LT Wallet Review 2023: Real or Fake?

LT Wallet Review

This post is going to be an LT Wallet Review, an online platform that claims to reinvent the economy, entertainment and social networking with the help of AI and blockchain.

Artificial intelligence is a booming field that attracts most people, let us see what LT Wallet has for you.

Here we will discuss the LT Wallet company profile, MLM compensation plan, and products as well as our personal review of LT Wallet.

At last, we will also share our answer to the question, Should I Join LT Wallet?

LT Wallet
When Started2022-23
Head Office California, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
Joining Cost

What is LT Wallet?

There is no data regarding the founder or other members of the company.

There are two females Natasha and Tina who are seen promoting LT Wallet in the YouTube videos.

lt wallet tina
natasha evangelist of LT wallet

LT Wallet claims to be a platform having a million-dollar plan and aims to create 1,00,000 millionaires within three years.

It says to be an intelligent transaction wallet named LT wallet that is used to be a part of the game called Land of Dreams through an ecological token.

The game has three levels to play: Bronze age, Silver age and Golden age.

Here LT stands for Lighthouse Wallet which is an economic system based on the TRON chain platform.

The company also allows investing in cryptocurrencies with a promised return of 0.2% to 1% daily with the help of AI software. However, there is no information regarding how to earn such a return.

There is an option of playing the game online on the website as well as the site allows you to download an app, basically known as a wallet app to invest and exchange the LT coins.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to is from Kazakhstan (19.29%), Indonesia (17.17%), Algeria (14.27%), Thailand (9.86%) and Moldova (8.73%).

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Joining LT Wallet

Joining LT wallet has absolutely zero charges. There is no stated cost of membership anywhere on the official site.

However, to earn daily interest, one needs to invest in the game or the cryptocurrencies.

Also, when you refer someone to purchase the membership, you earn 10,000 LT coins in the wallet.

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LT Wallet Compensation Plan

There are mainly two ways to earn as per the LT Wallet compensation plan. One through the invitation link and another by Fission Profit, by referring people and earning up to multiple levels.

1. Invitation Link Earning

As soon as you create your account, you can generate the invite code and share the same with friends to earn through the invitation link.

As soon as any of your friends join using your invitation link, you earn 100 USDT in your account.

2. Fission Profit

Fission profit can be earned up to 10 levels of the downline. It means earning from referrals of your referrals.

This earning ranges from 13% to 50% and the split up is as below:

LevelRequired People in DownlineEarning

Apart from these two, people can also invest in LT coins and earn daily interest through crypto trading.

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LT Wallet Review

This was all about LT Wallet that further has two parts LD and LT i.e. Land of Dreams and Lighthouse Wallet.

We have many more hidden points that everyone needs to focus on before investing any part of their hard-earned money.

Let us have a look over a few of the red flags.

Operators are hidden

One of the biggest red flags for any MLM company is the hidden operators. When we have not known the face of the company, whom can we contact if the business collapses or we are facing withdrawal issues?

The people behind such MLM scams hide and run when the business collapse before anyone can reach them.

Always stay aware of such companies.

Not Regulated Anywhere

LT Wallet is not registered as a legal entity anywhere in the world. Hence it becomes difficult for regulators to safeguard investors.

Their locality is also unknown, hence one can’t deposit hard-earned money to such a platform for guaranteed return which is itself a huge red flag.

Shit Token

LT coins are right now provided as the joining reward as and when a new person joins with your referral code.

These LT coins are generated with little cost whenever the need arises. Also, the coins are not yet listed on major exchanges.

It can be assumed that all the withdrawals will be soon allowed only with the LT coins.

Money Circulation

LT Wallet shows that trading is the reason behind the source of the returns on the investments. However, there is no scope for generating returns and it is assumed that the money flows by simply recycling the newly invested funds and paying them to the new and old investors as a part of commissions or returns.

Hence it can be stated that LT Wallet is a money circulation Ponzi scheme that may collapse soon looting all the money of people.

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Should I Join LT Wallet?

No, a big No. We feel that the above-provided data is enough to understand that LT Wallet is not worth investing in as it seems to be a money circulation scheme and might fail to exist for a longer time.

Always think twice before investing your money as everything that looks attractive is not always real.

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4 thoughts on “LT Wallet Review 2023: Real or Fake?”

  1. Alireza Abedintash

    I signed up to LT-Wallet and deposited $590. I made a withdrawal request two days ago, but unfortunately it has been processed. And I followed up through the Telegram group, they told me that you should delete the application once and install it again, and enter the private key during installation to restore it. And I did the same thing, but unfortunately I couldn’t enter my wallet and it says that your private key is wrong, while I had done this once before and it was entered with the same private key, but unfortunately I can’t enter anymore and I’m very worried about losing it. I have money

  2. People I need a help this company LT Wallet is scammer I want to know were is this company address exactly and a phone number how I can sute them ?????

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