ambassadors maintain 70 CV’s monthly personal or direct customer purchase, acquires a total of 1000 CV in their pay leg (lesser leg), enrols 2 new customers and 1 affiliate then they will be titled as on Ambassador 1k rank.

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Life Activated Brands Compensation Plan

The following incomes in the Life Activated Brands compensation plan are:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Enroller Bonus
  3. Sponsor Bonus
  4. Team Commission
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus
  6. Leadership Check Match
  7. Leadership Pool

1. Retail Profit

The difference between the discounted price and retail price is earned as Retail Profit.

2. Enroller Bonus

When affiliates enrol new customers or IBOs, then they receive 25% and 15% of CVs, on their first and next orders respectively as Enroller Bonus.

3. Sponsor Bonus

This is the one-time bonus that is given as 15% on the first order of personally enrolled new customers or IBO.

4. Team Commissions

Life Activated named the stronger leg as Power Leg and the lesser leg as Pay Leg.

When your downline generates sales, they generate CVs for upline. Qualified IBOs receive a 10% commission on the pay leg’s total CV as Team Commission.

The remaining CV of the Power leg will be rollover into the next month.

The maximum reward from Team Commissions is $200 to $60,000 monthly based on the ranks.

RanksMonthly Cap
Ambassador 500$200
Ambassador 1k$400
Ambassador 2k$600
Ambassador 4k$800
Ambassador 6k$1,000
Ambassador 8k$1,200
Ambassador 10k$1,500
Ambassador 12k$1,800
Ambassador 15k$2,000
Ambassador 18k$2,500
Ambassador 20k$3,000
Ambassador 25k$3,500
Ambassador 30k$4,000
Ambassador 35k$4,500
Ambassador 40k$5,000
Ambassador 45k$5,500
Ambassador 50k$6,000
Ambassador 60k$7,000
Ambassador 70k$8,000
Ambassador 80k$9,000
Ambassador 90k$10,000
Legend 100k$20,000
Legend 200k$30,000
Legend 300k$40,000
Legend 400k$50,000
Legend 500k$60,000

For Instance, if an IBO has 500 CV in the pay leg and 700 CV in the power leg then $50 will be Team Commission as Life Activated is counting 10% of the pay leg.

5. Rank Advancement Bonus

This bonus is paid as per the new rank achieved. Once you reach the rank of Ambassador 500, you become eligible for the Rank Advancement Bonus.

The below chart shows the various ranks and the bonus on each rank advancement.

Ambassador 500$100
Ambassador 1k$100
Ambassador 2k$100
Ambassador 4k$100
Ambassador 6k$250
Ambassador 8k$250
Ambassador 10k$250
Ambassador 12k$500
Ambassador 15k$500
Ambassador 18k$500
Ambassador 20k$500
Ambassador 25k$750
Ambassador 30k$750
Ambassador 35k$750
Ambassador 40k$750
Ambassador 45k$1,000
Ambassador 50k$1,000
Ambassador 60k$1,000
Ambassador 70k$1,000
Ambassador 80k$1,250
Ambassador 90k$1,500
Legend 100k$1,750
Legend 200k$2,000
Legend 300k$3,000
Legend 400k$4,000
Legend 500k$5,000

6. Leadership Check Match

Leadership check match is for Ambassador 6k or higher rank affiliates.

This bonus offers a certain percentage on Team Commission of level 1 (personally enrolled) and level 2 downline. Commission percentage is based on rank.

RanksLevel 1Level 2
Ambassador 6k10%
Ambassador 8k15%
Ambassador 10k20%
Ambassador 12k25%
Ambassador 15k25%10%
Ambassador 18k25%15%
Ambassador 20k25%20%
Ambassador 25k25%25%
Ambassador 30k30%25%
Ambassador 35k35%25%
Ambassador 40k40%25%
Ambassador 45k50%25%
Ambassador 50k50%30%
Ambassador 60k50%35%
Ambassador 70k50%40%
Ambassador 80k50%45%
Ambassador 90k50%50%
Legend 100k50%25%
Legend 200k50%50%
Legend 300k50%50%
Legend 400k50%50%
Legend 500k50%50%

7. Leadership Pool

Life Activated distributes 1% of their total company CV to Ambassador 25k and higher ranked affiliates based on the shares allocated.

  • Ambassador 25k: 2 shares
  • Ambassador 30k: 3 shares
  • Ambassador 35k: 5 shares
  • Ambassador 40k to Legend 100k: 10 shares
  • Legend 200k: 20 shares
  • Legend 300k: 30 shares
  • Legend 400k: 40 shares
  • Legend 500k: 50 shares

If someone is on Ambassador 30k rank and has 3 shares. Assume 1 shares value as $50, then $150 will be Leadership Pool Bonus.

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To Be Concluded

Life Activated has a relatively simple MLM compensation plan, compare to its direct competitors.

Now, let us answer the most common question about Life Activated Brands.

Is Life Activated Brands a scam?

No, Life Activated Brands is not a scam. It is a direct selling company operating in the US and Canada.

Direct selling is a legal business model and is different from fraud money circulation schemes.

Life Activated provide commission to its IBO based on personal and downline product sales & purchase. It is not a pyramid scheme, which offers a recruitment-based bonus.

New to Market

Life Activated Brands has started just a few years ago.

Co-founder couple Brandon and Jessica Hayes got recognized after being part of Zija International, a health products-based MLM. They remain in it for a long time, before Isagenix acquired Zija and they founded this new company.


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Like most MLM companies, Life Activated also chose a health and wellness product range and promotes similar CBD Oil, Detox Tea and other wellness supplements.

A company starting in 2018, following the trend, started a decade ago.

Alternative of all Life Activated products are already available in the market at a better price, so Life Activated lacks offer USP.

Should I Join Life Activated?

The decision is completely yours. But few facts you have to understand before jumping to any conclusion.

You will need to sell expensive supplements to earn retail commission and recruit many people to build active downlines who regularly purchase and sell products, which usually takes 2 to 3 years and very few having good MLM skills make it happen.

We did not find any income disclosure statement from Life Activated, but a typical MLM has a very low success rate. Only 1% of all distributors actually make profits out of it and most lose their money on maintaining rank and paying fees.

MLM is being called a scam globally, so for distributors, it requires high convincing and MLM skills to work and make living.

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  1. Unfortunately they steal money from their IBOS.
    Do not get involve with this company it’s a nightmare!

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