Lusate Review: Legit Investment or Another Scam?

lusate review

A very old and established low-key investment company named Lusate has generated a lot of market buzz lately due to its unique and tempting investment plans.

In this post, we are going to review Lusate Inc. and address some key issues like whether you should invest in it or not.

FounderElijah Ulrich
When Started2011
Head OfficeDublin, Ireland
Opportunity TypeInvestment
Joining Cost$100

What is Lusate?

Lusate is a financial services platform that is accessible to millions of investors worldwide, providing life-changing opportunities across the world.

The founder of Lusate Inc. is Elijah Ulrich and it was founded in 2011. The headquarters of this company is situated in Dublin, Ireland.

Lusate Founder

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its domain is 7k+ with the top countries reaching Belarus (97%) and Greece (1%). Furthermore, its domain was registered on October 2015, as per WHOIS.

You can invest in several financial marketplaces on Lusate including Energy, cryptocurrency, real estate, and Life Insurance. The minimum joining cost to join this company is $100.

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Lusate Review

We identified numerous questionable and positive elements related to its business model and from an investment point of view. Before you invest in the company, let us expand on those elements to provide you with some extra details.

1. False Claims

The organization has explicitly stated on its website that they have collaborations with well-known companies like Allianz and many others, however after extensive research, we discovered that no such information or news is floating on the market.


These falsehoods raise substantial suspicion among its users and target audience.

2. Negative Reviews

There are 4 different Investment plans mentioned in the company’s marketing PDF, all yielding different returns on investment as described below:

Investment PlanMinimum AmountDaily ROIDuration
Nano$1000.7%4 months
Micro$15,0000.9%4 months
Macro$50,0001.1%6 months
Mega$250,0001.3%6 months

We looked at reviews from several customers who had invested in these investment plans, and there were many unfavorable comments because people were lamenting difficulties with money withdrawals.

3. Lack of Transparency

The company has stated on its website that it began operations in 2011 and has a top-notch team of executives and staff working for them. But it’s odd that, despite the company’s existence for more than ten years, no information on its senior executives is available, and they haven’t appeared in public either.

Lusate Founding Date

4. Operators’ are not Public

To promote the business, the founders and senior executives typically participate in marketing campaigns and seminars, but in this instance, they are not doing so. Furthermore, the CEO only has one image online in the name of identity.

Such a fintech company should have an active presence on social media platforms, but that’s not the case with Lusate and creates suspicion against it.

5. Grey Characteristics

The only positive point this company has shown is that, despite being active in the market for more than a decade, it has never been sued or had a history of litigation. Perhaps, they may have started working recently because, according to WHOIS, their domain was registered in 2015.

The fact that a company that competes to gather investments in cryptocurrency and energy started its online activities after five years of establishment is also a suspicious characteristic to look for in the company.

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Should I Invest in Lusate?

However, it is entirely up to you whether you choose to invest in this company or not. In our opinion, you should stay away from Lusate because it exhibits various dubious traits.

Lusate is not legally registered anywhere and provided address seems fake. It fails to provide evidence of guaranteed returns they provide which is not possible in real-world scenarios.

So as per our analysis, Lusate is a crypto-investment scam that can collapse anytime.

If you have already decided to invest in this company, our final piece of advice is to only invest the amount of money you can afford to lose.

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