How to Join Meta Force? Registration Process

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Meta Force is a popular decentralized platform built by Lado Okhotnikov, the same person who built Forsage Ecosystem.

Lado Okhotnikov
Lado Okhotnikov

Many people are searching for Meta Force joining link, registration manual, fee and earnings.

Meta Force has various investment slots and levels providing commission on referrals as per their compensation plan.

We have already reviewed Meta Force on this site and proved why Meta Force is a Scam.

Moreover, founder Lado Okhotnikov received legal complaints from SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) in the US court for Forage being a Ponzi scheme.

Lado Okhotnikov fighting his case in the USA and many Forsage prompters in the USA have been charged for spreading it.

This information is enough to avoid a scam like Meta Force, but still many people are promoting these scams and claiming themselves crypto experts by participating in them.

How to Join Meta Force?

First of all, we highly recommend to not joining and promoting Meta Force at any cost.

Meta Force is a money-circulation scheme using cryptocurrency to lure people and loot them using an MLM compensation plan.

For knowledge purposes, if you want to know the joining process of Meta Force, here are simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Keep Crypto Wallet Ready

First of all, you will need one active crypto wallet. You can use one of the three wallets supported by Meta Force.


Trust Wallet is most recommended and used further in this guide. If you get confused in between, follow this video.

Step 2: Buy Crypto Coin in Wallet

As we know, the user needs to invest money in Meta Force slots.


Therefore buy Polygon and DAI Stablecoin in your wallet for a minimum of $5 each.

Step 3: Visit Meta-Force.Space

Now you can directly visit Meta-Force.Space/signup or use the referral link of others to proceed further.

Please open the Meta Force site or Referral link in any wallet app you choose.

There is an option to open DApps in Trust Wallet, you can paste the link in that.


Firstly, Change the network to Polygon from the top right circle.

Step 4: Complete Sign-Up Process

Now you will get the option to Sign Up, click on that and again choose the crypto wallet you use.


Now again click on Sign Up now and after some time it will ask for approval, so click on Approve.

After Approval, you will get a prompt for Successful Registration.

Step 5: Activate Slots

Now, to make an investment in Meta Force, you will need to buy investment slots.


You will find many Slot options after Sign Up, so just click on “Preview” slots.

Now you will find a sub-slot and here you can Activate any desired slot by making a payment in DAI coin.

You can activate multiple slots and levels at a time.


This post is just for information and we don’t promote Meta Force or Forsage like fraud ecosystem. By sharing the joining process, we want to spread awareness about such scams.

They are looting people and devasting the name of the crypto industry. So to secure your and others’ money, stay away from Meta Force.

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