Is Love Hate Inu Legit? Honest Review

love hate inu review

Recently, a company named Love Hate INU obtained a significant number of holders even before its launch. According to reports, they are planning to sell around 90% of their cryptocurrency token supply in presale.

In this post, we’ll review this company and suggest whether to invest in Love Hate INU or not.

Love Hate INU
FounderCarl Dawkins
When Started2023
Head OfficePanama city, Panama
Opportunity TypeCryptocurrency
ProductsLHINU token

What is Love Hate INU?

Love Hate Inu is a meme-themed cryptocurrency company that allows you to earn money through voting on trending topics anonymously on their platform.

Love Hate INU

The founder of Love Hate Inu is Carl Dawkins. The headquarters of this company is located in Panama City, Panama.

Founder of Love Hate INU

According to similar web, the total number of visits on its domain is 540k+ with top countries reaching Russia (47%), the United States (7%), and Hungary (5%). According to WHOIS, its domain was registered on February 2023.

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Love Hate INU Joining Process

Love Hate INU ‘s whole economic model is based on these tokens. The name of their cryptocurrency token is LHINU which is based on BEP-20 blockchain technology.

You have to purchase LHINU tokens in order to gain access to the Love Hate INU platform.

LHINU Tokens

The launch price of its cryptocurrency was 1 LHINU = 0.00145 USDT. Nevertheless, any cryptocurrency has daily price fluctuations due to various factors.

To invest in Love Hate INU, you have to download Metamask or Wallet Connect. You can purchase LHINU tokens on their platform by entering the cryptocurrency address issued by Metamask or Wallet Connect

Investors can make payments in ETH or USDT, to obtain LHINU Tokens.

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Rewards Plan

Love Hate INU uses the survey system to reward its members. Survey industries are highly valued across the globe.

Love Hate INU will introduce a program in which a number of trending topics and personalities will turn into memes dressed as angels or devils. Then they will create a survey out of it, you have to vote on those topics or personalities using angel or devil icons in their platform, which depicts like or dislike in a different way.

The users of this platform will have to stake their LHINU tokens in order to take part in its vote-to-earn program.

Metaverse assets and NFT discount coupons will be the prizes for these polls. Additionally, users will also benefit financially as the value of their cryptocurrency token rises.

The Love Hate INU guarantees that votes will be conducted anonymously to prevent any negative consequences because the subject may be politically and socially sensitive.

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Love Hate INU Review

Now it’s time to share our opinion on Love Hate INU. After thoroughly investigating Love Hate INU, we discovered numerous crucial points about it.

Privacy of Users

The Love Hate INU is developed on Ethereum blockchain technology, which guarantees that the voting ecosystem will be transparent and that users’ identities will remain hidden.

Being in the meme genre, Love Hate Inu considers user privacy to protect them. This is an important thing the company has done.

Low-wage Compensation Plan

Despite the enormous size of the survey industry, this company’s revenue strategy doesn’t seem suitable to seize the survey market. For the surveys to become viral, the company has made sure that they would cover hot issues.

There will still be a lot of surveys that need to reach the masses, and there will be a lot of ambiguity as to whether or not they will provide significant returns,  unlike the top viral surveys.

A lot of Uncertainty

According to reports, Love Hate INU’s primary source of income comes from fluctuations in the value of its cryptocurrency token; if the company grows, so will the token price.

But this is not true because, unlike conventional markets that are backed by the government, the cryptocurrency market is decentralized, so there can never be just one element that influences its price. Instead, there are many other unknowable factors.

However, these will not be the only sources of income on their platform as they promise to partner with big brands in the future in order to reward more of their users who will play an active role in the company directly from the brand.

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Should I Invest in Love Hate Inu?

It’s really hard to predict the future of such a quirky project when the cryptocurrency market is already dull for the last few years.

Till now Love Hate Inu has received amazing response from netizens and they also shared a roadmap to lure more investors.


Overall it seems a promising and legitimate project, but still making early predictions will be not right.

In our opinion, you should often avoid investing in companies that make exaggerated claims. Instead of investing a large sum of money in it. Hence, invest a sum you won’t regret, even if you lose some percent.

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