Mainet Business Review: Legit or Another Scam?

mainet robotics review

In the world of online investment, it is crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before committing your hard-earned money.

One such platform that has caught the attention of investors is Mainet Business, which claims to offer an investment opportunity in the form of software licenses for forex trading. However, a closer look at the company’s background and compensation plan raises serious concerns about its legitimacy and sustainability.

This post aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Mainet Business and will answer Is Mainet Business Legit.

What is Mainet Business?

Mainet Business is an investment platform that claims to use artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading to generate profits for its investors. The core tool used by Mainet Business is its proprietary artificial intelligence trading software called Mainet EA.

According to sources the company is operated from Estonia Romania and Dubai by the Founder and CEO of Mainet Business, Ciprian Ciceu.

The company claim to generate daily earnings of up to 0.75%, weekly returns of up to 3.75%, and a maximum return on investment of 400% per year.

Mainet Business operates through two websites, namely and Mainet.Business.

mainet business review

Based on data from SimilarWeb, these websites collectively get an estimated monthly traffic of around 800k visitors most from France (36%), Côte d’Ivoire (27%), and Egypt (7%).

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Joining and Products

Joining Mainet affiliate member is free of charge. Users have to simply register on the website with basic details. However, in order to fully participate in the income opportunity associated with Mainet, a minimum investment of $25 is required.


Mainet does not offer any products or services for retail. As affiliates, individuals are solely permitted to promote and market Mainet’s affiliate membership program itself.

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Mainet Compensation Plan

Mainet offers an earning plan for its affiliates, allowing them to earn returns on their investments and receive various bonuses based on their rank and referrals.

Here are the key elements of Mainet’s compensation plan:

1. Return on Investment

Mainet offers eleven investment tiers, ranging from $25 to $50,000. Affiliates invest funds in any of these tiers with the promise of earning a return on investment (ROI) of up to 0.75% Per day and 15% per month.

Investment TierDaily ROI
$25Up to 0.75%
$50Up to 0.75%
$100Up to 0.75%
$250Up to 0.75%
$500Up to 0.75%
$1000Up to 0.75%
$2500Up to 0.75%
$5000Up to 0.75%
$10,000Up to 0.75%
$20,000Up to 0.75%
$50,000Up to 0.75%

2. Affiliate Ranks

Here is a table summarizing the affiliate ranks in Mainet’s compensation plan along with their respective qualification criteria:

RankQualification Criteria
StarterSign up as a Mainet affiliate and invest
JadeConvince others to invest $100
SilverConvince others to invest $300
GoldConvince others to invest $750
PearlConvince others to invest $1500
SapphireConvince others to invest $3000
RubyPersonally invest at least $50 and convince others to invest $7500
EmeraldPersonally invest at least $100 and convince others to invest $15,000
PlatinumPersonally invest at least $250 and convince others to invest $30,000
DiamondPersonally invest at least $500 and convince others to invest $75,000
Blue DiamondPersonally invest at least $1000 and convince others to invest $150,000
Green DiamondPersonally invest at least $2500 and convince others to invest $300,000
Red DiamondPersonally invest at least $5000 and convince others to invest $1,000,000
Black DiamondPersonally invest at least $10,000 and convince others to invest $3,000,000
Crown DiamondPersonally invest at least $20,000 and convince others to invest $10,000,000
AmbassadorPersonally invest at least $50,000 and convince others to invest $20,000,000
Royal AmbassadorMaintain a $50,000 minimum investment and convince others to invest $50,000,000

3. Rank Achievement Bonus

Mainet provides one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses to affiliates who qualify at specific ranks starting from Jade. These bonuses are awarded in addition to the regular compensation plan.

Mainet business compensation plan

4. Referal Commission & Bonus

In the referral commissions, Mainet utilizes a unilevel compensation structure where affiliates earn commissions based on the levels of their unilevel team. The commissions are paid as a percentage of funds invested across ten levels.

Downline LevelReferral Commissions
Level 16%
Levels 2-34.5%
Levels 4-63%
Levels 7-101.5%

The referral bonus is funded by setting aside 20% of each investment. The affiliate who recruits a new affiliate receives a rank-specific referral bonus percentage. The remaining portion of the 20% is paid to higher-ranked affiliates upline.

RankReferral Bonus
Blue Diamond14%
Green Diamond15%
Red Diamond16%
Black Diamond17%
Crown Diamond18%
Royal Ambassador20%

If a recruited affiliate’s upline is of a higher rank, they receive the difference between their rank-specific bonus and the one already paid. The remaining percentage continues to be paid upline to higher-ranked affiliates until fully distributed.

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Mainet Review

That’s all for information about the company. Now let’s review Mainet Business and find out whether it worth of investment or just another scam.

1. Nasty Past of Founder

One of the first red flags surrounding Mainet Business is the lack of transparency regarding its ownership and executive information on the company’s website.

Ciprian Ciceu is cited as the founder and CEO in official marketing materials. Ciceu was previously involved in BeTrader, an MLM-based Ponzi scheme disguised as a “crypto trading” platform in 2019.

2. Lack of Products and Services

Another major concern with Mainet Business is the absence of tangible products or services that customers can retail.

Affiliates are solely incentivized to recruit new members and promotion. This characteristic is a typical feature of pyramid schemes and MLMs that rely heavily on recruitment to generate profits.

3. Focus on Recruitment

The MLM structure of Mainet Business places a strong emphasis on recruitment, where affiliates earn commissions based on their ability to bring in new investors.

This structure often prioritizes recruitment over the actual sale of products or services, which raises concerns about the sustainability of the business model.

4. Securities Fraud Blacklisting

In an alarming development, France’s AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) has blacklisted Mainet for securities fraud.

This official blacklisting adds credibility to the concerns surrounding Mainet’s operations. Furthermore, Mainet disabled investor withdrawals on May 11th, further adding to the suspicion of fraudulent practices.

5. Withdrawal Disabled

To compound the suspicions, Mainet disabled investor withdrawals on May 22, 2023.

This action coincided with the AMF’s warning and subsequent blacklisting, further raising doubts about the company’s financial stability and its ability to fulfill its promises to investors. Disabling withdrawal is a common tactic used by fraudulent schemes to prevent investors from retrieving their funds before a collapse.

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Is Mainet Business Legit?

We strongly discourage users from engaging with Mainet Business or any similar Ponzi schemes. Instead, investors should explore alternative investment opportunities that align with reputable financial institutions, adhere to regulatory guidelines, and prioritize investor protection.

Although Mainet Business has paid a return on investment in the past currently the withdrawals are disabled and it seems that Mainet Business has or is about to collapse.

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